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Alpha Pro Tech Ltd $ 11.93 0.16 (1.35%)

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162.25 Mil
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140.04 Mil
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Fintech is a growing industry with plenty of opportunities for investors

The global fintech industry is a booming one with incredible potential investment opportunities. As smartphone and other mobile device use skyrockets, more and more consumers are demanding technology-driven options for the management of their finances. As a result, some experts expect that the fintech industry could grow to be worth more than $300 billion over the next few years.

While the industry holds tremendous potential value, tapping into that value is going to take making the right investments in the space. Here are the fintech plays that I’m watching most closely.

Square (SQ): embracing

347 Views    Joshua Rodriguez    2019-07-08 16:39

In the last week we have witnessed a few low-float stocks become Ebola speculation targets as the first confirmed case in the U.S. was announced on Sept. 30. It is fascinating to watch these narratives unfold and low-float momentum plays be ignited as pools of capital cohesively and strategically buy-in. Understanding how the market operates, how media cycles affect expectations and how market participants influence each other asymmetrically are key characteristic of understanding the manic-depressive nature of Mr. Market.

First you may be asking what in the world is a Troika. It is a harness used for three

1261 Views    Tannor Pilatzke    2014-10-16 19:30
Last week I discussed Lakeland Industries, Inc (LAKE) [url=]here[/url], a company that manufacturers and markets disposable safety garments and accessories. I have also come across Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd (APT) which operates in the same space and is also a microcap (Market Cap around $40m). I was initially attracted to the company by its lack of debt, low P/E (7.3x ex-cash), share repurchase program and low price in relation to NCAV. It wasn’t until I found this note in its recent 10-Q that I gave up investigating further: [quote]The Chief Executive Officer and President are each entitled to a bonus
1608 Views    voisin    2011-02-11 13:57
Alpha Pro Tech LTD ([url=]APT[/url]) is a Canadian micro-cap company offering products in three different operating segments: Protective Apparel, Building Supply, and Infection Control. The stock is down almost 70% from a high of over $7 back in October 2009. APT saw significant increase in sales due to the outbreak and threat of the H1N1 flu virus, as it increased demand substantially for the company’s protective gear. In 2010, comparable numbers are off significantly as the H1N1 threat has abated – the market has punished the stock despite a solid balance sheet and continuing profitability. This is a great example
1867 Views    asues    2010-09-20 01:26

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2020-11-13 $ 13.41 (-3.32%)
2020-10-01 $ 15.27 (3.32%)
2020-08-19 $ 16.85 (2.25%)
2020-08-04 $ 20.05 (-19.35%)
2020-05-15 $ 14.97 (-8.44%)
2020-04-20 $ 13.92 (4.82%)
2020-04-02 $ 14.63 (-14.94%)
2020-03-03 $ 19.19 (19.94%)
2019-12-24 $ 3.4 (-1.16%)
2018-06-22 $ 3.4 (1.49%)
2014-10-16 $ 6.83 (-18.4%)
2011-02-11 $ 1.59 (1.92%)
2009-11-03 $ 6.6 (1.23%)
2009-09-14 $ 5.6 (-1.93%)
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