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Also traded in: Argentina, Austria, Chile, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, UK

GuruFocus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. It is based on these factors

1. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year).
2. Debt to revenue ratio. The lower, the better
3. Altman Z-score.

A company ranks high with financial strength is likely to withstand any business slowdowns and recessions.

Financial Strength

GuruFocus Profitability Rank ranks how profitable a company is and how likely the company’s business will stay that way. It is based on these factors:

1. Operating Margin
2. Trend of the Operating Margin (5-year average). The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank.
••3. Consistency of the profitability
4. Piotroski F-Score
5. Predictability Rank•

The maximum rank is 10. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability & Growth

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» NAS:AABA's 30-Y Financials

Financials (Next Earnings Date: 2018-04-18)

Revenue & Net Income
Cash & Debt
Operating Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow
Operating Cash Flow & Net Income

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Guru Trades

Q1 2017

AABA Guru Trades in Q1 2017

Leucadia National 577,727 sh (New)
Howard Marks 880,000 sh (New)
Jeremy Grantham 188,763 sh (New)
Jim Simons 3,841,500 sh (+127.67%)
John Burbank 2,428,516 sh (+122.40%)
David Tepper 2,200,000 sh (+62.96%)
Paul Tudor Jones 454,249 sh (+40.87%)
Joel Greenblatt 9,895 sh (+31.71%)
Jana Partners 2,511,471 sh (+25.57%)
First Pacific Advisors 7,315,040 sh (+0.71%)
Dodge & Cox 5,500 sh (unchged)
David Einhorn 4,282,100 sh (unchged)
Jeremy Grantham 590,000 sh (unchged)
Steven Cohen 500,000 sh (unchged)
Steven Romick 4,847,270 sh (unchged)
John Burbank 200,000 sh (unchged)
Louis Moore Bacon Sold Out
Stanley Druckenmiller Sold Out
PRIMECAP Management 6,249,330 sh (-0.76%)
Mario Gabelli 553,763 sh (-1.27%)
First Eagle Investment 647,865 sh (-3.57%)
Murray Stahl 13,098 sh (-39.70%)
Steven Cohen 425,000 sh (-91.96%)
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Q2 2017

AABA Guru Trades in Q2 2017

Mario Gabelli 582,600 sh (New)
First Eagle Investment 820,465 sh (New)
Leucadia National 706,047 sh (New)
Dodge & Cox 5,500 sh (New)
PRIMECAP Management 6,234,530 sh (New)
David Abrams 3,914,805 sh (New)
Howard Marks 1,061,588 sh (New)
John Burbank 196,925 sh (New)
Jeremy Grantham 4,688,480 sh (New)
Jana Partners 3,307,190 sh (New)
Louis Moore Bacon 195,000 sh (New)
Paul Tudor Jones 573,400 sh (New)
David Tepper 5,129,051 sh (New)
First Pacific Advisors 7,524,430 sh (New)
Steven Cohen 2,260,363 sh (New)
George Soros 2,544,969 sh (New)
Murray Stahl 4,000 sh (New)
John Paulson 2,675,000 sh (New)
Steven Romick 4,847,270 sh (unchged)
Jeremy Grantham 330,000 sh (unchged)
David Einhorn 4,282,100 sh (unchged)
Mario Gabelli Sold Out
First Eagle Investment Sold Out
Leucadia National Sold Out
Dodge & Cox Sold Out
PRIMECAP Management Sold Out
Jim Simons Sold Out
John Burbank Sold Out
Jana Partners Sold Out
Jeremy Grantham Sold Out
Paul Tudor Jones Sold Out
David Tepper Sold Out
First Pacific Advisors Sold Out
Steven Cohen Sold Out
Joel Greenblatt Sold Out
Murray Stahl Sold Out
Howard Marks Sold Out
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Q3 2017

AABA Guru Trades in Q3 2017

Daniel Loeb 750,000 sh (New)
Howard Marks 3,111,588 sh (+193.11%)
Steven Cohen 6,117,336 sh (+170.64%)
Louis Moore Bacon 420,000 sh (+115.38%)
John Burbank 282,166 sh (+43.29%)
John Paulson 3,799,200 sh (+42.03%)
Leucadia National 796,684 sh (+12.84%)
George Soros 2,803,269 sh (+10.15%)
Jeremy Grantham 5,019,347 sh (+7.06%)
First Pacific Advisors 7,600,200 sh (+1.01%)
Steven Romick 4,847,270 sh (unchged)
Jeremy Grantham 330,000 sh (unchged)
David Einhorn 4,282,100 sh (unchged)
David Abrams 3,914,805 sh (unchged)
Steven Cohen 5,582,900 sh (unchged)
Murray Stahl Sold Out
Mario Gabelli 559,095 sh (-4.03%)
PRIMECAP Management 5,871,030 sh (-5.83%)
David Tepper 4,682,500 sh (-8.71%)
First Eagle Investment 683,981 sh (-16.63%)
Dodge & Cox 4,500 sh (-18.18%)
Paul Tudor Jones 353,697 sh (-38.32%)
Jana Partners 1,543,516 sh (-53.33%)
» More
Q4 2017

AABA Guru Trades in Q4 2017

David Tepper 8,865,000 sh (+89.32%)
Louis Moore Bacon 470,000 sh (+11.90%)
First Pacific Advisors 7,634,130 sh (+0.45%)
Steven Romick 4,847,270 sh (unchged)
David Abrams 3,914,805 sh (unchged)
Steven Cohen 3,061,700 sh (unchged)
Daniel Loeb 750,000 sh (unchged)
John Burbank Sold Out
Jana Partners Sold Out
PRIMECAP Management 5,864,430 sh (-0.11%)
Leucadia National 765,023 sh (-3.97%)
George Soros 2,583,369 sh (-7.84%)
Mario Gabelli 500,375 sh (-10.50%)
Jeremy Grantham 4,009,740 sh (-20.11%)
Dodge & Cox 3,000 sh (-33.33%)
David Einhorn 2,216,400 sh (-48.24%)
John Paulson 1,666,400 sh (-56.14%)
Howard Marks 1,061,588 sh (-65.88%)
First Eagle Investment 225,281 sh (-67.06%)
Steven Cohen 1,953,090 sh (-68.07%)
Paul Tudor Jones 106,854 sh (-69.79%)
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Insider Trades

Latest Guru Trades with AABA

(List those with share number changes of more than 20%, or impact to portfolio more than 0.1%)

GuruDate Trades Impact to Portfolio Price Range * (?) Current Price Change from Average Current Shares
David Tepper 2017-12-31 Add 89.32%2.75%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%8,865,000
George Soros 2017-12-31 Reduce -7.84%0.44%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%2,583,369
David Einhorn 2017-12-31 Reduce -48.24%2.18%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%2,216,400
John Paulson 2017-12-31 Reduce -56.14%2.55%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%1,666,400
Leucadia National 2017-12-31 Reduce -3.97%0.18%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%765,023
Mario Gabelli 2017-12-31 Reduce -10.50%0.02%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%500,375
First Eagle Investment 2017-12-31 Reduce -67.06%0.07%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%225,281
Dodge & Cox 2017-12-31 Reduce -33.33%$65.4 - $72.93 $ 78.8013%3,000
David Tepper 2017-09-30 Reduce -8.71%0.36%$54.45 - $67.43 $ 78.8029%4,682,500
John Paulson 2017-09-30 Add 42.03%1.35%$54.45 - $67.43 $ 78.8029%3,799,200
George Soros 2017-09-30 Add 10.15%0.51%$54.45 - $67.43 $ 78.8029%2,803,269
Leucadia National 2017-09-30 Add 12.84%0.5%$54.45 - $67.43 $ 78.8029%796,684
First Eagle Investment 2017-09-30 Reduce -16.63%0.02%$54.45 - $67.43 $ 78.8029%683,981
Mario Gabelli 2017-09-30 Reduce -4.03%0.01%$54.45 - $67.43 $ 78.8029%559,095
Dodge & Cox 2017-09-30 Reduce -18.18%$54.45 - $67.43 $ 78.8029%4,500
David Tepper 2017-06-30 New Buy4.14%$46.23 - $55.71 $ 78.8057%5,129,051
John Paulson 2017-06-30 New Buy1.98%$46.23 - $55.71 $ 78.8057%2,675,000
George Soros 2017-06-30 New Buy3.08%$46.23 - $55.71 $ 78.8057%2,544,969
First Eagle Investment 2017-06-30 New Buy0.11%$46.23 - $55.71 $ 78.8057%820,465
Leucadia National 2017-06-30 New Buy3.32%$46.23 - $55.71 $ 78.8057%706,047
Mario Gabelli 2017-06-30 New Buy0.2%$46.23 - $55.71 $ 78.8057%582,600
Dodge & Cox 2017-06-30 New Buy$46.23 - $55.71 $ 78.8057%5,500
David Tepper 2017-03-31 Add 62.96%0.65%$38.9 - $46.78 $ 78.8076%2,200,000
First Eagle Investment 2017-03-31 Reduce -3.57%$38.9 - $46.78 $ 78.8076%647,865
Leucadia National 2017-03-31 New Buy2.19%$38.9 - $46.78 $ 78.8076%577,727
Mario Gabelli 2017-03-31 Reduce -1.27%$38.9 - $46.78 $ 78.8076%553,763
Joel Greenblatt 2017-03-31 Add 31.71%$38.9 - $46.78 $ 78.8076%9,895
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Altaba Inc does not have enough historical financial data to display Peter Lynch Chart.

Business Description

Industry: Asset Management » Asset Management    NAICS: 523999    SIC: 6799
Traded in other countries:AABA.Argentina, ATBA.Austria, AABA.Chile, ALA.Germany, AABA.Italy, AABA.Mexico, AABA.Peru, AABA.Switzerland, 0RQL.UK,
Headquarter Location:USA
Altaba Inc is an independent, non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund's objective is to seek to increase the price per share at which it trades relative to then-current values of its principal underlying assets, and others.

Altaba is a closed-end management company with holdings mostly in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba. After Yahoo sold its core business to Verizon in June 2017, the firm changed its name to Altaba and became a publicly traded investment holding company.

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Forward PE Ratio 151.52
AABA's Forward PE Ratio is ranked lower than
99.99% of the 121 Companies
in the Global Asset Management industry.

( Industry Median: 12.18 vs. AABA: 151.52 )
Ranked among companies with meaningful Forward PE Ratio only.

Buy Back


Valuation & Return


More Statistics

Revenue (TTM) (Mil) $5,409.25
EPS (TTM) $ -0.02
Short Percentage of Float2.75%
52-Week Range $45.60 - 80.56
Shares Outstanding (Mil)824.92

Analyst Estimate

Dec17 Dec18
Revenue (Mil $) 250 276
EBIT (Mil $) 221 247
EBITDA (Mil $) 221 247
EPS ($) 0.19 0.25
EPS without NRI ($) 0.19 0.25
EPS Growth Rate
(Future 3Y To 5Y Estimate)
Dividends per Share ($)

Piotroski F-Score Details

Piotroski F-Score: ----
Positive ROAN
Positive CFROAN
Higher ROA yoyN
Lower Leverage yoyN
Higher Current Ratio yoyN
Less Shares Outstanding yoyN
Higher Gross Margin yoyN
Higher Asset Turnover yoyN

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