Insider Buying Alert: EVP & CHRO Robert Willis Acquires Shares of Perrigo Co PLC

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In the realm of stock market movements, insider trading activity is often a significant indicator that garners the attention of investors. Recently, Robert Willis, the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer (EVP & CHRO) of Perrigo Co PLC, made a notable purchase of company shares that may signal confidence in the firm's future prospects. This article delves into the details of the transaction and provides an objective analysis of Perrigo Co PLC's current standing in the market.

Who is Robert Willis of Perrigo Co PLC?

Robert Willis serves as the EVP & CHRO of Perrigo Co PLC, a role that places him at the helm of the company's human resources strategy and operations. His position is critical in shaping the workforce and culture of the organization, which can have a direct impact on the company's performance and success. The insider's decision to invest in the company's stock is often interpreted as a positive sign, reflecting a belief in the company's value and potential for growth.

Perrigo Co PLC's Business Description

Perrigo Co PLC is a leading provider of over-the-counter health and wellness solutions. The company's product portfolio includes a wide range of self-care products, from generic prescription medications to dietary supplements. Perrigo's mission is to enhance the well-being of its customers by offering affordable, high-quality products. With a global presence, Perrigo is committed to delivering value to both consumers and shareholders through its strategic initiatives and operational excellence.

Description of Insider Buy/Sell

Insider buying occurs when a company's executives, directors, or other key employees purchase shares of their own company's stock. Conversely, insider selling refers to these individuals selling their shares. These transactions are closely monitored as they can provide insights into the insiders' perspective on the company's future. A pattern of insider buying may suggest that those with the most intimate knowledge of the company's workings are bullish on its future, while a pattern of selling might raise concerns about its outlook.

Insider Transaction Analysis

According to the data provided, Robert Willis has shown a clear pattern of confidence in Perrigo Co PLC by purchasing a total of 5,550 shares over the past year, with no recorded sales. This consistent buying activity is a strong signal to the market that the insider believes the stock is undervalued or that significant positive developments are on the horizon. 1729561783254970368.png The insider trend image above illustrates the balance of insider buying and selling activities over the past year. With 7 insider buys and 5 insider sells, the overall trend suggests a moderate level of confidence among insiders, which could be a positive sign for potential investors.

Valuation and Market Cap

On the date of Robert Willis's recent purchase, Perrigo Co PLC's shares were trading at $31.01, giving the company a market capitalization of approximately $4.165 billion. This valuation places Perrigo in a substantial position within the healthcare sector, reflecting its significant market presence and financial stability.

Price-to-GF-Value Ratio

The price-to-GF-Value ratio is a metric used to determine whether a stock is trading at a fair value relative to its intrinsic value as estimated by GuruFocus. With a share price of $31.01 and a GF Value of $42.22, Perrigo Co PLC has a price-to-GF-Value ratio of 0.73, indicating that the stock is modestly undervalued. 1729561799545647104.png The GF Value is calculated based on historical trading multiples, a GuruFocus adjustment factor, and future business performance estimates. The fact that Perrigo's current share price is below its GF Value suggests that the stock may have room for appreciation, making it an attractive option for value investors.


The recent insider buying activity by Robert Willis, combined with the company's modestly undervalued status according to the price-to-GF-Value ratio, presents a compelling case for investors to consider Perrigo Co PLC. While insider transactions should not be the sole factor in making investment decisions, they can provide valuable context when evaluating a company's potential. As always, investors are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence and consider a variety of factors before making any investment decisions.

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