Warren Buffett's Latest Interview

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Jul 09, 2010
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Warren Buffett has an interview with Huffington Post and Yahoo! News. Huffingtonpost.com provided all 12 segments of videos.

Part 1: On economy

Buffett thinks the economy is definitely coming back. Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathway has some 70 operating companies and they are all hiring new people.

Part 2: On Budget

Buffett thinks the current stimulus measures from both fiscal and monetary are working. It may not be working as fast as some would expect, but they are working. However, the deficit spending is not a sustainable course and we ought to be thinking how to bring down the deficit as percent of GDP.

Part 3: On Personal Finance

Buffett offers personal finance advice in this segment: avoid debt and buy index fund.

Part 7: On BP

Very simply, Buffett thinks BP Chairman and CEO needs to go.

Part 8: On Financial Reform

Buffett thinks the reform should reduce the incentives that top management of financial institutes receives by assuming risks and the reform should reduce the leverage these institutes can assume.

Part 9: On Financial Bubbles

Buffett sees the root cause of the financial crisis is the assumption that real estate price would never go down. Buffett predict there will be another bubble but it would not be the same.

Part 12: On His Passion

Other than running Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett says he enjoys teaching, a lot.

Go Here if you would like to watch all 12 segments of the interview.

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