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Morgan Stanley on the list

According to the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener as of June 23, the following guru-held companies have high dividend yields and are trading with low price-earnings ratios.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's (MS) dividend yield is 2.98% and the payout ratio is 0.28. Over the past 52 weeks, the stock price has increased 8.96%. Shares are trading with a price-book ratio of 0.95 and a price-earnings ratio of 9.76. The company’s average yield was 1.46% over the past 10 years.

The investment bank has a market cap of $73.95 billion. While the return on equity of 9.42% is outperforming the sector,

183 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2020-06-23 15:57
Micron Technology tops the list

Investors may be interested in the following large caps as they appear to be undervalued as of Friday, Jan. 3.

These publicly traded stocks have a market capitalization of more than $10 billion, a trailing 12-month price-earnings ratio of less than 20 and a price-earnings to growth ratio (PEG ratio) of less than 1.

In addition to cheap market valuations, they have robust financial conditions, which reduce the risk of falling into distressed situations to extremely low levels, and their operations are highly profitable.

Sell-side analysts on Wall Street issued an overweight recommendation rating, underpinning expectations for stocks that will

285 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2020-01-05 23:11
Electronic Arts tops the list

Several gurus are focusing on stocks whose Peter Lynch fair values are above their current prices, according to the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener. As of Monday, the following companies are trading with wide margins of safety and have had positive performances over the last 12 months.

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is trading around $96.76 per share. The Peter Lynch value gives the stock a fair price of $137.4, which suggests it is undervalued with a 30% margin of safety. Over the past three months, the stock has registered a positive performance of 7.87%.



146 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2019-10-21 18:46
A global leader in making building materials is selling at a discount

Sometimes, the market makes mistakes. Okay, more often than not, on a long-term basis, it makes a lot of mistakes. With CRH PLC (CRH) it's making a big mistake by continuing to discount the stock. CRH is an Irish manufacturer and distributor of a broad range building materials products and while construction materials remain a fundamental building blocks of our society, CRH is likely to continue growing, despite the short-term hiccup.


The stock has hit some snags this year. From its June high the stock has lost one-third of its value, primarily due

126 Views    Jonathan Poland    2018-12-19 17:27
The Italian cement manufacturer has high profit margins and the stock is cheap on a price-earnings basis

Italian cement manufacturer Buzzi Unicem (BZZUF) (BZZUY) has been sold off with worries that Italy will quit the European Union. The company receives much of its profits from the U.S. and trades cheaply on a price-earnings basis. Buzzi looks interesting and the stock is down since January.

The stock trades for 20.75 euros ($24.16), there are 219.5 million shares and the market cap is 4.5 billion euros ($5.3 billion). Earnings per share were 1.77 euros last year and the price-earnings ratio is 11.7. The dividend is 0.12 euros and the dividend yield is 0.57%. The stock looks cheap on

52 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2018-06-27 19:42
Pharmaceuticals, which have reported gains so far, keep the value investment firm busy even after the retirement of its founder

Brandes Investment, the firm established by Charles Brandes (Trades, Portfolio), established seven new positions in the first quarter.

In total, the asset management firm held 138 positions in a portfolio valued at $4 billion for a quarter-over-quarter turnover of 4%.

Brandes resigned from the firm in the first quarter in the wake of controversies over a bitter divorce. But the work at the firm continues. A disciple of Benjamin Graham, the value investor taught his partnership team to apply value investing to all portfolios. The asset managefment firm seeks to purchase out-of-favor securities that are trading at

541 Views    Yamil Berard    2018-06-04 21:44
As the largest manufacturer of bricks in the UK, the company has high profit margins. New plants are difficult to build due to environmental regulations

Ibstock PLC (IBJHF) (LSE:IBST) is the largest manufacturer of bricks in the United Kingdom and receives 20% of its revenues from the U.S. The company is very profitable and holds a small monopoly as it is difficult to build new plants because of environmental regulations.

The stock trades for 3 pounds ($4.21), there are 406.42 million shares and the market cap is 1.219 billion pounds. Earnings per share were 18.1 pence and the price-earnings ratio is 16.57. The dividend is 9.1 pence and the dividend yield is 3%. So far, seems like a pretty decent valuation.

Revenue for

112 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2018-04-20 19:01
The guru's largest 4th quarter trades

Charles Brandes (Trades, Portfolio) is the chairman of Brandes Investment Partners. He started the company in 1974. He manages multiple portfolios including U.S. equity and Global Equity. During the fourth quarter the guru traded shares in the following stocks:

The investor raised his stake in McKesson Corp. (MCK) by 1,796.26% with an impact of 2.08% on the portfolio.

The company distributes pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and health care information technology that make health care safer while reducing costs.

GuruFocus gives the stock a profitability and growth rating of 8 out of 10. While the return on

260 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2017-03-27 20:24
'Brexit' was not a crisis. Turkey is not a crisis. When is a crisis a crisis -- and when is it an opportunity?

"Brexit" was not a crisis. Turkey is not a crisis. It could become one, although that would occur based on what is happening since the coup, not the coup itself. (More on this below.)

A crisis, from an investment standpoint, is a series of events that lead to continuing hardship for a large percentage of the population, typically contiguous to or immediately followed by recession (or worse) that continues for some time. A plague, famine, warfare in the homeland, ubiquitous Islamist terrorism - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse stuff - now those are crises.

World war, pandemics, civil war

684 Views    Joseph L Shaefer    2016-07-20 22:35
In crisis there is always opportunity, and here are 2 ways to profit from what is likely to follow

In a number of discussions with clients and colleagues, I stated my belief that Brexit would carry the day and, indeed, if I were a Brit, that's how I would have voted.

We need to remember that the primary raison d'etre for the formation of what we today call the EU was not based on economic issues but rather security issues. After two world wars tore apart the infrastructure of European nations and left permanent scars upon its populace, those still alive swore they must never again allow their bickering to reach the point of open conflict.

The Brexit and

1537 Views    Joseph L Shaefer    2016-06-27 18:30
Guru's acquisitions of stakes in Capital One, Kia Motors among his most valuable

Bernard Horn (Trades, Portfolio)’s Polaris Global Value Fund looks for undervalued stocks in which to invest. The Fund has been pretty good at it, too, producing returns of nearly 37% in 2013 and 21% the year before.

Horn’s most noteworthy transaction of the second quarter was his sale of his 49,916-share stake in Meiji Holdings Co. Ltd. (TSE:2269), a Tokyo-based confectionary company, for an average price of ¥123.67 (about $1.03 in U.S. currency) per share. The sale had a -2.08% impact on Horn’s portfolio.

Meiji Holdings has a market cap of $1.25 trillion and an enterprise value

1392 Views    David Goodloe    2015-09-22 21:28

See the video here.

Read the transcript below.

Tom Dugan: So Dana, let’s discuss fixed income markets in the first half of 2015, particularly the factors that influenced returns that bonds generated over this time period. And secondary of interest, particularly among our clientele and other market participants, is interest rates generally as well as the state of credit markets, which have been quite dynamic lately. So how would you characterize fixed income markets over the course of the first half?

Dana Emery: The first half of 2015 was a tough environment for fixed income as interest rates rose

1034 Views    Holly LaFon    2015-08-24 22:26

Holcim Ltd. (HCMLY) and Lafarge Coppee (LFRGY) have decided to go ahead with their plans of merging to become the world's biggest cement manufacturer, though merger plans were stalled awhile ago. The companies had last-ditch talks as investors did not favor the deal, citing unfavorable financial returns. Both the companies had faced regulatory obstacles, but now that the merger is happening, more management and financial issues are popping up.

Management reshuffle

The main question now is: Who will become the new CEO of the merged company? Rumors are rife that a Lafarge executive will be given the opportunity to fill

584 Views    Business Reports    2015-03-23 15:48
Dividend-paying stocks are one of my most wanted stocks. If they have a long payment history, my trust into future dividend increasing and stable payouts is much higher as for stocks with a irregular payment history. Today, I like to focus on dividend stocks from the industrial sector. Out there are many industrial goods companies with a buy or better rating and most of them also pay good dividends. I like to screen the [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.de/2012/11/the-20-best-dividend-paying-stocks-from.html]20 best yielding stocks[/url] from the sector with a higher market capitalization (over USD2 billion). Below the results are many well known industrials like Lockheed Martin,
1763 Views    Dividend    2012-11-16 15:54
It’s very important to know what yields are traded within a sector or industry in order to compare risks and premiums. I made a screen of the best yielding large capitalized industrial goods stocks. 28 companies from the sector have a market capitalization over USD10 billion of which 27 pay dividends and [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.de/2012/05/best-yielding-large-capitalized_16.html]17 have a yield of more than 2 percent[/url]. Below the results are no high yields. The best yielding stock is the cement producer CRH (CRH) with a yield of 4.79 percent. The aerospace and defense industry is the most represented industry within the screen. [b]Here are my
768 Views    Dividend    2012-05-16 14:28
Here is a current sheet of America’s cheapest large caps with the highest expected growth for the upcoming fiscal years. Stocks from the sheet have a market capitalization of more than USD10 billion and earnings per share are expected to grow for at least 20% over the next half decade. Despite the strong growth, they still have a P/E ratio of less than 20 and a P/S ratio of less than 2. [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.de/2012/04/cheapest-large-caps-with-highest.html]Twelve stocks[/url] fulfilled these ,of which nine pay dividends. Ten of the results are recommended to buy. The highest yielding stocks is the steel and iron company Arcelor
1035 Views    Dividend    2012-04-23 16:19
Recently, I screened several sectors by the best-yielding stocks with highest growth. Links to the research results can be found below. The only sector we lack is the industrial goods sector, a part of the financial market with a total market capitalization of USD56.9 trillion, served by 350 companies. Here is a final sheet of the best-yielding industrial stocks with highest expected earnings per share growth for the next five years (at least 10 percent). In total, there are 198 companies with such an impressive growth but only [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.com/2012/02/9-fastest-growing-industrial-stocks.html]nine of them[/url] have a dividend yield of more than 3 percent.
758 Views    Dividend    2012-02-16 15:36
Here is a current table of stocks with a market capitalization of more than USD2 billion (mid-capitalized stocks), a dividend yield above 5% (high yield) as well as an expected annual earnings per share growth of more than 20% for the next five years. Exactly [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.com/2011/11/10-midcap-high-yields-with-highest.html]10 companies[/url] fulfilled these criteria of which three are large capitalized. [b]Here are the 3 top dividend stocks by market capitalization:[/b] [b]HSBC Holdings (HBC) [/b]has a market capitalization of $128.36 billion. The company employs 295,995 people, generates revenues of $58,345 million and has a net income of $14,191 million. The firm’s earnings before interest, taxes,
709 Views    Dividend    2011-11-28 15:48
Here is a current sheet of dividend stocks from the industrial goods sector with a market capitalization of more than USD 300 million as well as a market capitalization that is under the accounted book value. [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.com/2011/11/10-industrial-goods-stocks-for-less.html]10 stocks[/url] fulfilled these criteria of which four are high yields with a dividend yield of more than 5%. [b]Here are the two top dividend stocks by market capitalization:[/b] [b]1. [/b][b]CRH PLC [/b][b]([/b][b]CRH[/b][b]) [/b]has[b] [/b]a market capitalization of $12.68 billion. The company employs 76,418 people, generates revenues of $23,394.86 million and has a net income of $598.05 million. The firm’s earnings before interest, taxes,
526 Views    Dividend    2011-11-16 16:23
Cheapest Large Capitalized Stocks With Highest Earnings Per Share Growth By [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.com/]Dividend Yield – Stock, Capital, Investment[/url]. Here is a current sheet of America’s cheapest Large Caps that have the highest expected growth for fiscal 2012. Stocks from the sheet have a market capitalization of more than USD 10 billion and an expected earnings per share growth of at least 20 percent for the next year but have a price to earnings ratio of less than 20 and a price to sales ratios of less than 2.The list is sorted by dividend yield. 27 stocks fulfilled these criteria of which
618 Views    Dividend    2011-10-23 15:43

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