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Stocks have strong growth and are trading below Peter Lynch earnings line

In light of the U.K. announcing its new prime minister, five stocks trading on the London Stock Exchange that have strong growth potential are Creightons PLC (LSE:CRL), Dart Group PLC (LSE:DTG), Latham (James) PLC (LSE:LTHM), Ocado Group PLC (LSE:OCDO) and Staffline Group PLC (LSE:STAF).

According to CNBC, Brexit leader Boris Johnson received 92,153 votes from members of the ruling Conservative Party, approximately twice the number of votes his competitor Jeremy Hunt received. Johnson will succeed former Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday.

Brief discussion about the Peter Lynch Growth Screen

The Peter Lynch Growth With Lower Valuation Screener, one

376 Views    James Li    2019-07-23 22:16
Grocer continues with its successful initiatives of transforming its business model

With its purchase of Whole Foods last year, Amazon’s (AMZN) outsized cross-market presence has cast a shadow over the retail grocery business, forcing competitors to change the way they conduct business. One traditional grocer that has admirably risen to the challenge is Kroger (KR). Earlier in the year, the company made significant changes to its long-held business model and implemented both improved inventory controls and dramatically increased its online business.

For the past year, the company has aggressively transformed its shelving structure and inventory stocking, while working with suppliers to drive costs down. Kroger has partnered with British online grocer

297 Views    John Kinsellagh    2018-12-06 19:45
Company's rapid implementation of its strategic initiatives to remain competitive have paid off

Amazon’s (AMZN) implacable cross-market footprint is now starting to disrupt the retail grocery business.

Just as Amazon’s online retail business has had a dramatic impact on traditional brick-and-mortar retailers such as Macy’s (M), its entry into the grocery business, through its acquisition of Whole Foods, has upended another industry sector, forcing competitors to change the way they conduct business.

For the moment, Amazon can afford to absorb losses in its food-services business while it aggressively attempts to attract non-traditional Whole Foods customers, who previously found the grocer's high prices off-putting. Amazon responded by immediately cutting prices across the board and

182 Views    John Kinsellagh    2018-06-22 20:12
Stock soars 10% after grocer easily beats forecasts. In May, it announced partnership with online grocer that promises 24/7 home delivery

Investors swooned amid The Kroger Co.’s (KR) unveiling of first-quarter earnings, pushing up shares more than 9% in afternoon trading.

Shares of the nation’s largest supermarket chain by revenue began spiking in pre-market trading, seizing further momentum after its earnings call on Thursday morning. At market open, the stock popped to just under $30 a share. At one point, the stock rose to over 10%.

In the last year, Kroger shares have climbed 27%. The price-median chart by GuruFocus shows shares are trading below their historical value. The stock is trading at 13.62 times earnings and 12.77 times forward earnings.

132 Views    Yamil Berard    2018-06-21 18:26
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