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There is a severe warning sign about Natera's operating margin. But the operating margin has improved in recent years, hasn't it?

Investment Ideas NTRA
0 10 hours ago

how do you think about the combined ratio will change due to inflation?

Investment Ideas PGR
3 1 day ago

What is price prediction with IDE submittal?

Investment Ideas RDGL
0 Jun 11, 2024

Cant see why Michael Burry bought this crap at 7USD. It look like a liquidation value play if buildins are 26.8USD per share less long term debt 10.4U

Investment Ideas BIG
3 Jun 11, 2024

Whats AMD potential

Investment Ideas AMD
6 Jun 11, 2024

3 simple tactics to help you beat your market benchmark. FREE webinar training.

Investment Ideas
0 Jun 10, 2024

Euphoria is often it's highest JUST before a market crash

Investment Ideas
0 Jun 6, 2024

Look at their mcap. Then look at their EV, BV, insiders are buying for some reason or another (even if it may be for tax purposes), the ceo "proclaims" to see growth in the future, they are still adding locations, they continue to build as if they aren't going bankrupt. The room is starting to smoke, but they're not worried for some reason. Something's cooking?

Investment Ideas NYSE:TCS
0 Jun 6, 2024

I now feel as if I have enough insight to answer my own question below, and I thought I'd share my thoughts. I believe the market is Leary on the comp

Investment Ideas ULTA
6 Jun 3, 2024

Is a stock split in the future for NVDA?

Investment Ideas NVDA
1 Jun 1, 2024

Is the US market about to crumble? And what happens if the big domino falls?

Investment Ideas
0 May 29, 2024

Anybody figured out why WB didn’t s buying this stock?

Investment Ideas NAS:LSXMA
3 May 28, 2024

CVS crashes to near 10 year low.

Investment Ideas CVS
5 May 28, 2024

How NVDA will reach $1T in annual revenue, with much of it recurring- https://www.theregister.com/2022/03/25/nvidia_trillion_dollar_revenue/

Investment Ideas NVDA
2 May 26, 2024

Double bottom was formed on the weekly chart.

Investment Ideas NAS:TZOO
0 May 24, 2024

Sieht gut aus

Investment Ideas OTCPK:PUTKY
0 May 24, 2024

is it a good price to buy LOW now?

Investment Ideas LOW
5 May 23, 2024

Life Insurance Companies - Inflation is your friend

Investment Ideas EQHMFCPRUMET
4 May 22, 2024

Bank of America needs new leadership. This bank has been undervalued for far too long.

Investment Ideas BAC
3 May 22, 2024


Investment Ideas NYSE:SQ
0 May 22, 2024