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The outlook for the business remains strong, but the stock is pricey

Shares of Digital Realty Trust (DLR) are down more than 9% over the last month, but have gained more than 31% since the last time I looked at the stock.

The real estate investment trust reported solid earnings results at the end of July. In this article, we will attempt to determine if investors should use the recent weakness to add Digital Realty to their portfolio.

Quarterly highlights

Digital Realty, which is one of the largest publicly traded technology focused REITs, reported second quarter earnings results on July 30. The company's revenue increased 24% year-over-year to $993 million, which

68 Views    Nathan Parsh    2020-09-09 16:57
American Tower tops the list

According to the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener as of Sept. 3, the following retailers are popular among gurus.

American Tower

American Tower Corp. (AMT) has a market cap of $113.77 billion. Its revenue of $7.78 billion has increased 17.20% over the past 10 years.

The company is held by 16 gurus, including Chuck Akre (Trades, Portfolio) with 1.59% of outstanding shares, Ken Fisher (Trades, Portfolio) with 0.40% and Spiros Segalas (Trades, Portfolio) with 0.36%.

As of Sept. 3, the stock was trading with a price-earnings ratio of 59.51. The share

73 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2020-09-03 16:22
Some stocks were able to post impressive performances despite the volatility

When the first quarter of 2020 ended on March 31, the S&P 500 was down 20% year to date on the back of the fear caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak as well as the oil price war between OPEC leader Saudi Arabia and Russia. Over the same period, the Nasdaq Composite declined 14.2% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average posted a return of 23.2%.

Some of the companies within the S&P 500 Index, however, had better luck. According to the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener, a feature for Premium users, stocks that beat the benchmark

613 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-04-03 13:37
After outperforming both the S&P 500 and sector ETF, Digital Realty still has plenty of reasons to move higher

Finding stocks that have traded higher this year in the current environment is difficult. Even after the best week for markets since the 1930s, the S&P 500 is still down nearly 19% year-to-date.

One company that has actually traded higher this year is Digital Realty Trust (DLR). Digital Realty has seen its share price climb 12% so far in 2020, beating both the market index and the iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF (IYR), which has lost almost 25% so far this year.

In fact, Digital Realty has outperformed both indexes over the past five years, returning 101% over this period

294 Views    Nathan Parsh    2020-03-29 16:08
These stocks have an average yield of 3%

According to the GuruFocus All-in-One Screener as of Monday, the following companies have high dividend yields but performed poorly over the past 12 months.

PPL Corp.'s (PPL) dividend yield is 4.79% with a payout ratio of 0.67. Over the last 52 weeks, the stock has risen 11.97%. Shares are trading with a price-book ratio of 2.10 and a price-earnings ratio of 14.


The company, which provides electricity services to customers in the United Kingdom, has a market cap of $24.90 billion and a profitability and growth rating of 7 out of 10. The

132 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2019-12-09 19:43
As of late, 5 companies have managed to achieve 52-week highs

According to GuruFocus list of 52-week highs, these Guru stocks have reached their 52-week highs.

Coca-Cola Co. (KO) reached the 52-week high of $54.41

The Coca-Cola Co. is the largest nonalcoholic beverage company in the world, with over $30 billion in annual revenue. Its portfolio includes a variety of carbonated and noncarbonated brands, including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Minute Maid, Powerade and Dasani. The firm has both concentrate and finished product operations, with concentrate sales contributing roughly half of revenue. Trademark Coca-Cola contributes 45% of unit case volumes worldwide. Coca-Cola generates the majority of its

31 Views    yifan900    2019-08-21 14:48
While Switch is registering growth in data center colocation and connectivity, it is lagging behind the industry and is trading at a rich valuation

Switch Inc. (SWCH), a data center infrastructure company, reported rather disappointing quarterly results last week.

While the company's revenue grew 9.6% from the prior-year quarter to $97.7 million, it missed expectations of $100.6 million. Earnings per share were 2 cents, just shy of the estimates of 4 cents.

During the quarter, Switch secured a colocation deal with an international streaming player. The streaming corporation is planning to use Switch’s North American data centers to host its services. The value of this contract, along with another government contract, exceeds $100 million in incremental revenue. By the end of the first quarter,

66 Views    Soid Ahmad    2018-05-25 19:33
The automaker jumped on strong outlook

U.S. stock markets are set to open high on Tuesday after the Empire State manufacturing fell index to 17.7 in January from 19.6 the previous month. Despite the fall, the index remains in a level which indicates solid growth.

Shares of General Motors Company (GM) traded 2.75% higher in the premarket Tuesday session after the company said it expects 2017 adjusted earnings per share at the high end of its guidance range of $6.00 to $6.50, compared with the consensus estimates of $6.29.

Further, the automaker plans not only to strengthen its North America and China operations but also

79 Views    Omar Venerio    2018-01-16 16:51
Digital Realty will likely announce a new dividend increase this week

(Published Feb. 15 by Bob Ciura)

There is an abundance of data that comes from our devices. Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, that own properties used to store this data—like Digital Realty Trust Inc. (DLR)—have benefited tremendously from our love of the internet.

The stock rose 33% in the past year alone, not including dividends.

Even better, Digital Realty has raised its dividend for 11 years in a row, every year since its 2004 initial public offering.

This makes it a Dividend Achiever, a group of 272 stocks with at least 10 years of consecutive dividend increases.

You can

106 Views    Ben Reynolds    2017-02-15 22:41
Real estate sector returning 6.65%

After Wednesday, S&P will include a new real estate sector for its S&P 500 Index. S&P 500 stocks were previously reported in 10 sectors and real estate investments had been included within the financials sector.

The majority of companies in the new real estate sector will be real estate investment trusts. However, mortgage REITs will continue to remain within the financials sector.

The new sector will provide an increased focus on real estate investments and will provide an added opportunity for investors to capitalize on the recent gains in the housing market. In the financials sector, investors will also have

1526 Views    Julie Young    2016-08-31 20:43
Fund had a disappointing start to the year

Dear Baron Real Estate Fund Shareholder:

The first quarter of 2016 was among the most challenging periods in recent memory. In the first six weeks of the year, the S&P 500 Index fell 10.3%. However, in the second half of the quarter, the market stabilized and recovered all of its losses from the beginning of the year. During this unsettling period, the Baron Real Estate Fund (the "Fund

2856 Views    Cody Eustice    2016-04-30 20:31
Digital Realty has boosted its dividend for more than 10 consecutive years

Digital Realty Trust (DLR) is a fast-growing real estate investment trust (REIT) that has raised its dividend every year since going public in 2004.

While the company is far from having a long enough dividend growth history to quality as a member of the dividend aristocrats list, it has numerous attractive qualities.

Digital Realty is a direct beneficiary of the rapidly growing usage of data by businesses and consumers alike. It powered through the financial crisis and also scores well for dividend safety and growth.

Digital Realty

1647 Views    Brian Bollinger    2016-03-21 03:46
Extra Space Storage, Digital Realty Trust, Precision Castparts, GE achieve 52-week landmarks

According to GuruFocus' list of 52-week highs, Extra Space Storage Inc. (EXR), Digital Realty Trust Inc. (DLR), Precision Castparts Corp. (PCP) and General Electric Co. (GE/WD) have reached their year-long highs.

Extra Space Storage reached the 52-week high of $91.97

Extra Space Storage has a market cap of $11.21 billion, and its shares were traded at around $90.81 with a P/E ratio of 48.16 and a P/S ratio of 15.73. The dividend yield of Extra Space Storage stocks is 2.47%, and the company had an annual average earnings growth of 5.30% over the past 10 years.

Extra Space

620 Views    Jimmy Xiao    2016-01-12 16:14
Looking at the 3 phases of valuation

I screened the Dividend Contenders list provided by fellow Seeking Alpha Author David Fish searching for attractive valuation. This article presents 10 dividend contenders that I considered most attractive based on valuation and forecast long-term earnings and dividend growth. I want to be clear that these selections are not offered as a portfolio. Instead, these are 10 individual selections with various degrees of safety, yield and valuation levels that prospective investors can choose from. Hopefully, there is something here for every reader depending upon their own unique investment goals and objectives.

The power of attractive valuation misunderstood

In my

1460 Views    Chuck Carnevale    2016-01-11 23:36
Investing in the same company at different valuation levels produces very different results

Although getting valuation right before you buy a stock is critically important to the long-term oriented retired dividend growth investor, it is not a short-term market timing concept. My point is that short-term market movements are typically volatile and unpredictable. The reason is simple. Over short periods of time, which I define as less than a business cycle (three to five years), emotion has a major effect on stock prices.

When dealing with common stock investments, the primary emotions that interfere with reason are fear and greed. However, there are also subtle nuances associated with these primary emotional responses. For

1451 Views    Chuck Carnevale    2015-12-08 22:38


After an exhaustive search of the dividend growth stock universe, I identified 20 dividend growth stocks that I felt were currently worthy of consideration for retirement portfolios based on valuation. In part 1 of this two-part series found here, I discussed the current level of the S&P 500, and offered some important principles about valuation. Additionally, I offered the first group of 10 of what I consider the highest quality members of the 20 screened research candidates I uncovered. In this part 2, I will present the final 10 of 20 attractively-valued dividend growth stocks that I felt

1501 Views    Chuck Carnevale    2015-08-11 19:44

More volatility? Yes, please.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

2220 Views    Jason Fieber    2015-07-15 12:26

U.S. REITs were created in 1960 by Congress as a way for all investors to have access to large-scale, income-producing real estate. To qualify as a REIT, the trust must comply with IRS rules. These rules include: 1) distributing annually as dividends at least 90% of its taxable income, 2) investing at least 75% of its total assets in real estate and 3) deriving at least 75% of gross income from real estate.

The 90% distribution requirement along with no corporate income taxes are two reasons REITs yields are often above average. However, it is important to note that

3703 Views    Dividends4Life    2015-06-03 16:25

Buying high-quality dividend growth stocks is just really one of my favorite pastimes. Much like someone might love to engage in a shopping spree at the local mall, the stock market is my

1679 Views    Jason Fieber    2015-04-15 11:22

In the U.S. and certain parts of the world, real estate is driving up property sales. On the stock exchange, real estate stocks that are paying dividends are becoming a gold mine for some investors. However, knowing which property stocks to buy can be the difference between making a big loss or a hefty profit.

While economies such as the U.S. and other countries continue to show growth, the real estate market also is making strides and owning a piece of prime property can increase one's financial portfolio. In addition, properties in certain neighborhoods and carry certain assets on

703 Views    Lancelot Tucker    2015-01-22 17:12

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