Impinj Inc's Meteoric Rise: Unpacking the 53% Surge in Just 3 Months

Impinj Inc (PI, Financial), a company specializing in wireless connectivity for everyday items, has experienced a notable fluctuation in its stock price over recent periods. With a current market capitalization of $2.44 billion, the stock is trading at around $90. Over the past week, Impinj's stock has seen a slight decline of 2.77%. However, looking at a broader timeframe, the stock has gained an impressive 52.60% over the past three months. This growth trajectory is reflected in the company's GF Value, which currently stands at $99.34, down from a past GF Value of $102.61. The current GF Valuation indicates that the stock is Fairly Valued, a shift from the previous assessment of a Possible Value Trap, suggesting investors should Think Twice.

Introduction to Impinj Inc

Impinj Inc operates within the hardware industry, providing a platform that enables wireless connectivity to everyday items. This technology allows for the identification, location, and authentication of items for both business and consumer applications. The company's offerings include endpoint integrated circuits, readers, gateways, and reader ICs that leverage RAIN technology. Impinj has a significant presence in the Asia Pacific region, which is a major contributor to its revenue. 1747639147104890880.png

Assessing Impinj's Profitability

Impinj's Profitability Rank is currently at 3 out of 10. The company's Operating Margin stands at -9.15%, which, while negative, is better than 20.03% of 2,451 companies in the same industry. Its ROE is deeply negative at -122.14%, yet it still outperforms 2.21% of its industry peers. The ROA is also in the red at -7.87%, but better than 17.57% of competitors. The ROIC of -15.47% is higher than 12.87% of industry companies. Over the past decade, Impinj has managed to achieve profitability in only 2 years, which is better than 8.14% of its industry counterparts. 1747639165169758208.png

Growth Prospects of Impinj

Impinj's Growth Rank is a robust 8 out of 10. The company has demonstrated a 3-Year Revenue Growth Rate per Share of 13.00%, surpassing 73.86% of its industry peers. Its 5-Year Revenue Growth Rate per Share is also strong at 10.10%, better than 74.46% of the industry. Looking ahead, the Total Revenue Growth Rate (Future 3Y To 5Y Est) is projected at an impressive 17.53%, which is higher than 91.47% of the industry. However, the 3-Year EPS without NRI Growth Rate is a modest 2.60%, and the 5-Year EPS without NRI Growth Rate is at -7.20%. 1747639182139912192.png

Notable Shareholders in Impinj

Among the notable shareholders of Impinj, Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio) leads with 197,600 shares, representing 0.73% of the company. Following him is Chuck Royce (Trades, Portfolio), holding 119,500 shares, which accounts for 0.44% of Impinj. Jefferies Group (Trades, Portfolio) also has a stake in the company with 39,931 shares, making up 0.15% of the shares outstanding.

Competitive Landscape

Impinj operates in a competitive hardware industry. Its closest competitors in terms of market capitalization include Viavi Solutions Inc (VIAV, Financial) with a market cap of $2.22 billion, Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd (CRDO, Financial) valued at $2.93 billion, and Knowles Corp (KN, Financial) with a market cap of $1.48 billion. These companies represent the competitive environment in which Impinj must navigate to maintain and grow its market share.


In summary, Impinj Inc has shown a remarkable stock performance with a significant gain over the past three months, despite a recent weekly dip. The company's profitability metrics, although mostly negative, are showing signs of improvement when compared to industry peers. Impinj's growth prospects appear strong, with solid revenue growth rates and promising future revenue estimates. The company's market position is competitive, with a fair valuation that reflects its current state. Investors should consider the company's growth potential, profitability challenges, and current market valuation when making investment decisions. The recent stock price surge suggests that the market is recognizing Impinj's potential, but as with any investment, due diligence and careful consideration of market trends and company performance are essential.

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