GuruFocus API

For GuruFocus members who want to run advanced programming in other computer programs (Python, C#, PHP and R etc.), GuruFocus constructed an application programming interface (API) allowing computer programmers to build their value investing models.

GuruFocus API is using REST architecture. The format of response is JSON. You can use any programming language you like to build your own winning strategy based on our Guru/Insider/Financial data.

GuruFocus API is for Premium and Premium Plus Members use only.

GuruFocus memberships do not grant you the rights for the redistribution or resale of its data, including but not limited to online (websites, social media) and offline (printed materials, reports) formats. To redistribute GuruFocus data, a commercial data license must be obtained. For pricing details, please contact us.


API Request Format




For more information about {api_token}, please read Authentication .

Library created by users

A rust adapter to the GuruFocus API, a provider of financial data.