Ken Heebner Thinks a Turn in the Housing Market Is Going to Jump Start the American Economy

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Mar 30, 2012
Here is what Heebner has to say:

- Heebner thinks a turn in the housing market and home building are going to jump start the economy.

- Housing starts have been running at 50% of the level of household formations.

- Houses in some areas are being bought above the asking price; this is going to start to change the perception of owning a house.

- Looking out two years he thinks that home builder stocks will be considerably higher than they are today.

- His basic theme is sell gold, sell bonds and buy stocks. The strengthening U.S. economy is going to cause the Fed to abandon its zero interest rate policy which will cause bondholders to lose a lot of money. The problem with gold is that it is interesting when you can’t get any return on your money; if interest rates rise that changes.

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