CEO Sundie Seefried Buys 19,500 Shares of SHF Holdings Inc (SHFS)

On June 8, 2023, Sundie Seefried, CEO of SHF Holdings Inc (SHFS, Financial), purchased 19,500 shares of the company's stock. This insider buying activity could signal a positive outlook for the company and its stock price. In this article, we will take a closer look at Sundie Seefried, SHF Holdings Inc, and the relationship between insider buying and selling and the stock price.

Who is Sundie Seefried of SHF Holdings Inc?

Sundie Seefried is the CEO of SHF Holdings Inc, a company that specializes in providing financial services to the cannabis industry. With over 25 years of experience in the financial sector, Seefried has been instrumental in driving the growth and success of SHF Holdings Inc. Her leadership and expertise have helped the company navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry and establish itself as a trusted provider of financial services.

SHF Holdings Inc's Business Description

SHF Holdings Inc is a financial services company that focuses on providing banking and financial solutions to the legal cannabis industry. The company offers a wide range of services, including deposit accounts, merchant services, cash management, and lending solutions. By catering to the unique needs of the cannabis industry, SHF Holdings Inc has positioned itself as a leader in this rapidly growing market.

Analysis of Insider Buying and Selling and the Relationship with the Stock Price

Over the past year, Sundie Seefried has purchased a total of 19,500 shares and sold 0 shares. This indicates a positive sentiment towards the company's stock and could be a sign of confidence in its future performance. The insider transaction history for SHF Holdings Inc shows that there have been 14 insider buys in total over the past year, with no insider sells during the same timeframe.


The stock price of SHF Holdings Inc has been relatively stable over the past year, with shares trading for $0.53 apiece on the day of Sundie Seefried's recent buy. This gives the stock a market cap of $27.786 million. The consistent insider buying activity, combined with the stable stock price, could indicate that insiders believe the stock is undervalued and has the potential for growth.


To determine the intrinsic value of SHF Holdings Inc's stock, we can look at the GF Value, which is an estimate developed by GuruFocus based on historical multiples, a GuruFocus adjustment factor, and future estimates of business performance from Morningstar analysts. The GF Value takes into account the following three factors:

  • Historical multiples (price-earnings ratio, price-sales ratio, price-book ratio, and price-to-free cash flow) that the stock has traded at.
  • A GuruFocus adjustment factor based on the company's past returns and growth.
  • Future estimates of business performance from Morningstar analysts.

Based on these factors, the GF Value for SHF Holdings Inc's stock can provide a useful benchmark for determining whether the stock is overvalued or undervalued. If the stock price is significantly below the GF Value, it could indicate that the stock is undervalued and has the potential for growth. Conversely, if the stock price is significantly above the GF Value, it could suggest that the stock is overvalued and may not be a good investment.

In conclusion, the recent insider buying activity by CEO Sundie Seefried, along with the stable stock price and valuation factors, could indicate that SHF Holdings Inc's stock is undervalued and has the potential for growth. Investors should keep an eye on the company's performance and any future insider buying or selling activity to gain further insight into the stock's potential.