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The Yale Investment Office seeks to provide high inflation-adjusted returns to support current and future needs of the University. They work to establish an appropriate risk-adjusted asset allocation and seek out long-term partnerships across the globe with managers who provide deep analytical insights and improve the operations of public and private businesses.
Yale's portfolio is structured using a combination of academic theory and informed market judgment. The theoretical framework relies on mean-variance analysis, an approach developed by Nobel laureates James Tobin and Harry Markowitz, both of whom conducted work on this important portfolio management tool at Yale’s Cowles Foundation.

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Operating under the guidance of Yale's Investment Committee, the Investments Office manages Yale's Endowment. The Endowment contains thousands of funds with a variety of purposes and restrictions. Approximately three-quarters constitute true endowment - gifts restricted by donors to provide long-term funding for designated purposes. The remaining one-quarter represents quasi-endowment, monies that the Yale Corporation chooses to invest and treat as endowment.
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