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Sometimes a moat is just as important to keep customers in as it is to keep competition out

In 1864, Ulysses S. Grant became commander of all Union forces. Choosing to lead while attaching himself to the Army of the Potomac, several senior officers started warning him about how gifted Robert E. Lee – commander of the opposing Confederate Army of Northern Virginia – was and how he could do things no other general could conceive. After hearing these claims just a little too much, Grant finally burst out saying, “Let’s stop worrying about what Lee does, and worry about what we are going to do to beat him.” In the end, of course, Grant forced Lee to

257 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2020-06-23 21:14
These stocks achieve annual milestone

According to the GuruFocus, these stocks have reached their 52-week highs.

NICE reached the 52-week high of $186.14

Nice Ltd. (NICE) is an enterprise software company that operates in two segments: customer engagement and financial crime and compliance. The company develops on-premises and cloud software based on data analytics. In customer engagement, Nice uses its software to offer services in both workforce engagement management and contact center infrastructure. In financial crime and compliance, Nice sells anti-money-laundering, risk management and fraud prevention software products.

The price of NICE Ltd. shares has reached $186.14, which is

71 Views    yifan900    2020-06-02 14:04
Great investments find ways to create quality that sometimes can't be measured by numbers alone

We define an economic – or competitive – moat as the ability of a portfolio company to create a product or service that is essential to their customer’s strategy or operations. An example of this might be a platform that is essential to capture, analyze and report customer usage data. There are companies like this – Veeva being an example – that are essential to life sciences drug development, promotion, and sales. This in turn generates extraordinary return on capital. Over time, you end up with a holding that is an essential part of their customer’s business that generates

1411 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2020-05-21 14:46
Covid-19 has more doctors going digital to maximize time and safety for medical workers

As Covid-19 floods hospitals in certain affected areas, doctor’s offices around the world are seeing their number of appointments spike as people come in to be tested for the virus.

In addition, some managers are demanding that their employees get “cleared” of the virus by their doctors before returning to work, even if they do not have any symptoms. Given how quickly the virus spreads, some doctors have even noted an unusually high number of clients with mild or no symptoms who want to be tested preemptively.

In response, family care doctors and general practitioners are increasingly moving online in

565 Views    Margaret Moran    2020-03-26 21:50
Great value investors are made in bear markets by exhibiting high emotional quotients

It isn’t often we see market actions like we’ve seen over the past few weeks. This is the kind of market where you see almost no correlation with corporate-specific data and individual stock prices. A company like Veeva (VEEV) - down from $165 per share on Feb.20, 2020- is trading at $135 per share on March 12, 2020 after announcing an outstanding quarter on March 4. For the recent quarter, revenue was up 34% year-over-year and earnings per share beat estimates by 2 cents.

What is one to make from such markets? What protection is there in these conditions?


1080 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2020-03-13 17:11
Instead of figuring out prospective stars in a booming space, look for their humble suppliers

Quite often, a sexy industry does not produce a sexy result for owners or shareholders, especially on a risk-adjusted basis.

Why? First of all, competition rules. Hot concepts easily attract capital. Think about the California gold rush in the late 1840s, where the discovery drew approximately 300,000 “forty-niners” (i.e. would-be gold miners) from the rest of the country and abroad. Too many miners chased limited resources. Within two years of the start of the rush, most of the easily accessible gold had already been collected.

Secondly, when a booming space is crowded with hot money, it becomes more speculative to

774 Views    Steven Chen    2020-02-04 17:27
We look book at some of the mistakes we made in the previous year and determine how to learn from them

Some the biggest variances are made when people are asked about their feelings about hypothetically losing something - like their life’s saving - and actually losing every penny they’ve saved over 40 years of work. We actually see physical and mental reactions so profound in their differences they could literally be as vital as life or death in their outcomes.” - Dr. William Hunnicutt

Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle." - James Russell Lowell

My mistakes of 2019

Sometimes I think my investing

291 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2020-01-30 20:53
Managers who are outstanding capital allocators are vital to achieving long-term investment results

When we control a company we get to allocate capital, whereas we are likely to have little or nothing to say about this process with marketable holdings. This point can be important because the heads of many companies are not skilled in capital allocation.

Their inadequacy is not surprising. Most bosses rise to the top because they have excelled in an area such as marketing, production, engineering, administration or, sometimes, institutional politics. Once they become CEOs, they face new responsibilities. They now must make capital allocation decisions, a critical job that they may have never tackled and that

814 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2019-12-19 17:56
Sometimes the art of sailing can give an investor a great lesson in trying to reach your investment goals

"We shortened sail in degrees, rolling in the headsail regularly, then taking the main off completely. The ride was exhilarating as the “Gigi” would surf on the long crests, skidding and squirming at breakneck speeds until the wave outpaced her. I have a vivid memory of being picked up by a wave, sinking down into it like an artillery shell into a howitzer, and then firing forward as the wave top overcame the base and started to break. It was madness. I can also recall seeing fish in the wave curls that were higher than we were.” - Sailing

481 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2019-11-27 16:03
These companies are expected to continue to beat the market in terms of earnings growth

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, but strong growth in cumulative earnings enhances the likelihood that companies will continue to do so, leading their share prices higher in the coming years.

The S&P 500 Index reported a nearly 41% growth rate (or about 8.2% per year) in its annual earnings (not inflation-adjusted) over the past five years, generating a nearly 51% rise in its share price to $3,120.18 at close on Tuesday.

Hence, investors may want to consider the following stocks that have grown their earnings per share by more than 41% over the past five years,

130 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2019-11-20 16:13
Management's discussion of performance and market conditions

Economic and Market Conditions

Amid trade war fears and slowing economic growth, U.S. and global stocks delivered mixed returns for the 12-month period ended August 31, 2019.

U.S. stocks opened the period in positive territory, but soon reversed course amid fears of a global trade war due to President Trump’s imposition of broad new import tariffs. However, U.S. economic data remained largely positive during the period, prompting the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) in December 2018 to again raise its benchmark interest rate.

Stocks turned higher in early 2019 as trade fears eased and interest rates remained stable. U.S.

29 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2019-10-18 22:16
We are told that value and growth are joined at the hip. Here's an example of Nintai getting it all wrong

I recently finished writing a multi-part series on how value investors got the credit crisis and Great Recession of 2008 to 2010 so wrong. A weakness many investors and financial writers have is the inability to find in themselves the same faults they find in others. There’s the old adage that history doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it often rhymes. This past year, I made a mistake that – while not an exact repeat of the errors made by value investors in the Great Recession – certainly rhymed. In this mistake, I made a considerable error in mixing up my

600 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2019-09-30 19:07
A review of Nintai Investments' performance and thoughts on the markets

The past six months have been an indexer’s dream. You simply couldn’t choose a bad asset class. It's difficult to imagine that the second half of 2019 could be kinder to multi-asset investors than the first half. It was the best first half to a year for the S&P 500 since 1997. At the same time, the iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond exchange-traded fund had what looks like its best half on record. In a true testament to just how over-the-top the bond rally was, the German 30-year bond logged a total return of some 15%. That would be the

606 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2019-07-10 20:05
A competitive moat is best designed when it give a company both offensive and defensive capabilities.

To the question, what shall we do to be saved in this world? There is no other answer but this: Look to your moat.”

- George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax

Perhaps the greatest flaw in the history of castles was thinking moats were a simple defensive tool. Not true! Moats can be both defensive and offensive weapons. In defense, they could be used to force the enemy to attack in a particular spot such as the castle’s most heavily defended area. But a moat might also allow the castle holder to hold one part of the line with fewer

739 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2019-05-28 16:41
Multiple companies have managed to achieve yearly highs as of late

According to GuruFocus list of 52-week highs, these Guru stocks have reached their 52-week highs.

TransDigm Group Inc. (TDG) reached the 52-week high of $462.78

TransDigm Group Inc. is a designer, producer and supplier of engineered aircraft components for use on commercial and military aircraft in service. TransDigm manufactures products for electronic, fluid, power, and mechanical motion control onboard commercial and military aircraft and helicopters. It also supplies products used for cabin structures, lighting, laminates, pallets and a host of other applications. In fiscal 2017, the company generated roughly 70% of its sales from commercial

19 Views    yifan900    2019-04-09 15:30
In our first public report, we discuss returns, winners and losers, thoughts on eating our own cooking and our views on corporate giving

With the opening of Nintai Investments LLC, we are going back to our previous method of reporting quarterly returns to the GuruFocus community and readers of our website’s blog. Before I get into the specifics, a few ground rules are in order.

  • As professional investment managers, we will not be providing a full list of portfolio holdings. Our customers pay us to allocate their dollars in a specifically chosen portfolio – not announce their portfolio to website readers.
  • Returns are a composite of the Hayashi Trust and individual investor portfolios.
  • Inception date is Oct. 15, 2018, for the Hayashi
437 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2019-04-08 15:47
From the start, Graham and Dodd believed that to be a successful value investor you needed to be an adequate security analyst

A lot of people think security analysis means sitting with green eyeshades and poring over financial statements. But it’s actually much more than that. Security analysis is made up of three major components – collecting and analyzing relevant and correct data, analyzing all the issues related to the management and company such as allocation of capital, capital structure, dividend policy, etc. and making a recommendation of buy, sell or hold based on these facts. These three steps require enormous research, industry knowledge, and business judgement. Being a security analyst isn’t just wearing green eyeshades but wearing multiple hats too”.


562 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2019-03-31 17:32
Recently, multiple companies have all managed to achieve yearly highs

According to GuruFocus' list of 52-week highs, these guru stocks have reached their 52-week highs.

Nike Inc. (NKE) reached the 52-week high of $83.49

Nike Inc. designs, develops and markets footwear, apparel, equipment and accessory products. It sells its products through Nike-owned in-line and factory retail stores and internet websites. Nike is the world's largest designer and wholesaler of athletic footwear and apparel. The firm sells to more than 50,000 retail accounts through a network of more than 1,142 company-owned stores (about 30% of revenue including online sales), and independent distributors and licensees in 170

17 Views    yifan900    2018-09-18 14:49
The best investments are companies that offer 'must-have' products and services to their customers

We try to own every one of them. Every single one. And if I had my druthers, I wouldn't own any other stocks in the year 2000. Because these are the only ones worth owning right now in this extremely difficult, extremely narrow stock market. They are the only ones that are going higher consistently in good days and bad. I love every one of them, just as I loathe the rest of the stock universe.”[1]

- Jim Cramer, February 2000

Many times you will hear talking heads discussing the “must-have” stocks to own in your portfolio. They are usually

1138 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2018-07-06 15:04
Each year I review the two best and worst performers in the portfolios I manage at Dorfman Value Investments

Each year, my colleague, John Dorfman, writes an article discussing stocks that are in most of Dorfman Value Investment’s client portfolios and that he also owns personally. In our team approach, he has Katharine Davidge and myself pick a percentage of stocks for the model portfolio used as the basis for many clients’ accounts. In addition, I manage some accounts mostly on my own with a few picks from John. At Dorfman, we think the blending of styles of each team member makes for a greater whole.

In my previous life as a managing partner at a consulting firm, I

774 Views    Thomas Macpherson    2018-06-20 20:58

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2020-10-22 $ 290.75 (-1.38%)
2020-10-16 $ 306.27 (-0.64%)
2020-10-12 $ 307.16 (4.43%)
2020-10-09 $ 294.12 (1.16%)
2020-10-08 $ 290.75 (1.16%)
2020-10-07 $ 287.41 (0.54%)
2020-10-06 $ 278.45 (1.05%)
2020-10-02 $ 275.56 (-0.53%)
2020-10-01 $ 277.04 (-1.48%)
2020-09-30 $ 281.19 (0.07%)
2020-09-29 $ 280.99 (-0.33%)
2020-09-25 $ 273.96 (1.74%)
2020-09-24 $ 269.28 (-0.48%)
2020-09-22 $ 273.44 (0.7%)
2020-09-21 $ 271.55 (2.12%)
2020-09-18 $ 265.9 (1.03%)
2020-09-17 $ 263.2 (-1.82%)
2020-09-15 $ 273.58 (2.22%)
2020-09-11 $ 264.53 (-1.14%)
2020-09-10 $ 267.59 (-1.23%)
2020-09-09 $ 270.93 (2.81%)
2020-09-03 $ 281.17 (-5.35%)
2020-09-01 $ 294.08 (4.18%)
2020-08-31 $ 282.27 (2.99%)
2020-08-28 $ 274.07 (1.42%)
2020-08-27 $ 270.22 (0.58%)
2020-08-24 $ 259.64 (-2.73%)
2020-08-20 $ 270.13 (1.22%)
2020-08-18 $ 266.69 (2.09%)
2020-08-17 $ 261.24 (1.12%)
2020-08-14 $ 258.34 (-1.51%)
2020-08-11 $ 252.78 (-1.75%)
2020-08-07 $ 261.22 (-3.69%)
2020-08-06 $ 271.23 (-0.35%)
2020-08-05 $ 272.17 (1.47%)
2020-08-04 $ 268.23 (0.06%)
2020-07-30 $ 261.94 (0.93%)
2020-07-29 $ 259.53 (3.39%)
2020-07-28 $ 251.01 (-0.98%)
2020-07-24 $ 251.95 (-0.82%)
2020-07-23 $ 254.04 (-1.78%)
2020-07-22 $ 258.65 (0.64%)
2020-07-17 $ 250.3 (1.64%)
2020-07-16 $ 246.26 (-0.61%)
2020-07-15 $ 247.76 (1.35%)
2020-07-14 $ 244.47 (1.54%)
2020-07-13 $ 240.77 (-5.27%)
2020-07-10 $ 254.16 (-0.99%)
2020-07-08 $ 252.4 (3.04%)
2020-07-01 $ 242.22 (3.33%)
2020-06-30 $ 234.42 (1.84%)
2020-06-26 $ 234.93 (-0.8%)
2020-06-25 $ 236.82 (1.07%)
2020-06-23 $ 239.1 (0.08%)
2020-06-19 $ 226.67 (-0.58%)
2020-06-18 $ 228 (-0.43%)
2020-06-15 $ 222.36 (2.62%)
2020-06-11 $ 213.65 (-5.69%)
2020-06-10 $ 213.55 (-2.2%)
2020-06-04 $ 206.2 (-4.2%)
2020-06-03 $ 215.24 (-1.99%)
2020-06-02 $ 219.61 (0.3%)
2020-05-29 $ 218.87 (7.18%)
2020-05-28 $ 204.2 (6.36%)
2020-05-27 $ 191.99 (-1.6%)
2020-05-26 $ 195.12 (-3.86%)
2020-05-21 $ 197.47 (-2.32%)
2020-05-20 $ 202.17 (3.13%)
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