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CVS, Nordstrom and AMC may present value opportunities as markets decline

The price-book ratio, which is the ratio of a company’s market cap to its net assets, is one measure that investors can use to determine whether or not a stock is fairly valued. In theory, it is what shareholders would receive if the company went bankrupt and its assets were liquidated, though in practice, factors such as intellectual property and lack of buyers for certain assets cannot be factored in.

However, unlike the price-earnings ratio, the price-book value is calculated even during periods when a company experiences a net loss. Thus, companies trading at their historical low price-book ratios can

1772 Views    Margaret Moran    2020-03-27 22:20
Guru stock highlight

Our weaker performers included AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX) (0.9%), which owns and operates cable television networks including the eponymous AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV. Its year to date numbers for September 30 showed only a small increase in revenues, and a decrease in operating income.

From [url=]Mario Gabelli[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url])'s Gabelli Value 25 Fund 2019 annual shareholder letter.

46 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-03-03 17:10
Discussion of markets and holdings

To Our Shareholders,

Enclosed are the financial statements, including the schedule of investments, as of December 31, 2019.For the year ended December 31, 2019, the net asset value (NAV) per Class A Share of The Gabelli Value 25 Fund Inc. increased 17.8% compared with increases of 31.5% and 25.3% for the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, respectively. Other classes of shares are available. See page 4 for performance information for all classes of shares.

Performance Discussion (Unaudited)

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide long term capital appreciation. The Fund’s investment

67 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-03-03 17:01
Guru increases stake in newspaper publisher

Omega Advisors leader Leon Cooperman (Trades, Portfolio) disclosed on Thursday that he boosted his stake in Gannett Co. Inc. (GCI) by 22.43%.

At the end of 2018, the guru converted his New York-based hedge fund into a family office structure. In a letter to clients, Cooperman, who is in his 70s, said he decided to make the change because he does not want to spend the rest of his life “chasing the S&P 500 and focused on generating returns on investor capital.” His investment strategy combines a macro view with fundamental valuations.

According to GuruFocus Real-Time

384 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-01-03 16:50
HSBC Holdings, Macerich, AMC Networks and Taubman Centers present possible buying opportunities

HSBC Holdings PLC (HSBC), Macerich Co. (MAC), AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX) and Taubman Centers Inc. (TCO) have declined to their three-year lows.

HSBC Holdings declined to $37.01

The price of HSBC Holdings shares declined to $37.01 on Nov. 15, which is only 4.5% above the three-year low of $35.36.

HSBC Holdings is a British international financial services holding company. As of December 2018, it is the largest bank in Europe with total assets of $2.558 trillion. The company has around 3,900 offices in 67 countries across the globe and around 38 million customers. The company is also a component of

87 Views    Shuda Xia    2019-11-17 01:25
AMC Networks and The Michaels Companies disappoint their shareholders

AMC Networks

AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX) and The Michaels Companies, Inc. (MIK) have disappointed their shareholders, underperforming the market by wide margins over the past several years and never paying any dividends.

Furthermore, analysts on Wall Street have issued issued a moderate sell recommendation rating for these companies, which doesn’t encourage maintaining any current holdings of them. Thus, investors may want to consider easing their holdings.

Shares of AMC Networks have fallen 28.5% so far this year, 34.6% over the last 52 weeks and 37% over the last five years through Wednesday. The company has underperformed the

62 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2019-11-14 16:00
Guru adds to position in media and publishing company

Omega Advisors leader Leon Cooperman (Trades, Portfolio) disclosed on Wednesday he boosted his New Media Investment Group Inc. (NEWM) stake by 59.16%.

The guru’s New York-based hedge fund was converted into a family office structure at the end of 2018. In a letter to clients, Cooperman said he decided to make the change because he does not want to spend the rest of his life “chasing the Standard & Poor’s 500 index and generating returns on invested capital.” His investing strategy combines a macro view with fundamental valuations.

According to GuruFocus Real-Time Picks, a Premium feature,

275 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2019-07-25 16:17
Trading at a 5-year low is hard to believe on this one

It’s easy to understand why investors would want to stay away from this company’s stock. AMC Networks (AMCX) has opened the year down 4% versus the S&P 500’s strong 16% rise. In fact, over the last five years, even though the cable and entertainment network produced gains of 33% on the top line and 65% on the bottom, its stock lost more than 8% while the overall market is up over 50%.


That said, the company continues to be undervalued by the market. Despite the latest earnings report coming in strong with the company beating

407 Views    Jonathan Poland    2019-05-15 16:04
Guru's largest sales of the 4th quarter

Leon Cooperman's (Trades, Portfolio) Omega Advisors sold shares of the following stocks during the fourth quarter.

The guru sold 55.68% of his United Continental Holdings Inc. (UAL) holding. The trade had an impact of -5.62% on the portfolio.


The company, which is engaged in transporting people and cargo, has a market cap of $24.11 billion and an enterprise value of $34.89 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 8 out of 10. While the return on equity of 23.53% is outperforming the sector,

102 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2019-02-25 16:40
AMC Networks tops the list

The following stocks have low price-earnings ratios and have been bought by gurus. While some of them are great investments, others need to be checked again, according to the discounted cash flow calculator.

With a market cap of $3.2 billion, AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX) is trading with a price-earnings ratio of 6.59, a price-sales ratio of 1.16 and a forward price-earnings ratio of 6.53. According to the DCF calculator, the stock has a fair value of $91.82 while trading at $56.57. The stock price has not changed over the last 12 months and is currently 18.04% below its 52-week

95 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-12-17 20:32
Cooperman's firm returning outside money following SEC fines

Leon Cooperman (Trades, Portfolio)’s Omega Advisors established three holdings in the third quarter as it converts to a family office, filings showed.

The firm, which plans to return all outside investor capital by the end of the year, chopped 38 positions from its portfolio. Cooperman made the decision to close his hedge fund where he is chairman and CEO earlier in the year, saying in a client letter, “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life chasing the S&P 500.”

The investor faced $4.95 million in fines from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for

721 Views    Holly LaFon    2018-11-29 21:30
The guru investor at Omega Advisors has close to 6% of his portfolio wrapped up in the stock

AMC Networks (AMCX) is in the right spot to benefit from a shift in digital content delivery with AMC Premiere and partnerships with applications that solicit consumers with cord cutting.

AMC Networks is an important cornerstone to many digital applications that show live television. Providers like Sling, FuboTV, YouTube and Playstation Vue all list AMC on their basic channel lineup. Thus, even if consumers switch from Sling to YouTube because one offers a better deal, AMC's content will still be consumed.

The company has also made a strong play to build its own subscribership with AMC Premiere, which is currently

114 Views    Jonathan Poland    2018-10-23 16:07
One year later and the stock is flat, but the company continues to grow

Last August, I called for AMC Networks (AMCX) to double by 2021. Nothing has changed. Investors who haven’t been building a position in the stock over the last year can still get in at the same price. Since last year, the stock has gone down to the mid-$40s, back up to the mid-$60s, and has settled just above $60.

The stock is clearly undervalued. While the company has almost doubled its sales and profit over the last five years, it now trades below its historical price multiples across the board. It’s an incredible business, generating north of $500 million

51 Views    Jonathan Poland    2018-07-30 16:56
Penske Automotive tops the list

Several gurus are focusing on stocks whose Peter Lynch fair values are far above the current prices, according to the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener. The following stocks are trading with wide margins of safety and have positive performance over the past 12 months.

Penske Automotive Group Inc. (PAG) is trading around $49.24 per share. The Peter Lynch value gives the stock a fair price of $103.87, which suggests it is undervalued with a 54% margin of safety. The stock started its positive upward trend three months ago; it now registers a positive performance of 12.3%.


220 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-07-06 15:10
The guru boosted several positions in the 4th quarter

Leon Cooperman (Trades, Portfolio), the founder and chairman of Omega Advisors, added to many positions in the fourth quarter.

The guru boosted his position in AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX) by 113.15%, expanding the portfolio by 3.1%.


The company owns several cable networks, including AMC, WE tv and BBC America. It has a market cap of $3.31 billion and an enterprise value of $5.91 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 8 out of 10. The return on equity (ROE) of 879.71% and return on assets

108 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-02-28 20:29
Company was also hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging it misled investors

AMC Networks Inc.'s (AMCX) stock fell 1.8% from $53.46 on Monday to $52.56 on Thursday after being downgraded from neutral to negative by Markit on Jan. 30.

The company also received backlash after an actor died on the set of "The Walking Dead" in July 2017, suffering from injuries sustained from a 22-foot fall. The mother of John Bernecker, the stuntman who died, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in January. She claims the network cut corners and provided an unreasonably low budget

101 Views    Jacob Maslow    2018-02-02 14:50
Seeing original programming as the future, company increases content budget

Netflix Inc. (NFLX) reported its third-quarter earnings last week, beating subscriber growth expectations. The company added 5.3 million subscribers during the quarter compared to the consensus of 4.5 million. While Wall Street is fixated on the subscriber growth, the latest earnings report sheds light on several concerns.

First, Netflix is evolving into a content company. This puts pressure on the financing needs as well as margins. Second, entering digital distribution is not very difficult, which is paving the way for new streaming players. This will result in content being offered though several platforms, pressurizing Netflix's distribution moat.

The company acknowledges

158 Views    Soid Ahmad    2017-10-23 21:52
Goldman Sachs, Travelers among companies increasing in profitability

According to GuruFocus' All-In-One Screener, the following companies have boosted their revenues and earnings over the past several years.

AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX) has a five-year annual revenue growth rate of 20% and a five-year annual earnings per share (EPS) growth rate of 21%. The stock is trading with a price-earnings (P/E) ratio of 11.9 and has a negative six-month return of 5.1%.


The media company has a market cap of $3.53 billion and enterprise value of $6.12 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 7 out of 10. The

241 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2017-10-19 18:31
The focus on content and digital along with cheap valuation makes the company a decent pick for value-oriented portfolios

The general perception about media companies is that their fates are tied to the traditional, or linear, TV. This sentiment is not accurate. Not all media companies are affected by the linear TV industry. On the distribution side, companies will face headwinds when linear TV goes south, but content creators and networks can simply adjust their distribution strategy.

The point of mentioning all this is that this perception is keeping the price of some good media networks in check, which creates several decent value opportunities in the space. AMC Networks (AMCX) is among the media companies that are trading on

181 Views    Soid Ahmad    2017-10-10 18:47
An ad-free premium access option is being beta tested

AMC Networks Inc. (AMCX) was founded in 1980, is headquartered in New York and owns AMC, WEtv, BBC AMERICA, IFC and SundanceTV. Home of critically acclaimed television shows like "The Walking Dead," "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men," AMC Networks can continue to grow for a long time, barring a major misstep.

There’s an entire roster of guru investors in AMC Networks but nothing over 2% of AUM with Leon Cooperman (Trades, Portfolio) and Murray Stahl (Trades, Portfolio) having the largest positions.

There are a few things

170 Views    Jonathan Poland    2017-08-31 16:03

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