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Winton Capital Management is a hedge fund sponsor based out of London that is entirely owned by its employees. The company can trace its history back to 1997, when David Harding left Man AHL and created Winton. Winton Capital Management started with its flagship fund, the Winton Futures Fund, and would focus on scientific research and analysis to drive its investment process, employing statisticians, engineers, and physicists. The company started out with only $1.6 million in assets but, in just two years, would be able to raise over $100 million in capital from investors. By 2004, the company’s total assets under management would reach $1 billion. In 2007, Winton Capital Management would reach $10 billion in total assets and would be ranked as the 3rd largest commodity trading advisor. The company’s growth would prompt it to expand outside the UK, opening a Hong Kong office in 2008 and becoming research consultants with Fortune SG Fund Management to develop the first managed futures fund in China in 2012. Winton Capital Management currently has over $18 billion in total assets under management spread across 22 accounts with all of its accounts being discretionary accounts. Its total number of accounts has risen significantly from 4 accounts five years prior to its current amount today, but its total assets under management has seen a more moderate growth, rising from over $12 billion in 2010 to one and a half times that amount today. The majority of Winton Capital Management’s clients are pooled investment vehicles, making up over three quarters of its total client base, and also includes pension and profit sharing plans, corporations or other businesses, and others, listed in order of decreasing clientele. Some of Winton Capital Management’s notable strategies include its Winton Futures Fund, Winton Evolution Fund, and Winton Global Equity Fund.
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