Apple Inc (AAPL): A Comprehensive Analysis of Institutional and Insider Ownership

Unraveling the Ownership Structure and Performance of a Tech Giant

Apple Inc (AAPL, Financial), a leading consumer electronics company, is renowned for its diverse product portfolio, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods, among others. The company also offers a range of services such as Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Care, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness, Apple Card, and Apple Pay. With a market cap of $3.04 trillion, Apple Inc's products and services are distributed online, through company-owned stores, and third-party retailers.

As of the latest available data, Apple Inc (AAPL, Financial) has an outstanding share count of 15.63 billion. Institutional ownership stands at 5.81 billion shares, constituting 37.19% of the total shares. Meanwhile, insiders hold 17.10 million shares, accounting for 0.11% of the total share count.


Recent Performance and Market Cap Fluctuations

Over the past week, Apple Inc's stock value has declined by about -2.76%. As of Sep 27, 2023, the stock fell by 0.76%, contrasting with its three-month return of -9.14%. The company's market cap rose to $3.04 trillion in the most recent quarter from $2.59 trillion in the preceding one, sparking keen interest in the company's ownership trends.


Institutional Ownership and Key Players

Apple Inc's institutional ownership history reveals the levels of trust and confidence that major players have in the company's future. As of 2023-08-31, Apple Inc's institutional ownership level is 37.19%, down from institutional ownership of 39.06% as of 2023-05-31 and down from institutional ownership of 53.34% from a year ago.


Among the most significant stakeholders, the top fund managers owning chunks of Apple Inc's stock are Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio), Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio), and Tom Gayner (Trades, Portfolio), with 5.86%, 0.34%, and 0.01% of shares outstanding respectively.

Earnings: Past and Future

Over the past three years, Apple Inc's Ebitda growth averaged 22.8% per year, which is better than 69.25% of 1961 companies in the Hardware industry. Looking forward, the estimated earnings growth for Apple Inc is 11.82% per year, lower than the earnings growth of 27.2% during the past three years.

Insider Ownership and Activities

Insider ownership offers insights into the convictions of the company's board directors and C-level employees. Apple Inc's insider ownership is approximately 0.11% as of 2023-08-31, compared to insider ownership of 0.11% from a year ago, reflecting the unchanged faith of those intimately familiar with the company's operations.


In the ever-evolving realm of stocks, understanding the nuances of ownership and earnings is critical. Apple Inc's recent dip is a case study in how major players react to market shifts, and their movements offer crucial insights for potential investors. As always, a holistic view, combining both past performance and future projections, remains key to sound investment decisions.


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