Livforsakringsbolaget Skandia, Omsesidigt

Livforsakringsbolaget Skandia, Omsesidigt
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Livforsakringsbolaget Skandia, Omsesidigt Profile

Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt is an insurance products and services company based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt was previously known as Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia and changed its name to its current Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt in 2014. The company is a former subsidiary of F√∂rs√§kringsaktiebolaget Skandia, which is an insurance company based out of Stockholm, Sweden that can trace its history back to its founding in 1855. F√∂rs√§kringsaktiebolaget Skandia operates in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, providing a variety of insurance products, liquidity accounts, mortgage loans, mutual funds, asset management, consultancy, banking services, custodian services, online banking services, and a variety of others. Bengt-√Öke Fagerman, who is the acting CEO of Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt, is also currently the CEO and group President of F√∂rs√§kringsaktiebolaget Skandia. Back in 2012, Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt was still a wholly owned subsidiary of F√∂rs√§kringsaktiebolaget Skandia, which is also known as Skandia AB. Skandia AB, was then in turn a subsidiary of Old Mutual PLC, which has placed group wide functions including administration and sales in Skandia AB and, in turn Skandia Liv. Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt would then become acquired in its entirety by the Thule Foundation in 2012. Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt is a limited company that acts as a hybrid company with its articles of association not allowing the company to have distribution of profits. Thule Foundation, which acquired Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt, was actually created by Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt for the sole purpose of acquiring all the shares in Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt, which will in turn allow for the restructure that will allow Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt to acquire Skandia AB and its further subsidiaries. The company acquisition was done for the nominal value of SEK 600,000, which was actually funded by the transfer from Livf√∂rs√§kringsbolaget Skandia, √∂msesidigt. The Thule Foundation focuses on promoting the ‚Äúinterests of the policyholders and other persons entitled to compensation in accordance with the insurance contracts in Skandia Liv and research into long-term saving in Sweden and other related research objectives.‚ÄĚ
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