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Coca-Cola HBC AG $ 25.58 0.83 (3.35%)

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9.32 Bil
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11.48 Bil
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If world markets take it on the chin in the coming weeks, I would consider it an intermediate-term buying opportunity – for some sectors. If Europe, in particular, is hit hard enough to provide great opportunities, we’ll be at least selective buyers. If we can buy cheaply enough, I’m OK holding even if we didn’t get the lows. We buy in a range of value; we aren’t trying to get the exact low!

One possibility many are considering is the Global X FTSE Greece ETF (GREK). Let them. Me? I won’t touch it. Yes, it closed cheap on Thursday

455 Views    Joseph L Shaefer    2015-07-29 18:33
[url=http://www.scribd.com/doc/117181494/CCH-Thesis-Dec-12]CCH Thesis (Dec-12)[/url] Investment thesis for Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A. (CCH):
378 Views    CanadianValue    2012-12-18 21:36
The market is breathing a rather massive sigh of relief this week as it appeared that Greece would not be defaulting and that the global financial system would not be melting down after all — or at least not at the moment. Hopes are high that Europe’s political class is finally taking the debt situation seriously and that a deal is in the works that will prop up the Continent’s banking system in the event of a sovereign default.
Guys, I’m good for the loan… really!
Investors are confident that new Greek austerity measures will pass the Greek parliament and
1810 Views    Charles Sizemore    2011-09-27 17:56

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