Macau Legend Development Ltd

HKSE:01680 (Macao)  
HK$ 0.16 (+1.25%) Jun 12
At Loss
Market Cap:
HK$ 1.00B ($ 128.62M)
Enterprise V:
HK$ 3.59B ($ 459.84M)
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At Loss
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Current and historical daily PE Ratio for Macau Legend Development Ltd ( HKSE:01680 ) from 2013 to Jun 12 2024. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the current stock price and dividing it by the most recent trailing twelve-month earnings per share (EPS) number. The data is updated every 20 minutes during market hours. The PE ratio can be viewed as the number of years it takes for the company to earn back the price you pay for the stock. Therefore, lower-P/E stocks are more attractive than higher P/E stocks so long as the PE ratio is positive. Also for stocks with the same PE ratio, the one with faster growth business is more attractive. Macau Legend Development stock (HKSE:01680) PE ratio as of Jun 12 2024 is 0. More Details

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Macau Legend Development Ltd (HKSE:01680) PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data

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Macau Legend Development PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data
Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data
2024-06-12 At Loss 2024-04-05 At Loss
2024-06-11 At Loss 2024-04-03 At Loss
2024-06-07 At Loss 2024-04-02 At Loss
2024-06-06 At Loss 2024-03-28 At Loss
2024-06-05 At Loss 2024-03-27 At Loss
2024-06-04 At Loss 2024-03-26 At Loss
2024-06-03 At Loss 2024-03-25 At Loss
2024-05-31 At Loss 2024-03-22 At Loss
2024-05-30 At Loss 2024-03-21 At Loss
2024-05-29 At Loss 2024-03-20 At Loss
2024-05-28 At Loss 2024-03-19 At Loss
2024-05-27 At Loss 2024-03-18 At Loss
2024-05-24 At Loss 2024-03-15 At Loss
2024-05-23 At Loss 2024-03-14 At Loss
2024-05-22 At Loss 2024-03-13 At Loss
2024-05-21 At Loss 2024-03-12 At Loss
2024-05-20 At Loss 2024-03-11 At Loss
2024-05-17 At Loss 2024-03-08 At Loss
2024-05-16 At Loss 2024-03-07 At Loss
2024-05-14 At Loss 2024-03-06 At Loss
2024-05-13 At Loss 2024-03-05 At Loss
2024-05-10 At Loss 2024-03-04 At Loss
2024-05-09 At Loss 2024-03-01 At Loss
2024-05-08 At Loss 2024-02-29 At Loss
2024-05-07 At Loss 2024-02-28 At Loss
2024-05-06 At Loss 2024-02-27 At Loss
2024-05-03 At Loss 2024-02-26 At Loss
2024-05-02 At Loss 2024-02-23 At Loss
2024-04-30 At Loss 2024-02-22 At Loss
2024-04-29 At Loss 2024-02-21 At Loss
2024-04-26 At Loss 2024-02-20 At Loss
2024-04-25 At Loss 2024-02-19 At Loss
2024-04-24 At Loss 2024-02-16 At Loss
2024-04-23 At Loss 2024-02-15 At Loss
2024-04-22 At Loss 2024-02-14 At Loss
2024-04-19 At Loss 2024-02-09 At Loss
2024-04-18 At Loss 2024-02-08 At Loss
2024-04-17 At Loss 2024-02-07 At Loss
2024-04-16 At Loss 2024-02-06 At Loss
2024-04-15 At Loss 2024-02-05 At Loss
2024-04-12 At Loss 2024-02-02 At Loss
2024-04-11 At Loss 2024-02-01 At Loss
2024-04-10 At Loss 2024-01-31 At Loss
2024-04-09 At Loss 2024-01-30 At Loss
2024-04-08 At Loss 2024-01-29 At Loss

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Business Description

Business Description

Macau Legend Development Ltd is an investment holdings company. The company is one of the owners of entertainment and casino gaming facilities in Macau. The company currently has Macau Fisherman's Wharf operated by MFW Investment (MFW), which is a waterfront integrated gaming, hotel, convention and entertainment complex located on the Macau Peninsula. The company's businesses include 1) the provision of gaming services to SJM for the operation of Legend Palace Casino; 2) the operation of casino inside Savan Legend Resorts Hotel and Entertainment Complex in the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR); and 3) the operation of hotels, entertainment and leisure facilities within its properties.