Rising Uranium Prices Precursor to Demand for US Nuclear Products

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Jul 02, 2022
  • US Nuclear Corp. (OTC-QB: UCLE) stands to benefit dramatically from today’s unprecedented challenges in energy production. Big investors and government entities are buying up uranium mines, uranium metal, and investing in the new SMR Small Nuclear Reactors, because they sense an upcoming nuclear power renaissance as the world tries to pivot away from climate changing carbon fuels, especially Russian oil, gas, and coal, while at the same time fearing skyrocketing fuel prices. The last solution remaining to fill this vital gap is nuclear power.
  • Global demand for oil and gas is challenging capacity and creating unprecedented need for nuclear energy. Wind and solar are major energy providers, but their energy density is far too low to fill the gap
  • In addition to being a powerful and reliable energy source, nuclear energy is carbon-free
  • Uranium price has been rising sharply for the past year which tends to forecast strong growth in nuclear energy because it is the fuel that powers a nuclear reactor
  • There are currently 440 nuclear power plants in operation and 55 under construction with much larger numbers being planned
  • US Nuclear Corp. is a leader in providing reliable and trusted commercial radiation monitoring systems for nuclear power plants, hospitals and for surveillance drones. US Nuclear air and drinking water monitoring systems are also high value in case of nuclear accidents or nuclear attacks
  • Fortune Business Insights reports $32.44 billion for the 2021 Nuclear Power Plant equipment market and if a strong trend toward nuclear power develops as predicted, this growth curve could become hyperbolic

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – US Nuclear (OTC-QB: UCLE) may be one of the best-known names in the nuclear industry and is poised to garner a substantial amount of new business from the sudden resurgence of nuclear power.

Demand for energy was straining supplies pre-covid, but when covid hit, demand collapsed and there was a gigantic glut of oil and gas. Now that covid is beginning to show up in the rear-view mirror, demand for energy is at an all-time high and combined with the Russian invasion of Ukraine causing sharp cuts in oil and gas supplies, the prices are approaching all-time highs with production at its peak. Most energy experts are predicting sharply rising energy costs as production capacity is peaking while demand continues to build.

Wind and solar are the obvious choices to consider, but on deeper analysis, their energy density simply is inadequate to make the difference. It would take far too many wind turbines and solar panels.

Nuclear power is the only remaining answer. It is extremely powerful and it is clean, with no carbon emissions.

There are many nuclear power plants that have been shut down in recent years for several reasons. However, now that energy demand is outpacing supply, many nuclear power plants are discussing coming back online, with many new plants are in the pipeline and on the drawing boards.

The primary use of uranium is to power nuclear power plants and the price has been soaring in the past several months which suggests that money is betting on a strong resurgence of nuclear power plants.

With small modular reactors available now, and the reopening of older nuclear power plants, it is very logical that nuclear is a clear solution.

US Nuclear Corp. is one of the oldest and most reputable radiation monitoring system providers for the nuclear industry. These systems must be 100% accurate because many lives depend on them. The radiation monitors are large and sophisticated and one single nuclear power plant requires about $10 million worth of these monitors plus whatever other additional equipment they need. US Nuclear boasts they have the best and the most reliable in the business and they have been doing this since 1960.

US Nuclear is reporting good sales at just over $2 million for 2021, but what would happen if orders start coming in from multiple nuclear power plants? Yes, they would be very busy and sales could become very large in a relatively short time frame.

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