Apple's New Smart Watch – Focus on Women?

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Anne Jay
Mar 12, 2015
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As supermodel Christy Turlington presented the brand new Apple (

AAPL, Financial) smart watch along with Apple CEO Tim Cook, it seems that Apple is finally appealing to the fairer sex. Christy wore the fashion version of Apple Watch, the "chic" one as she put it. She also wears another version for running, and her plan is to use it for her upcoming big run – the London Marathon. As watches go, the Apple Smart Watch looks great – not just a big and heavy bump on a woman's thin wrist. With this one, it seems Apple has hit it home.

A woman's smart watch

Though Apple has not claimed any feminine affiliations for this latest device, it is just what a woman would want – elegant, thin and small with lots of functions. Buyers can choose from three different styles, depending on their style choices and habits. Perhaps this watch appeals more to the sensibilities of women because it has been designed by a woman herself. If the watch becomes a huge hit with women, Apple would have Angela Adherents to thank for it. She quit her job as CEO of Burberry (

BRBY, Financial), the famous British fashion giant, to style this smart device into a fashionable accessory. For the women of today, who want technology and fashion to merge together, this watch is certainly not wanting in any way.

Not a watch for men then?

Men can enjoy this smart gadget as much as women. The watch is smart, elegant and slim but is designed to be perfectly suited for men as well. The device may look small, but packs a power punch with an 8-Gbyte storage and a battery that can run for 18 hours. In fact, the Apple Smart Watch offers everything that one would expect from an Apple device. Besides keeping the time, the watch can be used as a fashion accessory, can tell the weather, handle your calls, messages and other social activities, and do much more. If you opt in for the sport version, you can keep track of your training and monitor the state of your health.

Other possibilities

The only thing that can prevent you from buying it, is its rather high price. However, the high price may be attributed to it being a totally new product and therefore, with time the price might go down. Until then, users will have to continue pay through their nose to own this stylish piece of technology. Some of the Smart Watch's competitors are the Samsung Gear Fit, which is really slim and good only for sport. Both Samsung Galaxy Gear and LG’s G Watch are good quality, but rather big in size and in price. Pebble Smart Watch has a reasonably low price, but it is a large gadget and cannot be used as a fashion accessory. The only gadget that comes remotely close to the Apple Smart Watch is Motorola's Moto 360. Its most remarkable feature is its design – with a round and relatively small face. However, those who have their loyalties with Apple would not want to miss this chance of owning the flagship Smart Watch device from the tech giant.

Though there are a number of options in smart watches today, none compare to the sheer elegance and tech brilliance of the Apple Smart Watch. For users who are still contemplating whether this is worth a buy, there are only two options. First is to spend a fortune on this gadget to stay fashionable. The other is to put up with the drawbacks of other smart watches and wait for the Apple Smart Watch to get cheaper.

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