Atalaya Capital Management LP Acquires New Stake in AEON Biopharma Inc

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Atalaya Capital Management LP (Trades, Portfolio), a New York-based investment firm, recently made a significant acquisition in AEON Biopharma Inc. This article will delve into the details of the transaction, provide an overview of both Atalaya Capital Management LP (Trades, Portfolio) and AEON Biopharma Inc, and analyze the potential impact of this acquisition on the firm's portfolio and the traded company's stock performance.

Details of the Transaction

On July 27, 2023, Atalaya Capital Management LP (Trades, Portfolio) purchased 3,675,000 shares of AEON Biopharma Inc at a price of $6.47 per share. This new holding now represents 7.05% of the firm's portfolio, making it a significant addition. The firm now holds a total of 3,675,000 shares in AEON Biopharma Inc, accounting for 9.89% of the company's outstanding shares.

Profile of Atalaya Capital Management LP (Trades, Portfolio)

Atalaya Capital Management LP (Trades, Portfolio) is an investment firm located at One Rockefeller Plaza, New York. The firm manages a portfolio of 225 stocks, with a total equity of $314 million. Its top holdings include Alpha Partners Technology Merger Corp(APTM, Financial), Metals Acquisition Ltd(MTAL, Financial), Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp(LOCC, Financial), Project Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp(PEGR, Financial), and Generation Asia I Acquisition Ltd(GAQ, Financial). The firm's investments are primarily concentrated in the Financial Services and Consumer Cyclical sectors. 1686172008007598080.png

Overview of AEON Biopharma Inc

AEON Biopharma Inc is a biotechnology company with a market capitalization of $168.199 million. The company's stock, symbolized as AEON, was first listed on the stock exchange on July 24, 2023. As of August 1, 2023, the stock is trading at $7.85 per share. However, due to insufficient data, the company's GF Value and GF Valuation cannot be evaluated. The company's financial health is reflected in its Balance Sheet Rank of 4/10, Profitability Rank of 1/10, and Growth Rank of 0/10. The company's GF Score, which predicts future performance potential, is 16/100. 1686171988948680704.png

Analysis of the Stock's Performance

Since Atalaya Capital Management LP (Trades, Portfolio)'s acquisition, AEON Biopharma Inc's stock has gained 21.33%. However, since its IPO, the stock has declined by 22.58%. The year-to-date performance of the stock is also negative, with a decline of 14.67%. Given the company's low GF Score and financial ranks, the stock's future performance potential appears to be limited.


In conclusion, Atalaya Capital Management LP (Trades, Portfolio)'s recent acquisition of AEON Biopharma Inc shares represents a significant addition to its portfolio. However, given AEON Biopharma Inc's current financial health and stock performance, the potential impact of this transaction on the firm's portfolio and the traded company's stock performance remains to be seen. As always, investors are advised to conduct their own thorough research before making investment decisions.


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