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Fund releases 1st-quarter portfolio

The Wasatch International Growth (Trades, Portfolio) Fund released its portfolio for the first quarter of the year earlier this week.

Part of Salt Lake City-based Wasatch Global Investors, the fund is managed by Ken Applegate, Linda Lasater and Derrick Tzau. With the goal of generating long-term capital appreciation, it takes a bottom-up, fundamental approach to find high-quality, small-cap stocks from both developed and emerging markets.

Sticking to these criteria, the portfolio managers added five new stocks to the portfolio during the quarter, sold out of seven positions and added to or trimmed a number of other holdings.

279 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-06-05 18:29
Top buys include 3 new positions

The Wasatch International Growth (Trades, Portfolio) Fund disclosed this week its top six buys for the second quarter were Prestige International Inc. (TSE:4290), Homeserve PLC (LSE:HSV), Royal UNIBREW A/S (OCSE:RBREW), Breville Group Ltd. (ASX:BRG), Silergy Corp. (TPE:6415) and Kusuri No Aoki Holdings (TSE:3549).

The Utah-based fund seeks long-term capital growth primariy through investments in small-cap growth companies domiciled in developing and emerging markets. The fund managers said in their quarterly letter that the fund returned 4.55% for the three months ending June 30, outperforming the MSCI All Country World Index ex U.S. Small Cap Index's return of

126 Views    James Li    2019-08-29 21:50
The Danish beverage company is extremely profitable and has been growing sales and earnings

Royal Unibrew (OCSE:RBREW) is a Danish brewer and beverages company. The stock does not trade in the U.S. The company is very profitable and has been growing sales and revenues. For the last 18 years, the stock has been a 12-bagger.

The stock trades for 406.4 Danish krone ($66.58), there are 52.7 million shares and the market cap is 21.4 billion krone ($3.5 billion). Earnings per share were 15.97 krone and the price-earnings ratio is 25.5. The dividend is 8.9 krone and the dividend yield is 2.19%. The dividend was raised from 8.15 krone last year to 8.9 krone.

36 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2018-04-23 19:41
Danish company is one of the few publicly traded brewers in the world

Danish brewer and drinks manufacturer Royal Unibrew (OCSE:RBREW) has been putting up great growth, is very profitable and the stock is reasonably priced. While putting up this growth, share count has actually fallen. Compared to the handful of publicly traded brewers left in the world, the stock is cheap. The biggest issue for the American investor is there are no American depository receipts and the stock does not trade over the counter; it must be purchased in Denmark.

The company has 52.5 million shares, the stock trades for 295.9 Danish krone and the market cap is 15.53 billion krone ($2.216

143 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2017-04-18 22:09
Royal UNIBREW has been growing sales and earnings without diluting shareholders

Royal UNIBREW (OCSE:RBREW) is a brewer and distributor of juices and soft drinks based in Denmark. The company does not have an American listing but has been very successful. The stock is reasonably priced, and profit margins are high.

The company has 54.1 million shares, the stock trades at 317 Danish krone ($46.79), and the market cap is 17.149 billion krone. It takes 6.79 krone to buy one dollar. Estimated earnings for 2016 are 14.43 krone, and the stock trades at a price-earnings (P/E) ratio of 22. The dividend is 7.2 krone, and the dividend yield is 2.27%.

Trailing 12-month

1963 Views    Holmes Osborne, CFA    2016-10-31 20:58
Fund adds 6 stocks to portfolio in 3rd quarter

Bestiniver is a Spanish investment firm that runs the Bestinfond (Trades, Portfolio) fund, which purchased six new holdings during the third quarter, according to data reported by GuruFocus Real Time Picks.

The current allocation of the value fund is 20% to 25% in Spanish equities with the rest in foreign investments. The firm looks for companies with a competitive advantage, a good management team and good price that is trading by at least 70% less than its value. Bestinfond (Trades, Portfolio)’s approach has had an average annual return of more than 13% over

1122 Views    Sheila Dang    2015-11-25 20:32

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