Yacktman: Taking Advantage of a Casino Mentality

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Jun 27, 2012
Manager Donald Yacktman says the decline in trading costs along with the natural volatility of stocks are creating opportunities for value managers focused on the long term.

Here is what he said:

On the kind of companies he is interested in investing in: It depends on the margin of safety. Can be consumer staple or can be cyclical but depends on perceived risk-adjusted rate of return.

On Technology stocks: Recent investments in technology are good quality companies. It is all about price. If a stock is available very cheap it may help override some of the concerns regarding the company. If the business model is good everything else will be taken care of.

On Management: Evaluating management is a very important part of capital allocation because it will affect the future returns. Liked Microsoft's (MSFT, Financial) decision to get into the tablet market, it is a natural fit for them.

On recent volatality and long-term investing approach: Volatility makes long-term investing even more attractive. The decline in trading costs, combined with the natural volatility of equities, has lent itself to more of a casino mentality. The more volatile, interestingly enough, a situation is, the more attractive it is for value managers, who are long-term investors, because it creates more opportunities.

Here is the video: