Insider Alert: An Insider Just Sold Albertsons Companies Inc Shares

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Jan 28, 2023
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The latest data from GuruFocus shows that EVP, Pharmacy & Health Omer Gajial sold 36000 shares of Albertsons Companies Inc (ACI) on 2023-01-25. 0C0000AYI5.png

Investors may be concerned when an insider sells shares. It could be a sign that insiders are turning bearish on the stock of their own company. Insiders have a unique advantage in determining the value of their company, so when they begin selling, investors pay attention. Let’s take a look at this insider sell to see if Albertsons Companies Inc deserves some skepticism from investors.

Omer Gajial’s trades

Over the past year, Omer Gajial has sold 36000 shares in total.

In other words, the recent sell was the only time that Omer Gajial sold shares over the past year. It is possible that they have recently changed their mind about the stock due to some unfavorable development.

Insider trends

Even if one insider is selling, that doesn’t mean that other insiders are bearish on the stock. Are other insiders selling the stock as well, or have the company’s top executives and owners been doing more buying recently?

The insider transaction history for Albertsons Companies Inc shows than there have been 0 insiders buys in total over the past year. Meanwhile, there have been 10 insider sells over the same timeframe.

Omer Gajial is not the only insider that has been selling shares recently; other company insiders are doing more selling than buying as well, which could be worrying for investors. However, we should keep in mind that insiders sell for many reasons, such as needing the cash or taking advantage of the company’s stock buyback plans. High insider selling could be a bad sign or a neutral sign, depending on the reasoning behind the sales.

Please note, the numbers and facts quoted are as of the writing of this article and may not factor in the latest trading data or company announcements.

When GuruFocus covers insider information, we only track open market or the private purchase and sale of common stock with the transaction code of P or S. Therefore, all the transactions mentioned in this article are only the ones with transaction code of P or S.

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