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The GuruFocus podcast brings interviews with influential investing leaders, extended discussion with website contributors, original stories and all the happenings in value investing. Tune in to stay fresh on the world of money and give your portfolio an edge, on the go.

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Recent Episodes

Value Investors Episode 13: Joseph Boscovich Jr. on Founding a Family Business and Active Management

Category: Value Investors

Today we sit down with Joseph Boscovich Jr. and discuss how his family's 100-year history in the greater Los Angeles area allowed for them to successfully start Old West Investment Management LLC. He lets us in what it is like to work alongside his father, some early successes and struggles, and what it is like to be an active manager in a industry seemingly dominated by passive strategists.

Tue Oct 29 2019          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 1: Dave Sather of Sather Financial Group

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Today we welcome our inaugural guest Dave Sather. In 1999 Sather founded Sather Financial Group on the premise of creating a fee-only fiduciary investment management and strategic planning business. Over the last 20 years Sather Financial Group has provided transparent services that mold to each individual client. In the year 2019 alone, the company has grown from $500 million to approximately $750 million in assets across 1,000 different accounts.

Wed Oct 23 2019          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 12: Mohnish Pabrai: Finding Value in India and the US

Category: Value Investors

One of today’s foremost value investors, Mohnish Pabrai joined GuruFocus to share his insights and discuss recent portfolio moves. Pabrai, the founder of California-based Pabrai Investment Funds and Dhandho Funds, went into why he has shifted most of his $1 billion portfolio from the U.S. to India, and disclosed that he made new investments in Turkey and South Korea. He also described what drove his fourth-quarter investment in U.S. company Micron Technologies. Regarding his investment style, the Buffett disciple talked more about some of his key concepts, including price-earnings ratio of 1 stocks, his checklist and the No. 1 mistake investors make.

Sat Mar 23 2019          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 11: International and Emerging Market Small-Cap Investing With Craig Thrasher CFA

Category: Value Investors

Craig Thrasher, CFA, is an international small-cap expert. In this podcast, he discusses how he has achieved his outstanding returns in an area that abounds in growth and opportunity. Small caps have historically beaten their large-cap peers and offer a large universe of undiscovered companies to choose from, while having lower volatility than domestic investors may think. Thrasher believes in bottom-up analysis, has concentrated portfolios and seeks only high-quality businesses. In the interview, he talks with GuruFocus about how this plays out when investing internationally. He also gives some of his stock recommendations and shares his thoughts on portfolio holdings.

Sat Jan 19 2019          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 10: Value Investing That Is Socially Responsible With Jerome Dodson

Category: Value Investors

Jerome Dodson runs San Francisco’s Parnassus Funds, where he has blazed past the S&P 500 while investing in socially responsible companies. In this podcast with GuruFocus, he discusses his style of value investing and what investors should do in the return of volatility as higher interest rates and trade battles strike. Dodson also covers some of his favorite sectors and companies, including Google, Micron and Starbucks.

Fri Oct 26 2018          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 9: Out-of-Favor and Small-Cap Stocks With John Dorfman

Category: Value Investors

John Dorfman, founder of Massachusetts-based Dorfman Value Investments, joined GuruFocus to talk about his style of value investing. John’s approach has led to market-beating returns of 9.79% annually since inception versus 5.4% for the S&P 500. In this episode, our guest tells where he is still finding obscure opportunities in a crowded market, what effect tariffs will have on small caps and why value investing is set to stage a comeback. The investor, who was mentored by the legendary David Dreman, also explains the findings of his studies of low-P/E stocks and analysts’ most-loved and most-hated stocks.

Sat Sep 22 2018          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 8: Cutting Through Emotion With Quantitative Guru Jim O’Shaughnessy

Category: Value Investors

Jim O’Shaughnessy wrote the wildly popular investing book, “What Works on Wall Street,” in which he documents the strategies that sank or soared during over long periods, with some surprising results. In the podcast, Jim expounds on the follies of predicting markets and how a composite approach outperforms. It’s only possible, he says, if you can eliminate those pesky emotions. Jim will also give a presentation at the 2018 GuruFocus Value Investing Conference.

Thu Jan 04 2018          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 7: GuruFocus Interview With Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund's Joel Tillinghast

Category: Value Investors

Joel Tillinghast, who runs the $38 billion Fidelity Low-Priced Fund, joined GuruFocus for a podcast interview about how he thinks about investing and selects equities. The most distinctive characteristics of Tillinghast's portfolio are its size -- it has 889 positions -- and its requirement that its stocks have a price under $35 per share. It also has uncommon returns. Since inception, he returned 13.76% versus 9.78% for its benchmark Russell 2000 index.

Wed Oct 11 2017          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 6: Value Investing With Wally Weitz

Category: Value Investors

In the extensive interview, Weitz elucidates his investing process and answers questions ranging from rising markets and geopolitics to individual stocks and what he thinks is inexpensive right now. He issues caution about "raw materials" in place for a correction, and explains why his flagship fund, Partners III, is shorting indexes following the S&P 500 and major market indices.

Wed Sep 27 2017          GuruFocus Podcast

Value Investors Episode 5: Interview With Authors of University of Berkshire Hathaway, Notes From Three Decades of Shareholder

Category: Value Investors

Daniel Pecaut and Corey Wrenn discuss their new, highly rated book, University of Berkshire Hathaway. In the unique collection, they share their notes from 30 annual Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder meetings, beginning in 1983. The authors speak with GuruFocus about the making of the book and the insights they gained from their unprecedented journey. Daniel Pecaut is a Harvard graduate whose insights have been featured in the New York Times, Money Magazine, Grant's Interest Rate Observer, Outstanding Investor Digest, and the Omaha-World Herald. He has worked in investing for 30+ years and is CEO of a successful investment firm, Pecaut & Company. Corey Wrenn has a B.S. in Business Administration from University of South Dakota and an M.B.A from University of Nebraska at Omaha. Corey is the Vice President, Treasurer, and CCO for Pecaut & Company. Before he joined the firm in 1992, he worked for 9 years as an internal auditor for Berkshire Hathaway.

Fri Aug 18 2017          GuruFocus Podcast

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