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As a student, I've encountered my fair share of challenges in my studies. One of the most common issues I face is information overload. The vast amoun

Article Comments Talladega College Partners with Kaplan to Offer Students Free Comprehensive Prep for Graduate-Level Admissions Exams and Professional Certifications
0 14 hours ago

If you look at the filing, Mr. Elmasri purchased the 500K shares for $0.00 so in that light not exactly a good thing.

Article Comments Insider Buying: CFO Saleem Elmasri Acquires 500,000 Shares of Bright Green Corp (BGXX)
0 Sep 18, 2023

Good summary of the book - quite difficult to practically implement as good quality companies / compounders are mostly always trading at high valuations and mostly slow growth low ROC companies at a discount

Article Comments Why Seth Klarman Swears by the Margin of Safety
1 Sep 18, 2023

I suspect that something unique to SMCI is "breaking" your formula for GF value. Its number, and therefore the resulting conclusion, run contrary to s

Article Comments Super Micro Computer (SMCI): A Deep Dive into its Overvalued Status
2 Sep 17, 2023

"Align Technology Inc has witnessed a surge of 0.02% over a period" .... Please stop those absurd AI articles....

Article Comments Unveiling the Investment Potential of Align Technology Inc (ALGN): A Comprehensive Analysis
0 Sep 16, 2023

Heading is misleading, definitely NOT a comprehensive analysis.

Article Comments Is Illumina (ILMN) Too Good to Be True? A Comprehensive Analysis of a Potential Value Trap
0 Sep 15, 2023

This price of a share is very high. I know it does not matter - but buying 10 shares will take $40 K - a price of a nice car.

Article Comments Booking Holdings: An Undervalued Travel Play
1 Sep 14, 2023

Good writing

Article Comments DaVita Continues to Support Critical Health Care Needs
0 Sep 14, 2023

Interesting that Gurufocus is now allowing articles for Cannabis companies. Previously I was told that these articles were not allowed.Also notably th

Article Comments What's Driving Tilray Brands Inc's Surprising 104% Stock Rally?
1 Sep 12, 2023

Thanks for highlighting Forward Air. The stock looks very interesting.

Article Comments Executives Bought Shares at Forward Air and Fox
0 Sep 12, 2023

Berkshire Hatheway is terrible.

Article Comments Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Makes Bold Move, Increases Bet on Financial Giant
1 Sep 12, 2023

consider whether resmed has benefitted from Phillip’s cpap recall and whether resmed will be negatively affected when phillips comes back into t

Article Comments ResMed (RMD): An Uncovered Gem? Unveiling Its True Value
0 Sep 11, 2023

Great article. If everyone followed Jack Bogle's excellent advice most of the financial services industry will disappear.

Article Comments Invest Like a Legend: John Bogle's Blueprint for a Balanced Portfolio
1 Sep 11, 2023

Could you share how's GF Value of $34.22 calculated? PBF earned about the whole $34 in last 6 quarters, so the company basically worth 0 before 2022?

Article Comments Unveiling PBF Energy (PBF)'s Value: Is It Really Priced Right? A Comprehensive Guide
0 Sep 8, 2023

those articles have no added value. better to look at the summary page of the stock

Article Comments NovoCure Ltd (NVCR): A Deep Dive into Its Performance Potential
1 Sep 3, 2023

Great Feature! Question regarding the email alerts. Can I get email alerts only for the events that are relevant to my portfolio?

Article Comments Introducing GuruFocus Financial Calendar
0 Sep 2, 2023

Another AI article. Shall look into context of what is happening with the trials of the company....

Article Comments NovoCure Ltd (NVCR): A Deep Dive into Its Performance Potential
0 Sep 2, 2023

Those AI written articles are tiring. Absulutely no answer to the title question: What's Driving PDD Holdings Inc's Surprising 33% Stock Rally?

Article Comments What's Driving PDD Holdings Inc's Surprising 33% Stock Rally?
0 Sep 2, 2023

Enjoyed reading the article. Gained a better understanding of a stock conversion within the same company. A good piece of advice.

Article Comments AMC Shares Plummet in Anticipation of Share Conversion
0 Sep 1, 2023

What tools are available on Gurufocus to assess the earnings quality?

Article Comments Earnings Quality: The Pillar of Sound Value Investing
1 Sep 1, 2023