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The South African company is one of the largest platinum miners in the world. The stock is way out of favor and an interesting bet for contrarian investors

Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. (IMPUY) is a South African platinum group miner that has been down with low metal prices. Along with gold and silver, platinum has been down in value for several years. We like investing in Impala because the stock and underlying metal have been out of favor for a long time. This could change, however, with a drop in overall financial markets.

The stock trades for 2,350 South African rand, there are 735.1 million shares and the market cap is 17.3 billion rand ($1.48 billion). It takes 11.63 rand to buy one dollar.

134 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2018-03-27 18:34
Some of these ideas worked, others did not

We wanted to review 10 investments that I’ve written about on GuruFocus.com over the last several months. Some of these ideas have done well and others not so much.

The first is a high flyer, Impala Platinum (IMPUY). The volatile South African platinum miner did as promised – jumped up and down on a daily basis. At the time of the article, the stock traded at $3. Today, it trades at $4.36. The price of platinum has done well with other precious metals this year. We wrote about Impala on March 4.

The next is office retailer Staples

475 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2016-11-01 21:22
Impala has had a litany of problems, but the stock is doing well

Impala Platinum (IMPUY) is the ultimate ugly stock. It's on a continent that can be unfriendly toward business. Mining platinum is super dangerous. The company's costs to mine are above the price of the metal, which has done horribly. Having said that, the stock has done well recently with the spike in the price of platinum. Higher precious metal prices have caused a rise in other South African firms as well.

There are 723.78 million shares outstanding and the market cap is R31.283 billion ($2 billion). It takes 15.6 rand to buy one dollar. Platinum is $939 an ounce.

548 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2016-03-04 20:32

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