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LILA News and Headlines - Liberty Latin America Ltd

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Liberty Latin America (LILA) has similarly struggled with COVID-19 related lockdowns and downturns across its footprint. Nevertheless, we believe Liberty's fixed and wireless connectivity businesses will prove resilient. Furthermore, money raised by the company's recent equity rights offering (which we participated in) puts them in a position to close on two announced, attractive acquisition opportunities.

From [url=]Wallace Weitz[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url])'s Hickory Fund third-quarter 2020 commentary.

69 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-10-23 20:23
Guru adds bank to portfolio in 4th quarter

Weitz Investment Management leader Wallace Weitz (Trades, Portfolio) disclosed one new position when he released his fourth-quarter 2019 portfolio earlier this week.

When picking stocks, the guru’s Omaha, Nebraska-based firm combines Benjamin Graham’s principles of price sensitivity and insistence on margin of safety with a conviction that qualitative factors that allow the company to control its future can be more important than statistical metrics like book value and earnings.

Based on these criteria, Weitz established a holding in First Hawaiian Inc. (FHB) during the quarter.

First Hawaiian

The guru invested in 160,000 shares of the Honolulu-based bank,

188 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-02-14 16:20
Details the CEO buys this past week for the following companies: AXA Equitable Holdings, Liberty Latin America, Karuna Therapeutics, Esperion Therapeutics and Altus Midstream

According to GuruFocus Insider Data, these are the largest CEO buys during the past week.

AXA Equitable Holdings CEO bought 49,000 shares

AXA Equitable Holdings Inc. (EQH) President and CEO Mark Pearson bought 49,000 shares on June 27 at a price of $20.34. The price of the stock has increased by 7.33% since.

AXA Equitable Holdings is a financial services company. It comprises two principal franchises, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company and AllianceBernstein. The company has a market cap of $10.72 billion. Its shares traded at $21.83 with a price-earnings ratio of 14.36 as of July 5.

Net loss for

95 Views    Joy Hu    2019-07-07 22:10
Details the CEO buys this past week for the following companies: Odonate Therapeutics, Carnival PLC, TG Therapeutics, Liberty Latin America and Biohaven

According to GuruFocus Insider Data, these are the largest CEO buys during the past week.

Odonate Therapeutics CEO bought 769,231 shares

Odonate Therapeutics Inc. (ODT) CEO and 10% Owner Kevin C. Tang bought 769,231 shares on June 26 at a price of $26.00. The price of the stock has increased by 8.73% since.

Odonate Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of therapeutics which improves and extend the lives of patients with cancer. It is developing tesetaxel, a chemotherapy agent used in the treatment of cancer. The company has a market cap of $756.13 million. Its shares traded

145 Views    Joy Hu    2019-07-01 02:46
KeyCorp makes the list

While gurus hold positions in these companies, the stock prices and returns continue to fall. The following are the worst-performing stocks over the last three months with a long-term presence in more than four gurus’ portfolios.

Oceaneering International Inc. (OII) had a negative performance of 38% over the last six months. The stock is held by six gurus.


The provider of engineered services and products, has a $1.5 billion market cap. The stock is trading with a price-earnings ratio of 59.63. The stock price of $15.22 is 49.23% below its 52-week high and

48 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-12-17 15:58
The fund invested in pharmaceuticals, a tracking stock and real estate

David Winters (Trades, Portfolio)’ Wintergreen Fund (Trades, Portfolio) established three new holdings during the first quarter. They are Roche Holding AG (XSWX:ROG), Liberty Formula One Group (FWONA) and Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd. (HKSE:01113).

Managing a concentrated portfolio of 28 stocks valued at $423 million, the fund invests in undervalued securities around the world. Consumer defensive stocks occupy a majority of the portfolio with a weight of 50.9%.

The largest purchase for the quarter was 2,930 shares of Roche Holding for an average price of 244.58 Swiss francs ($252.69) per share, giving it 0.2%

290 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2017-06-08 15:32
Guru stock highlight

LiLAC Group (LILA) is a tracking stock distributed by Liberty Global with respect to its businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. LiLAC’s stock has struggled throughout the last year as management revealed additional unanticipated headaches with the May 2016 acquisition of Cable & Wireless Communications. After meeting with management, we believe the company understands the nature of the problem and is set to grow from this reset base. We anticipate that in the coming quarters, LiLAC will demonstrate the benefits they saw in this acquisition, beginning with identifying operating synergies for investors. Management further demonstrated their confidence in their

99 Views    Holly LaFon    2017-05-18 16:16
Member of Liberty Global group expected to drive profitability

John Malone and his Liberty Global group are known for creating value for their investors. Through a combination of mergers, spinoffs, well-timed stock buybacks and efficient tax planning, Liberty Global has turned Malone into a billionaire and earned the respect of many of the world’s greatest investors.

In the Liberty empire, the Liberty LiLAC Group (LILA) entity is perhaps the most intriguing and misunderstood. LiLAC is the Latin American arm of Liberty Global and has been growing rapidly over the past 12 months. For the three months ended Sept. 30, 2016, LiLAC revenue more than doubled to $895 million, up

250 Views    Rupert Hargreaves    2017-02-13 20:06
An overview of the guru's 3rd quarter sales

Tom Gayner (Trades, Portfolio) is co-CEO of Markel Corp., and president and chief investment officer of Markel-Gayner Asset Management. During the third quarter, the guru reduced or exited the following holdings:

Gayner exited his position in Copart Inc. (CPRT) with an impact of -1.25% on the portfolio.

The company provides online auctions and vehicle remarketing services in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Brazil. The company offers services to process and sell vehicles over the internet. Third quarter revenue grew 19.8% from the same quarter of a year before and the gross margin increased 20.2%.

333 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2016-12-22 15:28
Guru invests in health care, technology and telecommunications

Brave Warrior Advisors’ Glenn Greenberg (Trades, Portfolio) purchased three new holdings in the third quarter. They are HCA Holdings Inc. (HCA), Sensata Technologies Holding NV (ST) and LiLAC Group (LILAK).

Greenberg and John Shapiro founded Chieftain Capital Management in 1984. The firm was divided into two separate entities in 2010. Greenberg renamed Chieftain to Brave Warrior. Greenberg maintains a highly concentrated portfolio. He believes that the more companies you own, the less you know about each one. He believes this leads to mistakes. He generally invests in companies with little competition and emphasizes the return on invested

513 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2016-12-05 17:05
Guru stock highlight

LiLAC Group (NASDAQ:LILA) is a tracking stock distributed by Liberty Global during the third calendar quarter of 2015 designed to provide an avenue to tap growth opporutnities available in Latin America and the Caribbean. In May of 2016, Liberty Global closed its acquisition of Cable & Wireless Communications and attributed the operations to LiLAC Group. The consideration paid included new shares of both the Latin American and European tracking stocks. To compensate the European tracker stockholders, Liberty Global received a 67% intergroup stake in LiLAC. In an effort to remove this complexity and restore the Latin America

550 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-11-09 19:33
Fund beats index

The Partners III Opportunity Fund’s Institutional Class returned +4.06% in the third calendar quarter, compared to +3.85% for the S&P 500 and +4.40% for the Russell 3000. For the calendar year to date, the Partners III Opportunity Fund’s Institutional Class returned +4.72%, compared to +7.84% for the S&P 500 and +8.18% for the Russell 3000.

Liberty Broadband holds a 20% ownership interest (25% aggregate voting power) in Charter Communications. Charter Communications reported quarterly results for the first time since closing on its mergers with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. As such, investors had their first look at the

573 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-11-09 17:56
Buffett stocks at lowest prices in a year

As U.S. stocks retreat 1.9% this month off their five-year highs, three stocks in Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio)’s portfolio fell to their 52-week lows.

Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A)(BRK.B) had 49 stocks in his portfolio at the end of the second quarter. It was valued at $129.7 billion and 39% of it was concentrated in consumer defensive stocks.

In his later life, Buffett’s investing philosophy evolved from buying fair businesses at a wonderful price to buying wonderful businesses at a fair price.

In order from smallest to largest, these stocks he considers wonderful

2967 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-10-28 21:11
Stock prices that are 'ahead of themselves' are no great threat as long as business values continue to grow

1. How and why did you get started investing? What is your background?

As a kid (12) I tagged along to a lunch with a stockbroker. Something about his pitch intrigued me and I bought “How to Buy Stocks” by Louis Engel on the way home. I bought my first stock a few weeks later and was hooked. I went through a charting phase in high school and then discovered Ben Graham while at Carleton College. My only formal training was my economics degree from Carleton.

After graduation in 1970, I got a summer job at a small Wall Street

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