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Company insiders sell Alphabet, Kellogg

The GuruFocus All-in-One Screener can be used to find insider trades from the past week. Under the insiders tab, change the settings for All Insider Buying to “$200,000+,” the duration to “December 2018” and All Insider Sales to “$5,000,000+.”

According to the above filters, the following are trades from company insiders this week

Golden Harbor Ltd. and North Sound Trading LP., 10% owners of Inseego Corp. (INSG), bought a combined 11,473,799 shares for an average price of $3 per share on Dec. 19.


The provider of mobile applications has a market cap of $271.58

131 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-12-21 20:55
An independent retail trader used it to turn $46,000 into $6.8 million in 28 months

It probably didn’t take long after becoming a trader to stumble upon options. Brokerages and Web sites all over the Internet are constantly pitching these complex financial derivatives, claiming things like “defined risk” and “100% returns a month.” But these advertisements only end up luring novices into a game that creates losses rather than stunning returns.

Newer traders aren’t wrong for putting themselves into situations where they can risk a little to make a lot. Buying an option comes with capped risk and unlimited reward. But achieving the skewed risk/reward profile in the options market comes at a cost that

1193 Views    Alex Barrow    2016-11-22 16:03

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A group of iPass Inc. (IPAS) investors, led by Maguire Asset Management, Francis Capital Management, and Foxhill Opportunity Fund, who collectively own approximately 7.7% of iPass' shares outstanding, announced today that they have combined to form "iPass Shareholders for Change" and that they will be seeking to reconstitute the board of directors of iPass at the company's upcoming 2015 annual meeting, which is expected to be held in June. iPass Shareholders for Change also announced today that it has issued an open letter to iPass shareholders in which the group, among

922 Views    Canadian Value    2015-04-17 15:38
Chairman and CEO of Novatel Wireles (NVTL) Peter V. Leparulo bought 50,000 shares on 6/14/2012 at an average price of $2.39. The total transaction amount is $119,500. Novatel Wireless Inc. is a provider of wireless data modems and software for use with handheld computing devices and portable personal computers. Novatel Wireless has a market cap of $78.6 million; its shares were traded at around $2.405 with and P/S ratio of 0.2. Previously, CEO Peter Leparulo has not made any trades in the company. Aside from Novatel being bought by its CEO, its CFO Kenneth Leddon has also increased his positions
445 Views    gurufocus    2012-06-15 21:49
According to [url=]GuruFocus Insider Data[/url], these are the largest CFO buys during the past week. The overall trend of CFOs is illustrated in the chart below: [b]Northeast Bancorp. (NBN): CFO and COO Claire S. Bean Bought 62,500 Shares[/b] CFO and COO of Northeast Bancorp (NBN) Claire S. Bean bought 62,500 shares on 05/16/2012 at an average price of $8. Northeast Bancorp. (ME) is a savings and loan holding company whose primary assets is its subsidiary, Northeast Bank, F. Northeast Bancorp has a market cap of $35 million; its shares were traded at around
351 Views    gurujk    2012-05-21 14:45
Novatel Wireless (NVTL) represents an excellent opportunity to invest in a growth company at a stock price below liquidation value. NVTL is a premiere player in the fast growing mobile hotspot industry which is currently benefiting from the 3G to 4G upgrade cycle. Novatel’s MiFi product line is in the early stages of rollout and is the clear market share leader. Novatel’s MiFi4082 hotspot device offers fast 4G WiMAX mobile broadband and allows up to five devices to get access to WiFi on the go. A key catalyst is the Verizon (VZ) partnership. Novatel has teamed up with the right
829 Views    george1357    2011-10-24 22:13
[u][b]Investment Thesis[/b][/u] Novatel is one of the cheapest stocks in the market today. At $32 million of total enterprise value and $375 million of sales (.09x TEV/Rev.), the price of the stock represents a mere fraction of its value. On either a sum-of-the-parts or discount-to-net asset-value basis, Novatel is inexpensive and offers an excellent opportunity to acquire a growth company at liquidation value. [u][b]Business Description [/b][/u]Novatel Wireless Inc. provides wireless broadband access solutions for the mobile communications market worldwide. The company primarily offers third generation (3G) products. It provides intelligent mobile hotspots, which offer WLAN and WWAN wireless connectivity to
1461 Views    george1357    2011-08-09 14:11

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2020-09-14 $ 11.08 (1.37%)
2020-09-10 $ 10.8 (%)
2020-08-18 $ 11.98 (-1.4%)
2020-08-06 $ 12.28 (-16.69%)
2020-08-05 $ 14.74 (1.38%)
2020-08-03 $ 14.56 (8.01%)
2020-07-31 $ 13.48 (1.97%)
2020-07-29 $ 13.72 (11.45%)
2020-07-28 $ 12.31 (11%)
2020-07-23 $ 11.12 (1.46%)
2020-07-16 $ 10.98 (-1.7%)
2020-07-13 $ 11.75 (4.54%)
2020-07-09 $ 11.42 (1.6%)
2020-07-07 $ 11.02 (-3.59%)
2020-06-26 $ 10.86 (-1.36%)
2020-06-24 $ 10.3 (-1.72%)
2020-06-17 $ 10.35 (1.87%)
2020-06-05 $ 9.96 (1.84%)
2020-05-29 $ 10.62 (5.25%)
2020-05-11 $ 11.19 (-0.09%)
2020-05-07 $ 10.51 (-10.17%)
2020-05-06 $ 11.7 (4.19%)
2020-05-04 $ 11.47 (7%)
2020-04-30 $ 11.95 (-8.92%)
2020-04-29 $ 13.12 (-5.88%)
2020-04-28 $ 13.94 (-0.92%)
2020-04-22 $ 12.47 (10.26%)
2020-04-06 $ 7.6 (7.8%)
2020-04-02 $ 6.85 (-1.44%)
2016-11-22 $ 2.48 (3.77%)
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