Samsara Luggage Named Best Smart Luggage 2021

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Apr 19, 2021

Samsara Luggage made Tom's Guide recent "Best Smart Luggage 2021" list, stating its signature smart unit "elevates it from every other carry-on on the list."

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NEW YORK, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Samsara Luggage (OTC: SAML) (OTC: SAMLD) was recently selected by Tom's Guide as one of the best smart luggage of 2021, marking the third consecutive year the travel company has been ranked the best by the press. The placement recognizes Samsara as an innovative company that uses technology to improve the travel experience. Tom's Guide is a leading news source for reviews on tech products.


Last year, Digital Trends described Samsara's Smart Carry-on as "the smartest luggage we've found." Forbes also named the Carry-on the "Best Smart Luggage 2019."

"I am proud of the ongoing recognition Samsara's Smart Carry-on continues to receive," says Atara Dzikowski, Co-founder and CEO of Samsara Luggage. "We are especially excited for the press' renewed acknowledgement after a year in which we had to be resilient and pivot to adapt to the challenges presented by the pandemic. Tom's Guide is a trusted source, and we are honored to be named one of the best."

Samsara's safety features are unparalleled with any smart suitcase on the market today. The updated Samsara phone app sends real-time notifications to customers when the suitcase is moving out of range or opened. Partnered with the two-separate built in combination locks, this suitcase was made to give travelers the peace of mind they want to enjoy their travels, whether for work or pleasure.

Samsara Luggage launched Essentials by Samsara, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a safety kit containing protective products that is added to each suitcase. Each kit contains a reusable mask, sanitizing gel, four sanitizing pads and disposable gloves. The Essentials by Samsara safety kit as a shared solution relevant for the current Coronavirus pandemic and even post-COVID as travelers continue to take precautions.

About Samsara Luggage:

Samsara Luggage, Inc. is a global smart luggage and smart travel brand with a deep belief in creating a world where travel isn't a hassle, but rather an effortless experience. By combining smart features, including IoT technology, innovative design and quality materials, Samsara is dedicated to transforming the travel industry with its products. Samsara Luggage unveiled its Next Generation smart carry-on at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Next Generation is the first to market a Wi-Fi Hotspot technology for travelers to access a secured network globally.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic Samsara Luggage launched the Smart Weekender Nano Bag, an overnight travel bag treated with a layer of bacteriostatic nanotechnology protection that prevents colonies of bacteria from developing on the fabric. Samsara Luggage also launched Essentials by Samsara, safety kit providing commuters with a new layer of safety with protective items like facemasks, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and alcohol wipes. These kits are sold individually and gifted to customers with purchase of the Carry-on Aluminum suitcase or Smart Weekender bag.

In the last quarter of 2020, Samsara launched Sarah & Sam Fashion and Lifestyle Collection. Sarah & Sam is a part of Samsara Direct business model prompted by the travel limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic, leveraging the company's established digital assets and manufacturing and fulfillment supply chain capabilities to offer additional consumer products that respond to the changing needs of the market.

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