Some Top Business Hosted PBX Providers Stocks to Watch in 2015

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Jan 26, 2015

As technology continues to increase, top business hosted PBX providers are seeing an increase in customers who are trying to get the best, reliable and easy-to-use phone service for their business. Meanwhile, the stock market is seeing an increasing number of investors who are keeping a sharp watch on PBX providers stocks.

Today, many CEOs are dependent on phone providers to connect them to the rest of the world and some top-hosted phone systems for business in the U.S. are playing their part in making this happen. Unlike in the past when businesses often have to depend on telegram service that sometimes would take days to reach its destination, linking up with the right phone providing service is a plus when it comes to the success of an organization.

Here are some business hosted PBX provider stocks that are expected to do well in 2015.

Vonage business solutions

Vonage Business Solutions is a hosted PBX provider that is most suitable for small businesses and ones that are medium sized as well. Small businesses that use their service can save up to 30% on their phone bill on a monthly basis.

During last trading, Vonage average volume stood at 1.15 million shares. Trading began at $4.42 and with a $4.29 to $4.60 trading range. It later closed at $4.47. In the last trading session also, Vonage’s stock put down a positive performance by registering 0.45%.

For the week, the stock’s volatility stood at 4.58%. Its volatility for that month was 3.67%. The company’s performance on a monthly basis is 18.30%.

For the past five years, the sales growth of the company was -1.60% and EPS growth for the same period showed 18.30. Back in 2014, Vonage growth accelerated admiringly from 38% to 52%. In addition, in 2014, the company announced it was making plans to acquire Telesphere Networks Limited in the tune of $114 million in stocks and cash kind.

RingCentral Inc.

Some analysts have RingCentral (RNG, Financial) at $25 as its price target high and a low price target of $16. The standard deviation value for its stock price is estimated to be at $2.93.

Top analysts also gave the company’s shares a buy rating with a per share price target being at $20. The company saw its shares went down 3.5% or 0.5 points. Last trade’s calling was $13.8. There is a $23.65 52-week high of RingCentral and in addition, it has $10.2 as its 52-week low. RingCentral’s market cap stands at 687 million with outstanding shares measuring 49,770,000.


Verizon (VZ, Financial), a long-time competitor in the communications industry is another company to watch. The present price for Verizon shares are $14.28. The company hands out a dividend of $2.20 per share to shareholders on an annual basis. Those shares have a yield of 4.60%.

Some analysts are saying that Verizon earnings of $0.72 per share would appear to be $0.06, which should be a better figure than last year’s own. In addition, to top the company’s performance, the ESP came out better than last year’s own by $0.54.

Revenue forecast for quarterly earnings is predicted to reach $32.69 billion. This figure is pointing to an increase above last year’s quarter to be 5.25%.

On January 23, 2015, Barclays downgraded Verizon from being overweight to equal weight. The average price target for the company stands at $52.24, which is signaling an 8.52% increase.

As various stocks price rise and fall, the market is still seeing an increase of shares changing hands. This is because supply is keeping up with demand as investors try to make as much money from their investment as they possibly can.