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An overview of the biggest players in the market

There are a few thousand stocks in the U.S., but a big part of the market value, the trading volume – in short, the action – is in the largest 20. Here are my ratings on the largest 20 stocks.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) (market value $1.92 trillion), buy. Apple has $33 billion in cash, $100 billion in investments, a 21% earnings growth rate over the past 10 years and a loyal following who depend on its iPhones.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) ($1.57 trillion), sell. Microsoft's 10-year earnings growth rate is 7.7% a year, which is nice but not good enough to

202 Views    John Dorfman    2020-09-28 14:00
S&P 500 gains 0.30%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 26,815.44 on Thursday with a gain of 52.31 points or 0.20%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,246.59 for a gain of 9.67 points or 0.30%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 10,672.27 for a gain of 39.28 points or 0.37%. The VIX Volatility Index was higher at 28.51 for a loss of 0.070 points or -0.24%.

Thursday's market movers

U.S. indexes rebounded from Wednesday's closing losses to finish just slightly higher for the day. Gains were led by utilities and semiconductors. The Nasdaq Biotech Index was down 1.05%. The White House said it may

50 Views    Julie Young    2020-09-24 21:49
Walmart on the list

According to the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener as of Sept. 24, the following companies are popular among gurus.


Walmart Inc. (WMT) has a market cap of $392.94 billion. Its revenue of $542 billion has increased 2.30% over the past 10 years.

The retailer is held by 13 gurus, including Bill Gates (Trades, Portfolio)' foundation with 0.41% of outstanding shares, Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio) with 0.39% and Jim Simons (Trades, Portfolio)' Renaissance Technologies with 0.27%.


As of Sept. 24, the stock was trading with

137 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2020-09-24 15:04
Nasdaq down -3.02%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 26,763.13 on Wednesday with a loss of 525.05 points or -1.92%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,236.92 for a loss of 78.65 points or -2.37%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 10,632.99 for a loss of 330.65 points or -3.02%. The VIX Volatility Index was higher at 28.58 for a gain of 1.72 points or 6.40%.

Wednesday's Market Movers

U.S. indexes ended lower Wednesday after beating a four-day selloff in the previous day's trading. Investors were wary of any more economic stimulus from the government after the House passed a spending bill that would

31 Views    Julie Young    2020-09-24 13:51
Easy control of satellites is in higher demand than ever, and Microsoft seeks to deliver

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) unveiled its plan to offer a new service called Azure Orbital, which will connect the satellites of customers to its cloud computing network.

This kind of service, called "ground station as a service," aims to rent ground station capacity to satellite owners who do not have the resources to build their own ground station networks around the world. Even a single ground station is a costly venture, and in order for a satellite to provide top-quality data services to clients, the company needs access to quite a few of them around the globe.

269 Views    Margaret Moran    2020-09-23 22:24
4 more categories of exceptional investments

After Mohnish Pabrai (Trades, Portfolio) found an old and forgotten stock certificate of an Indian company, he discovered that in the 21 years since he invested in it, it had gone up 60 times. This prompted him to identify the characteristics that define truly exceptional investments that have the potential to grow to such an extent.

In the first part of this short series, we looked at the first category - businesses with strong tailwinds. These are the types of companies beloved by Warren Buffett (Trades Mohnish Pabrai

252 Views    Stepan Lavrouk    2020-09-23 20:23
Nasdaq gains 1.71%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 27,288.18 on Tuesday with a gain of 140.48 points or 0.52%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,315.57 for a gain of 34.51 points or 1.05%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 10,963.64 for a gain of 184.84 points or 1.71%. The VIX Volatility Index was lower at 26.86 for a loss of 0.92 points or 3.31%.

Tuesday's Market Movers

U.S. indexes gained after a four-day selloff. Consumer discretionary led gains for the day by sectors. The Nasdaq Biotech Index gained 0.84%, led by Blueprint Medicines Corp. (BPMC), which was up 13.03%.

Stock highlights for

41 Views    Julie Young    2020-09-23 13:57
An interesting contrast was drawn between Lennar's earnings call and statistics on revenue per employee at Apple

An interesting contrast was drawn on Sept. 15, 2020 between Lennar Corp.'s (LEN) earnings call and statistics on revenue per employee at Apple Inc. (AAPL). Lennar described strong growth out into the future in a measured way because they believe that the prior decade created a home supply deficit due to underbuilding. The same week, Bloomberg writer John Authors reported Apple was running $15 million of revenue per employee, a truly astounding number. According to the article, Apple's market cap exceeds the entire FTSE 100 Index in London. What would macroeconomics say about the value of these two very profitable

436 Views    Smead Capital Management    2020-09-22 18:31
The slow-growing cloud provider could consolidate its edge over larger competitors

Oracle Corp. (ORCL) is a multinational software company that sells database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products. It is part of the S&P 500 and, as of Sept. 21, it trades with a market cap of $181.75 billion.

From this description alone, one might think the stock would command a sky-high valuation as investors pile an increasing amount of money into the stock market in general and tech stocks in particular. However, Oracle's price-earnings ratio stands at 19.01, which is only a little higher than its 10-year median price-earnings ratio of 18.21 and significantly below the

267 Views    Margaret Moran    2020-09-21 22:00
Billionaire guru adds to stakes in dining and entertainment venue and a biotech company

Point72 Asset Management leader Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio) revealed late last week his firm upped its stake in Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc. (PLAY) by 354.76% and increased its Fulcrum Therapeutics Inc. (FULC) position by 430.12%.

With the goal of generating superior risk-adjusted returns, the guru's Stamford, Connecticut-based firm invests in a wide range of asset classes worldwide. Its long-short strategy is based on bottom-up research processes focusing on fundamentals and macroeconomic conditions.

Dave & Buster's Entertainment

According to GuruFocus Real-Time Picks, a Premium feature, Cohen invested in an additional 2.7 million shares of Dave &

234 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-09-21 17:02
Nasdaq gains 1.21%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 27,995.60 on Tuesday with a gain of 2.27 points or 0.01%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,401.20 for a gain of 17.66 points or 0.52%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 11,190.32 for a gain of 133.67 points or 1.21%. The VIX Volatility Index was lower at 25.59 for a loss of 0.26 points or -1.01%.

Tuesday's market movers

The major U.S. indexes all closed higher again Tuesday, led by technology. Both semiconductors and biotech led the tech gains.

Stock highlights included:

  • Square (SQ) reported a gain of 8% after news of payroll
115 Views    Julie Young    2020-09-15 21:29
A research note from Tweedy, Browne explains why dividend investing can be so powerful

The percentage of companies paying dividends to their investors has steadily fallen over the last few decades as management teams have increasingly opted to use share buyback mechanisms to return capital to shareholders.

Nonetheless, there are still many businesses that pay dividends, and income investing still has many adherents. A research note from investment firm Tweedy, Browne published back in 2007 explains why investing for dividends can be such a good strategy.

A powerful factor

Tweedy, Browne's basic thesis is that returns from dividend payments have historically comprised a very large proportion of the total returns

56 Views    Stepan Lavrouk    2020-09-15 17:00
In times of uncertainty, it is best to stick to what you know

Investors currently have to deal with one of the most unusual market environments in history. The coronavirus outbreak has devastated the global economy. As the outbreak proceeds to rumble on, it seems as if many businesses and economies will continue to struggle.

However, this devastation and uncertainty is not currently reflected in asset prices. On some metrics, the S&P 500 is now more expensive than it has ever been.

Tech outperforms

Tech stocks have driven the index's performance. The ten largest companies in the index have accounted for virtually all of its performance this year. These are all in the

105 Views    Rupert Hargreaves    2020-09-15 16:39
I see very few chief executives stepping up to buy their own stock this summer, but I see scads of sellers

I see very few chief executives stepping up to buy their own stock this summer, but I see scads of sellers.

Corporate chieftains usually talk bullishly about their companies' prospects. But if they're selling some of their shares, it's worth thinking twice.

Of course, there are many reasons to sell. The biggest reason is to avoid being totally reliant on one stock. An executive may also be buying a home, getting divorced or sending a kid to college.

But no matter how you slice it, insider selling isn't a bullish sign. If the boss is lightening up, maybe you should

300 Views    John Dorfman    2020-09-15 14:04
Boston-based Amwell has hosted nearly 3 million digital visits in first half of 2020

If an organization is judged by the company it keeps, Boston-based Amwell should be held in high regard. The telehealth specialist, backed by the likes of Anthem Inc. (ANTM), Jefferson Health System, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TAK) and Alphabet Inc.'s Google (GOOG) (GOOGL), plans to go public soon, possibly before September is out.

Google's cloud division is making the biggest bet of around $100 million on Amwell, formerly known as American Well. Its investment will be a simultaneous private placement at the IPO price, according to CNBC.

As part of the collaboration with Google, Amwell will shift parts

192 Views    Barry Cohen    2020-09-14 22:09
The guru's investment in Snowflake IPO comes as a surprising move for many investors

Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio), arguably the most successful investor the world has ever seen, has never been fond of initial public offerings. During an interview with CNBC in 2018, Buffett said:

"In 54 years, I don't think Berkshire has ever bought a new issue. The idea of saying the best place in the world I could put my money is something where all the selling incentives are there, commissions are higher, the animal spirits are rising, that that's going to be better than 1,000 other things I could buy where there is no

725 Views    Dilantha De Silva    2020-09-13 15:49
Point72 asset management is upping its stake in the children's apparel company

Steven Cohen (Trades, Portfolio)'s Point72 Asset Management recently disclosed that it has increased its investment in Children's Place Inc. (PLCE) by 53.29%.

Point72 is a hedge fund that was formed in 2014 when SAC Capital Advisors converted its investment operations into a family office. In 2018, the firm reopened to external investors. Point72 invests via a wide range of asset classes and strategies worldwide. Its long-short investing strategy is based on bottom-up research with a focus on fundamentals and macroeconomic conditions. Cohen serves as the president, CEO and chairman of the firm.

According to GuruFocus Real-Time

430 Views    Margaret Moran    2020-09-10 20:13
The ratio indicates whether or not the company makes efficient and effective use of its resources

When a company's return on equity (ROE) ratio outperforms its industry median, it usually implies the company has been better than many of its competitors in terms of generating profits.

Thus, investors may be interested in the following stocks, as they are outperforming most of their competitors in terms of a better ROE ratio. Inc

The first stock to consider is Inc (AMZN), a Seattle, Washington-based online retail giant. Inc has a ROE ratio of 21.22%, outperforming the industry median of 2.94% tremendously, as it ranks higher than 877 out of 977 companies operating in its

74 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2020-09-09 15:36
Guru stock highlight

No portfolio holding has benefited more than Amazon (AMZN), which continues to be among the most capable and best-managed companies we have ever owned. However, the fact that the shares have surged more than 70% through this tumultuous period reduces our earnings yield and margin of safety. While we continue to own a significant position in this fine company, we have taken advantage of this upward volatility to reduce the number of shares we own.

From [url=]Chris Davis[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url])' Davis New York Venture Fund fall 2020 review.

84 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-09-08 19:47
Investing in technology has been a lucrative strategy over the past two decades

Investing in technology, including the likes of the FAANG stocks (Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), Google (GOOGL)) has been a lucrative strategy over the last two decades, especially since the end of the bursting dot-com technology bubble in 2002. From the bottom in 2002 through the end of August 2020, the technology-heavy Nasdaq index has returned a staggering 959%.

Although not as dramatic, this year's rebound in stock prices since the March peak of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has been fierce. You may not have heard of stay-at-home and Covid-19-related stocks like Teladoc (TDOC), DocuSign (DOCU), and

198 Views    Wade W. Slome, CFA, CFP    2020-09-02 16:20

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