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Iconic brands, industry tailwind, moderate risks

Tennessee-based Brown-Forman (BF.A) (BF.B) produces and markets high-quality consumer alcohol beverages, including whiskey, tequila, vodka, liqueur, wine and ready-to-drink products. The company claims to be the largest American-owned spirits and wine business. The spirit category accounts for almost 95% of the company's fiscal 2019 sales, with the most substantial contribution from whiskey products (79%).

Brown-Forman is well known for whiskey expertise through its iconic Jack Daniel’s family of brands, as well as other top-notched brands such as Woodford Reserve and Old Forester. Interbrand frequently ranks Jack Daniel’s as one of the top 100 global brands and the most valuable premium

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A moaty bet on premiumization

UK-based Diageo (DEO) (LSE:DGE) produces and markets alcoholic drinks under a board collection of brands across categories and price points. The company was formed in 1997 following the merger of GrandMet and Guinness, with a name to encourage everyone to celebrate life every day (DIA is Latin for "day" and GEO is Greek for "world").

Diageo distributes more than 200 branded products to 180 countries and territories from over 150 production sites worldwide. As of FY2019, it generated 35% of its total sales from North America, 23% from Europe and Turkey, 21% from the Asia Pacific and the rest from

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Diageo tops the list

The following companies have posted positive performances so far this year, as well as over the past several years.

GuruFocus’ positive rating for profitability suggests these companies will continue to report lavish gains in the coming years, eventually beating the overall market. Wall Street supports this expectation, as its sell-side analysts have issued overweight recommendation ratings for each of them.

High profitability means that these companies will very likely continue to pay dividends in the future as well, pushing share prices higher.

Diageo PLC

Shares of Diageo PLC (DEO) have gained 13% so far this year, 17.2%

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My journey in building a circle of competency in the spirits industry

In my previous article, I shared my experiences of struggling to build a circle of competency in the pharmaceutical industry. As a comparison, today I’d like to discuss another circle of competency I have been trying to build – in spirits companies. It has been a very different experience. I hope you’ll find the comparison interesting.

I first wrote about two spirits companies on this forum in 2013 and 2014 – Brown Forman (BF/B) and Kweichow Maotai (SH:600519). When I first researched Brown Forman and Kweichow Maotai, I had a different research process – researching one company at a

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Holding company is a great way to invest in European blue chips at a steep discount

Groupe Bruxelle Lambert (GBLBF) is a Belgian holding company that trades at a 25% discount to NAV. The holdings are a diverse group of European blue chips, many of which are household names in the U.S. The stock is a buy.

The stock trades for 85.73 euros ($98.30), there are 161.36 million shares, and the market cap is 13.94 billion euros. The dividend is 2.93 euros, and the dividend yield is 3.39%. The company states that the current net asset value is 115.3 euros per share. As you can see, the stock trades at a discount to NAV of 25%.

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Coca-cola, Microsoft, tobacco companies among guru's purchases

MS Global Franchise Fund (Trades, Portfolio) added to more than two dozen positions in its portfolio in the third quarter. The fund’s top eight additions were as follows:

The fund added to its position of Pernod Ricard SA (XPAR:RI), a Paris-based beverage company, by more than 40%, buying 68,398 shares for an average price of 102.98 euros ($110.66) per share. The transaction had a 1.05% impact on the portfolio.

David Herro (Trades, Portfolio) is Pernod Ricard’s leading shareholder among the gurus with a stake of 1,931,000 shares. The stake is 0.73% of the company’s

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Acquisition of Swiss engineering and construction company has greatest impact on portfolio

Invesco European Growth Fund (Trades, Portfolio), which bounced back from a -6.21% return in 2014 to post a 4.57% gain in 2015, added three new buys

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Review of portfolio and economy

Tom Russo will be a speaker at the 2017 GuruFocus Value Conference. Don't forget to get a ticket here.

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The stock tripled from its 52 week low to 52 week high

MGP Ingredients (MGPI) stock recently got waylaid as it missed quarterly earnings. The stock tripled from its 52 week low to 52 week high. The company has added a distilling division which has increased gross margins and helped fuel the stock

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Russo has large exposure to both but is not pessimistic

Tom Russo (Trades, Portfolio), partner at Gardner Russo & Gardner, told Bloomberg yesterday that value investors will make money over time, and it will depend on the ability of the companies in which they've invested to reinvest the money over time. Russo has large positions in Richemont (XSWX:CFR), Pernod (XPAR:RI), Heineken (XAMS:HEIA), which have large exposure to emerging markets. But most of his companies have a long-term outlook and ability to withstand sudden downturns such as China, he said.

Russo also said he maintains confidence in Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio)'s ability to deploy large

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An overview of Russo's largest 3rd quarter trades

Tom Russo joined Gardner Russo & Gardner as a partner in 1989. His investment philosophy emphasizes return on invested capital, principally through equity investments. His approach to stock selection stresses two main points: value and price. He manages a portfolio composed of 104 stocks with total value of $11,073 million.

The following were his largest trades during the third quarter.

He increased his stake in Cie Financiere Richemont SA (CFRHF) by 5.73% with an impact of 0.34% on the portfolio. The current stake is 6.2% of his total assets and 1.57% of the company’s outstanding shares.

GuruFocus gives CIE

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Tom Russo (Trades, Portfolio), general partner of the Semper Vic Partners and Semper Vic Partners (Q.P.) limited partnerships, says his funds are relatively concentrated, and you certainly can see a concentration in his investments in the third quarter – largely in food and drink stocks.

His investment philosophy emphasizes return on invested capital, principally through equity investments. Semper Vic Partners returned 24.4% in 2012, considerably better than 2011 (6.7%) and better than 2010 (21.5%).

New buys and additions

Russo bought one stock in the third quarter – CBS Outdoors America Inc (CBSO). He bought

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Renowned value investor [url=]Tom Russo[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url]) runs a concentrated portfolio full of European family run beverage business and he has done very well with them. It is easy to imitate them as his portfolio turnover is very low. He buys and holds, rarely sells. These are some activities of his during the third quarter of 2014. To learn more about him, please read Transcript of Tom Russo’s Talk at Value Investor Conference.

[url=]Tom Russo[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url]) buys Pernod Ricard NV, Nestle SA, CIE FINANCIERE RICHEMONT SA, Unilever NV, Precision Castparts Corp, CBS Outdoor Americas Inc, sells Goldman Sachs

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High end luxury goods makers are currently dead in the water.

A few have grabbed the fickle attention of investors, but there are six that are flat or down ...

... some of which have withstood the zig-zags of fashion foibles for as long as 100 years!

Regular readers know that we like to make money by not losing money. The long version of which is: we like to make money long-term by not losing money short-term. Instead of looking to “beat the market” on the upside and pray we don't get hurt too badly on the downside – a

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I have some truly distressing news to report: We’re drinking bourbon faster than distillers can make it. Thus, unless demand abates or prices rise, we’re looking at a whiskey shortage.

As a whiskey lover, this saddens me. But as an investor, it piques my curiosity. Today, we’re going to take a look at how a whiskey shortage might affect distiller stocks.

Regrettably for those of us who like to live out the songs that Hank Williams Jr. wrote, there is no quick fix to the whiskey shortage. Distillers can’t simply ramp up production to meet demand. In order

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While stock market guru [url=]Bill Nygren[/url] oversees much of the domestic side of at Oakmark, [url=]David Herro[/url] heads up the international funds. Herro’s Oakmark International Fund had an outstanding third quarter, with a solid 41% return compared to the MSCI World ex U.S. Index gain of 21%. Daiwa Securities Group (TSE:8601), the top contributor, led the gain with a 139% return in a year, ignited by both the Japanese stock market rally and a weakened yen. Since its inception in September 1992, the Oakmark International Fund has an 11% average annual return, as a result of Herro’s “long-term value philosophy”
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In case you had any doubts, it’s official.[b] Diageo [/b](DEO ), the world’s largest spirits maker, will not be buying [b]Beam, Inc.[/b] ( BEAM ) for its bourbon portfolio. CEO Ivan Menezes said this week that Diageo would be expanding its existing portfolio of whiskeys and launching new ones, and adding for emphasis that [url=]“we don’t need to” buy Beam.[/url] [url=]I told you so[/url]. Late last year, Diageo had recently lost its distribution deal with Jose Cuervo, leading to wild rumors that DEO would buy Beam for its tequila assets. Beam’s Sauza is the No. 2 global tequila brand by
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[i]This interview took place on May 2, before [url=]Tom Russo[/url] gave his presentation to the 10th Annual Value Investor Conference in Omaha. Russo is a partner at Gardner Russo & Gardner, a firm with over $5 billion under management. He was previously at the Sequoia Fund, and has degrees from Dartmouth and Stanford. Last year, his partnership returned 22%.[/i] Holly LaFon: Every time your portfolio comes out, I want to know if you bought a new stock, and every time the answer is no, you haven’t bought anything new. [url=]Tom Russo[/url]: Since June. Of ’10. But we’re all in suspense.
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