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Monthly Buy/Sell Ratio vs. Sector ETF Performance
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Ticker Company Current Price Insider Name Insider Position Date Buy/Sell Insider Trading Shares Shares Change Price Cost Final Share Price Change Since Insider Trade (%) Dividend Yield % PE Ratio Market Cap ($M)
ATNX Athenex Inc$17.80 YORDON JEFFREY See Remarks 2018-11-14 Buy9,5005.03%$10.4999,655198,20969.69%001,371.77
ATNX Athenex Inc$17.80 YORDON JEFFREY See Remarks 2018-03-26 Buy5,0002.72%$14.6973,450188,70921.17%001,371.77
SGNT Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc$21.76 YORDON JEFFREY CEO 2013-09-16 Sell85,81314.71%$20.031,718,830669,0368.64%00716.13
10 20 40 60 80 100 Total 3
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