Bill Ackman Discusses Rating Agencies and Short Selling

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Jun 01, 2010
Following an earlier video clip in which Bill Ackman claimed that our economy has been healed and built a bullish case for Citigroup, Yahoo!Finance Tech Ticker release two more video clips. Bloomberg reporter Christine Richar, author of book Confidence Game was also present in the interviews. The book details Bill Ackman's public battle with MBIA and rating agencies starting from 2002.

Clip 1: Bill Ackman's Plan to End the "Corruption" in Ratings

In this clip, Richard and Ackman discuss what has changed since Ackman started his battle against MBIA and the rating agencies. They also discuss Ackman's new plan to fight what he calls the "corruption" in the ratings process, specifically the "very unhealthy dynamic" between the rating agencies and the investment banks.

Clip 2: David vs. Goliath: Bill Ackman Explains Why Everyone Hates the Shorts