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The GuruFocus podcast brings interviews with influential investing leaders, extended discussion with website contributors, original stories and all the happenings in value investing. Tune in to stay fresh on the world of money and give your portfolio an edge, on the go.

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Recent Episodes

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 16: The Natural Home Goods Revolution with Stuart Landesberg

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Since 2012 Stuart Landesberg, the CEO and co-founder of Grove Collaborative, has been at the helm of his company. Aiming to produce and distribute natural and healthy consumer goods the company has grown to over 1,000 employees in their eight years of doing business. Leading the revolution towards producing natural and sustainable home goods Landesberg hopes that Grove Collaborative can one day become the largest consumer goods company in the world.

Thu Apr 23 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 15: Nicole Sahin on Easy Employment for Global Companies

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Since founding her company in 2012, Nicole Sahin, CEO of Globalization Partners, has been able to spread her business around the world. She has operations in 170 countries, helping businesses employ white-collar workers overseas. Sahin has taken a process that usually would have taken months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars and cut it down to days. Thanks to these efforts, she has allowed companies to spread around the world and even saw Globalization Partners reach number six on the Inc 5000 list of top growing private companies.

Wed Apr 15 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 14: Deeanne Akerson on Building a Business and Innovating for Moms

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Since 2015 Deeanne Akerson has taken her company Kindred Bravely from a personal need to an extremely successful producer of nursing and maternity clothing. In 2019 they were featured on the prestigious Inc 5000 list at number 20 racking up over 8,500% growth. The company brings in millions of revenue each year and sees tens of thousands of new customers on their site each month. What started with a personal need has now turned into a powerhouse internet retailer in just five short years.

Wed Mar 18 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 13: Sara Castillo and Katie Castillo Wilson on Ads People Actually Want

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Since 2015 Sara Castillo and Katie Castillo Wilson have worked hand in hand to build their company TapOnIt from the ground up. Creating their own tech hub in Iowa the two sisters have created a new solution for ads. Delivering via text messages and seeing opening rates up to 98%, they have created a database of 300 thousand people with 1,400 new members joining organically every month.

Wed Feb 26 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 12: Brad Sugars on 17 Books, Over 50 Business, and Building an Industry

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars is no newcomer to the entrepreneur lifestyle. His franchise, the first of its kind, has been in business approaching 30 years. With over a thousand employees worldwide and doing hundreds of millions in revenue he also has claims to fame as a best selling author with his 17th book hitting shelves. While not the CEO of ActionCOACH Sugars remains as the chairman, dictating the future of the company, and maintaining high level interests in eight other companies.

Tue Feb 25 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 11: Crafting Cocktails Into a Nationally Acclaimed Distillery

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Co-founders of Tattersall Distilling Dan Oskey and Jon Kreidler founded their craft distillery in 2015. Since then they have created almost thirty different spirits that have won numerous awards around the country. Alongside their craft cocktails the two created a nationally acclaimed cocktail room to feature signature drinks that has been featured in Eater and Playboy Magazine.

Fri Feb 21 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 10: Slava Khristich on Dodging the Collapse of the Soviet Union and Realizing His American Dream

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Over the last seven years Slava Khristich has grown his business Tateeda to almost fifty employees in the United States and Ukraine. The company creates custom software solutions for clients in healthcare, real estate, and field services technologies. With over thirty developers accessible to clients 24/7 the company has already completed over one hundred custom projects. On top of solving communications issues with overseas outsourcing the company has saved their clients over $5 million dollars since going into business.

Thu Feb 20 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 9: Calvin Carter on Building Apps for the World's Biggest Companies

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

The smartphones that provide access to endless amounts of information also provide companies with an unparalleled opportunity to interact with their customers. However many of these companies are not positions to develop these types of applications. Calvin Carter has capitalized on this situation. In 2008 he founded Bottle Rocket and has taken his company to the forefront of creating digital experiences to "surprise and delight" both companies and their customers. From their first customer NPR to the likes of Disney, American Express, and Chick-fil-A, Bottle Rocket has created mobile and web applications for some of the most well known companies in the world. Their work has won them countless awards and even saw a nomination for an Emmy. Such success brought the attention of WPP, the world's largest advertising and media company, and Bottle Rocket was acquired in 2013. However, to this day Bottle Rocket continues to be led by Carter and operates as an autonomous company under his leadership.

Fri Jan 24 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 8: Ken Aldrich on 30 Years of Venture Capital and 50 Successful Businesses

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Over the last three decades Ken Aldrich has successfully invested in over fifty businesses and has personally co-founded almost a dozen himself. He considers himself a jack of all trades, having been involved in everything from biomedicine to real estate. Some of his most successful investments include helping start one of the first wind parks in Palm Springs and Green Dot Corporation, which has become the world's largest prepaid debit card company. In May Aldrich published his book Dream Toolbox, which aims to guide readers towards establishing an entrepreneurial mind and gaining control over their financial world.

Thu Jan 02 2020          GuruFocus Podcast

1,000 Entrepreneurs Series Episode 7: Jie Song on Becoming the Premiere Data Center Monitoring Software for Enterprise Businesses

Category: 1,000 Entrepreneurs Series

Jie Song, co-founder and CTO of LogicMonitor, grew his business from a two man operation that coded in his apartment to become the premiere SaaS-based data center monitoring software service. The company grew to employ over 200 employees in the states and overseas in China. They acquired over $140 million in funding and had over 1,500 enterprise customers as clients, including the likes of Adidas, Netflix, PayPal, and Blackstone.

Wed Dec 11 2019          GuruFocus Podcast

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