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The world's largest regional theme park operator is exhibiting a very attractive dividend yield

With low yields globally, the U.S. stock market offers plenty of securities with attractive dividend yields. At a quick glance, the world's largest regional theme park operator, Six Flags Entertainment Corp. (SIX), offers one of the juiciest dividend yields out there. The Grand Prairie,Texas-based theme park operator can easily be part of a growth-income portfolio until close scrutiny of its cash flow is considered.

Six Flags recently reported record attendance in its theme parks and waterparks year to date. The company achieved 3% year-over-year growth to 14 million guests as of September. Analysts from Wells

77 Views    Mark Yu    2019-10-27 21:26
Stocks that have high dividend yields and predictable earnings growth

According to the High Dividend Yield Screen, five stocks with a dividend yield of at least 4% and a GuruFocus business predictability rank of at least 4.5 stars are Telecom Argentina SA (TEO), Cogent Communications Holdings Inc. (CCOI), Big Lots Inc. (BIG), National Health Investors Inc. (NHI) and Cedar Fair LP (FUN).

Recap of our screeners

GuruFocus provides a wide range of value screeners for our Premium members, which include the Ben Graham Net-Net Screener, the Undervalued-Predictable Screener, the Buffett-Munger Screener and the Historical Low Price-Sales Screener. We also have the

823 Views    James Li    2019-09-23 21:42
The company’s stock price has recovery potential

An evolving strategy could boost Cedar Fair LP's (FUN) financial performance. The amusement park operator is in the process of moving toward a long-term relationship-based program that focuses on the lifetime value of guests. It is also investing in its loyalty program as well as a customer relationship management system that offers greater personalization.

Increased marketing will be focused on underpenetrated audience segments, which is expected to broaden its customer base. It will also invest in interactive events that are available throughout the year in order to expand its operating season.

Although rising costs have been a cause for concern,

32 Views    Robert Stephens, CFA    2019-02-15 20:35
The market was not very receptive to its 2nd-quarter performance

The market was not very receptive to the Aug. 3 second-quarter performance by Cedar Fair (FUN). This report was right in the middle of amusement park season and the best time of the year for business. Cedar Fair CEO Matthew Ouimet noted that the company had the second-best July in its history.

Still, the market responded by doing exactly nothing after earnings were reported. The stock ticked up the days following the report.

Let's dive head first into this impressive quarter. The company posted $1.04 a share in earnings on a 2% increase in year to date revenue. It has

573 Views    PJ Pahygiannis    2016-08-16 20:25
Four small, mid cap stocks that have big dividend yields, attractive valuations.

There is no exact science as to what constitutes a small cap. The term ‘small cap’ is loosely defined, but it is generally viewed as a stock with a market capitalization under $2 billion.

‘Mid cap’ is also fairly loosely defined. It is generally viewed as a stock with market cap under $10 billion.

A good amount (but not all) of the stocks in the Sure Dividend database are large cap stocks. That’s because The 8 Rules of Dividend Investing only look at businesses with 25+ years of steady or rising dividends. Many of these businesses have realized tremendous

663 Views    Ben Reynolds    2016-07-29 20:03

With bond yields in the gutter for these past six years, investors have grown accustomed to looking in… shall we say… “nonconventional” places for yield. Whether in odd corners of the stock market or in dodgy-looking private placements, anything offering a respectable current income is bound to get at least a little attention.

It’s easy enough to understand why. The 10-year Treasury yields barely more than 2%, and traditionally high-yielding sectors like utilities and REITs yield less than 4%. Even “high-yield” junk bonds (and yes, you have to write “high-yield” in quotation marks these days) yield only 5.9%, and these

3226 Views    Charles Sizemore    2015-06-03 13:09

Gone are the days when investors were looking for stocks that were into serious lines of business. With the economy in booming stage and the travel industry looking brighter these days, amusement parks all over the globe are witnessing millions of visitors every day. Therefore the demand for stocks owning these parks is quite high. There are many theme parks in the market today, and it is indeed a tough challenge to pick one from them. The following article lists out some of the best amusement park stocks in the market today for investors to put their hard-earned money in.

763 Views    Business Reports    2015-04-08 17:24

Below are the top dividend growth stocks and share buyback companies of the week. On the list are some pretty good yielding stocks. Big names like Starbucks, Emerson Electric or Honeywell.

AIG, Motorola and Royal Caribbean Cruises are the biggest stocks with a fresh buyback announcement during the past week.

Cheap is a question of growth. A faster growing company can be higher valuated. Only 17 of the stocks have a forward P/E of less than 15.

The 7 Top Dividend Growth Stocks Of the past Week are...

Emerson Electric (NYSE:EMR) has a market capitalization of $45.27 billion. The

302 Views    Dividend    2014-11-10 14:49

When I was a kid some of my favorite video games involved building and managing amusement parks. I played Theme Park on the Sega Genesis and later Roller Coaster Tycoon on the PC, both classics. Of course, these games make the business seem easier than it really is. It's a volatile industry which isn't exactly recession-proof, and many amusement park operators had a rough time during the recent financial crisis and the recession which followed.

But now, as the economy is slowly but surely getting stronger, amusement park operators are doing a lot better. Crowds are bigger, people are spending

1344 Views    Vinay Singh    2014-06-01 02:49
[url=http://www.scribd.com/doc/154836777/Broyhil-lAsset-Management-FUN-Thesis-Jun-13]Broyhill Asset Management FUN Thesis Jun 13[/url]
555 Views    Canadian Value    2013-07-20 13:18
Today I would like to go forward with my best stock recommendation list for January 2013 and analyze the services sector. The services sector has 888 companies listed of which 348 pay dividends and 213 are recommended to buy. The total market capitalization of all stocks amounts to $56.93 trillion. An average stock from the sector has a dividend yield of 1.72 percent and is valuated with a P/E of 20.1. The best yielding industries are consumer services and electronic stores, which are followed by computers wholesale. I screened for the 20 most recommended and higher capitalized stocks with positive
537 Views    Dividend    2013-01-12 20:38
Here is a current overview of best yielding stocks that have their ex-dividend date on the next trading day. If your broker settles your trade today, you will receive the next dividend. A full list of all stocks with ex-dividend date can be found here: [url=http://ex-dividend-dates.blogspot.com/2012/02/ex-dividend-stocks-on-march-01-2012.html]Ex-Dividend Stocks March 01, 2012[/url]. In total, 26 stocks and preferred shares go ex-dividend of which five are yielding above 3 percent. The average yield amounts to 2.32 percent. The ex-dividend date is a major date related to the payment of dividends. If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or later, you will
256 Views    Dividend    2012-02-29 15:39
Fastest Dividend Growth Stocks by [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.com/]Dividend Yield – Stock, Capital, Investment[/url]. Here is a current sheet of companies with fastest dividend growth compared to the previous dividend declaration. The dividend growth is often a good indicator for the financial health of a stock. Companies with a strong increases in dividends judge the future of their company rosy. They give money that they don’t need for their business back to shareholders. In total, [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.com/2011/11/stocks-with-fastest-dividend-growth.html]102 stocks increased dividends[/url] of which 49 raised dividends by more than 10 percent. [b]Here are the 3 top stocks with fast dividend growth by market capitalization:[/b] [b]The
381 Views    Dividend    2011-11-21 16:11
[size=18px][color=green]Cedar Fair L.P. [NYSE:FUN] August 10, 2009: $10.64 - 2:50 PM EST[/color][/size] [size=14px][color=blue]52-week range: $5.75 (Mar. 6, 2009) - $23.57 (Aug. 18, 2008) Distribution = $0.25 quarterly = 9.39% current yield[/color][/size] Cedar Fair, L.P. is a master limited partnership that operates regional amusement parks. During the year ended December 31, 2008, the Partnership owned11 amusement parks, six outdoor water parks, one indoor water park and five hotels. The amusement parks include Cedar Point; Kings Island; Canada’s Wonderland; Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom (Dorney Park); Valleyfair; Michigan’s Adventure; Kings Dominion; Carowinds; Worlds of Fun; Knott’s Berry Farm, and California’s Great America
867 Views    Dr. Paul Price    2009-08-10 19:43

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