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Nov-17-17$16.40 (+0.86%)
01:19PMAres Capital Arcc Investor Presentation Slideshow Seekingalpha
05:03PM2 Stocks That Pay You Each Month Fool
08:00AMRetirement Security Tweeting Stock Market Highs Help Will Seekingalpha
Nov-10-17$16.2 (+0.06%)
12:35PMTeam End October 2017 Monthly Review Seekingalpha
Nov-07-17$16.19 (+0.5%)
03:00PMProspect Capitals Fiscal Q1 2018 Nii Nav Projection Seekingalpha
08:00AMRetire Smarter Ts Downward Spiral Worry Seekingalpha
Nov-03-17$15.99 (+0.88%)
04:45PMHigh Yield Investing Price Illusion Confusion Bdcs Mreits Seekingalpha
08:30AMTrick Treat Brown Bag Portfolio November Update Seekingalpha
05:56AMHercules Capital (HTGC) Q3 Earnings In Line, Revenues Rise Zacks
Nov-02-17$15.85 (-1.18%)
12:30PMAres Capital 2017 Q3 Results Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
03:41AMHigh Yield Dividend Stocks Equity Junk Bonds Seekingalpha
Oct-31-17$16.08 (-0.31%)
02:49PMShould You Sell Ares Capital (ARCC) Before Earnings? Zacks
09:11AMCan Segmental Growth Drive Willis Towers (WLTW) Q3 Earnings? Zacks
08:00AMFcc Approves Centurylink Acquisition Level 3 Buy Buy Seekingalpha
07:37AMWill Lower Premiums Affect Assurant's (AIZ) Q3 Earnings? Zacks
Oct-30-17$16.13 (-0.74%)
10:46AMPrudential Financial (PRU) Q3 Earnings: Is a Beat in Store? Zacks
08:12AMCan Lower Revenues Affect Genworth's (GNW) Q3 Earnings? Zacks
07:50AMIntercontinental Exchange (ICE) Q3 Earnings: Beat in Store? Zacks
08:00AMRetire Smarter Ftg Portfolio Gets Defensive Next Big Crash Part 2 Seekingalpha
04:46AMQ3 2017 Earnings Season Preview Bdcs Seekingalpha
08:00AMBatten Hatches Ftg Getting Defensive Next Big Crash Part 1 Seekingalpha
Oct-19-17$16.53 (+0.43%)
01:49PMMain Street Capital Price Nav Matter Seekingalpha
Oct-16-17$16.59 (+0%)
04:15PMTeam End September 2017 Review Seekingalpha
08:01AMRetire Smarter Big Social Security Changes 2018 Ftg Portfolio Supplements Seekingalpha
Oct-13-17$16.59 (-0.12%)
01:55PMFollow Delving Dividends And Income Seekingalpha
06:00AMHow to Invest in BDCs Fool
Oct-11-17$16.55 (-0.18%)
08:05AMRetire Smarter Sun Communities Tallies Hurricane Damage Seekingalpha
Oct-09-17$16.41 (-0.49%)
09:55AM86 Stock Portfolio Review Q3 Dividends 16_8 Percent 2016 Seekingalpha
Oct-06-17$16.49 (-0.66%)
08:00AMCenturylinks Yield Sinking Fast Level 3 Merger Progress Seekingalpha
Oct-05-17$16.6 (+0.85%)
08:14AMBrown Bag Portfolio October Update Seekingalpha
Oct-02-17$16.41 (+0.98%)
03:05PMTax Reform Effect Small Cap High Cash Flow Stocks Seekingalpha
07:35PMHigh Yield Income 9_8 Percent Bdcs Decline Mreits Rise Q3 2017 50 50 Portfolio Update Seekingalpha
08:00AMCall Crazy Knees Jerk Mine Say Buy Omega Healthcare Seekingalpha
Sep-26-17$15.94 (+0.69%)
08:00AMFed Signals New Direction Whetting Appetite High Yield Utility Seekingalpha
06:12AMMain Street Capitals Nav Dividend Valuation Compared 10 Bdc Peers Post Q2 2017 Earnings Part Seekingalpha
Sep-19-17$15.81 (+0.89%)
08:00AMSmarter Retirement Philip Morris 2 Cents 3 Cent Raise Seekingalpha
Sep-15-17$15.74 (-0.13%)
08:00AMGoldilocks Can Power And T Markets Years Come Seekingalpha
Sep-14-17$15.76 (-1.87%)
11:56AMTime Give Bdcs Another Go Seekingalpha
Sep-12-17$16.04 (+0.12%)
04:07PMAres Capital Yield Compression Portfolio Rotation Seekingalpha
01:41PMAres Capital Corporation Arcc Presents Barclays 2017 Global Financial Services Conference Seekingalpha
06:34AMMain Street Capitals Investment Rating Nav Sustainability Analysis Post Q2 2017 Earnings Seekingalpha
Sep-08-17$15.89 (-0.44%)
08:00AMCompound Dividend Investing Simple Seekingalpha
Sep-01-17$16.14 (+0.5%)
08:00AMLow P/E = Low Volatility: A Retirement Plan That's Easy To Live With Seekingalpha
Aug-29-17$16.16 (-0.31%)
09:37PMOFS Capital: Will You Know A Buying Opportunity When You See It? Seekingalpha
10:15AMMain Street Capital's NAV, Dividend, And Valuation Compared To 9 BDC Peers (Post Q2 2017 Ea... Seekingalpha
Aug-23-17$16.09 (+0.5%)
03:36PMThe Millennial Income Portfolio For Early Retirement Seekingalpha
Aug-22-17$16.01 (+0.44%)
08:00AMSmart Retirement: Don't Get Caught Up In The Political Chaos; Count Dividend Dollars Instead Seekingalpha
02:33AMProspect Capital's Fiscal Q4 2017 NII And NAV Projection Seekingalpha
Aug-18-17$15.85 (-0.25%)
08:01AMTracking The Treasury Rate For A 9% Yield On This Healthcare REIT Seekingalpha
Aug-11-17$16.06 (-0.68%)
08:00AMWhen Falling Revenues Can Be A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing Seekingalpha
Aug-09-17$16.35 (-0.12%)
05:57PMIntroducing The Brown Bag Portfolio Seekingalpha
Aug-07-17$16.42 (-0.06%)
12:20PMShould I Give My BDC Permission To Issue Shares Under NAV? Seekingalpha
08:47AMQuarter Three - First Month Portfolio Review. Time For Defense Seekingalpha
Aug-04-17$16.43 (+0.18%)
08:01AMKids Are Making More Money In This Market Than You Seekingalpha
Aug-02-17$16.45 (+0.24%)
10:02AMAres Capital 2017 Q2 - Results - Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
Aug-01-17$16.41 (+0.12%)
08:00AMRetire Smart: Tobacco Up In Smoke! Time To Buy This Accidental 8% High Yielder Seekingalpha
Jul-28-17$16.42 (-0.06%)
04:54PMThis 9.3%-Yielding BDC Is At Risk Of Having To Slash Its Dividend Seekingalpha
08:00AMNot Confident Of Your Retirement? You're Not Alone Seekingalpha
Jul-25-17$16.43 (+0.37%)
06:38AMMy 5 Dividend Champions Worth Holding For Decades Seekingalpha
Jul-21-17$16.47 (+0.24%)
08:00AMWhen Divorce Becomes Inevitable: Preserve Capital And Grow Income Seekingalpha
Jul-18-17$16.41 (-0.49%)
08:00AMThis Targeted Dividend Champion Has Begun Its Turnaround Seekingalpha
Jul-14-17$16.43 (+0.12%)
08:00AMSmart Retirement: I Can Stay Solvent Longer Than The Market Stays Irrational Seekingalpha
Jul-12-17$16.44 (+0.24%)
12:14PMThe A-Team: End Of June 2017 Review Seekingalpha
Jul-07-17$16.33 (-0.97%)
08:00AMTarget's New Brands Makeover: Newly Attractive Or Lipstick On A Pig? Seekingalpha
07:12AMThe Q2 2017 High Yield RIC Portfolio Update Seekingalpha
Jun-30-17$16.38 (+0.68%)
10:02AMDoor Opens For BDC IPOs After 2 Year Drought; Middle Market To Grow More Crowded Seekingalpha
Jun-29-17$16.27 (-0.25%)
01:50PMFinancial Services Dogs Bark For Capitala & Triangle Top June Gains Seekingalpha
08:15AMA Solid And Reliable 9.3% Yielder For Your High-Dividend Portfolio Seekingalpha
03:32AMProspect Capital's Dividend And NAV Sustainability Analysis - Part 2 (Including September-O... Seekingalpha
Jun-23-17$16.29 (+0.31%)
08:00AMSmart Retirement: Target Has Been Targeted Seekingalpha
Jun-22-17$16.24 (+0.37%)
02:38AMProspect Capital's NAV, Dividend And Valuation Compared To 10 BDC Peers (Post Calendar Q1 2... Seekingalpha
Jun-21-17$16.18 (-0.68%)
05:45PMBDC Index Fund Continues To Underperform The Average Seekingalpha
08:00AMSmart Retirement: How To Become Independently Wealthy Seekingalpha
06:30AMHunter Douglas Confirms My Expectations And Hunts For Acquisitions Seekingalpha
Jun-20-17$16.29 (-0.06%)
02:26PMThe A-Team: May 2017 Review Seekingalpha
May-16-17$16.54 (+0.61%)
08:00AMTurn Your Losers Into Winners: Spinning Gold From Dross Seekingalpha
May-15-17$16.44 (+0.67%)
03:46PMWill The High-Yield BDC Sector Outperform The S&P 500 In 2017? Seekingalpha
01:06PMHighflying #BDCs Hit a Rough Patch Barron's
May-12-17$16.33 (-0.37%)
08:00AMWhich Of These 6 Investing Mistakes Will You Make? Seekingalpha
May-11-17$16.39 (-0.06%)
02:21PMYields Are Finally Rising For BDCs Seekingalpha
May-09-17$16.34 (-1.51%)
08:00AMDon't Let Your Investment In AT&T Get Sidetracked By Media Bias Seekingalpha
03:48AMProspect Capital's Fiscal Q3 2017 NII And NAV Projection Seekingalpha
May-05-17$16.62 (-0.36%)
02:14PM100 High-Yield Stocks Down Big This Week: These 10 Are Worth Considering Seekingalpha
08:00AMSell Your Triple Crown Winner To Ride This Faster Dividend Horse Seekingalpha
May-03-17$16.79 (-4.22%)
05:21PMHigh-Yield Cash Flow And Price Growth Continues April 2017; POT3.5 Update (BDC, mREIT) Seekingalpha
11:36AMThe A-Team: April 2017 Review With A Focus On Mortgage REITs Seekingalpha
11:31AMAres Capital 2017 Q1 - Results - Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
May-01-17$17.54 (-0.34%)
12:24PMThe A-Team: First Anniversary Review Seekingalpha
10:48AMHow To Get A 92% Raise Shopping For A New Phone (Company) Seekingalpha
Apr-28-17$17.6 (+0.8%)
08:00AMBecause Bears Are Not The Most Welcome Houseguests Seekingalpha
Apr-27-17$17.46 (-0.11%)
09:53AMIssues And Opportunities For BDCs: Q1 2017 Earnings Season Seekingalpha
Apr-25-17$17.45 (+0.17%)
08:00AMAccumulate $1 Million By Dollar-Cost Averaging AT&T Seekingalpha
Apr-24-17$17.42 (+0.11%)
03:23PMMy 83 Stock Portfolio Review Highlighting Defensive Sectors And My Energy Stocks Seekingalpha
11:46AMWill The High-Yield BDC Sector Continue Higher? Seekingalpha
04:47AMUnderstanding BDCs (Part 4): The Ideal BDC Valuation Formula And Investor Yield Chasing Seekingalpha
Apr-21-17$17.4 (-0.17%)
10:10AMAspiring Retirees: Dollar-Cost Average Your Way To $1 Million Seekingalpha
08:00AMAspiring Retirees: Dollar-Cost Average Your Way To $1 Million Seekingalpha
Apr-18-17$17.42 (-0.57%)
10:30AMYield Compression Driving Dividend Cuts For BDCs In 2017 Seekingalpha
08:00AMTrump Ramps Up Deportation Force: Collect 6% Yield Now Seekingalpha
Apr-17-17$17.52 (+0.29%)
06:04PMDividend Growth Investing For Millennials Seekingalpha
08:06PM41 Of 81 Top Yield Financial Services Dogs Called 'Safer' For Dividends In April Seekingalpha
04:33AMAres Capital Corp.: Time To Take Profits And Run? Seekingalpha
Apr-14-17$17.47 (+0%)
08:00AMMarkets Unpredictable? Here's How To Invest With Confidence Seekingalpha
07:25AMThe Q1 2017 High-Yield RIC Portfolio Update Seekingalpha
Apr-13-17$17.47 (-0.34%)
08:26AMProspect Capital's Dividend And NAV Sustainability Analysis - Part 2 (Including May-August ... Seekingalpha
Apr-12-17$17.53 (-0.4%)
05:11AMBDC Total Returns Continue To Beat S&P 500 Since 2014 Seekingalpha
Apr-11-17$17.6 (+0.51%)
08:00AMBaby Steps To Giant Steps: Retirement, One Dividend At A Time Seekingalpha
Apr-10-17$17.51 (-0.45%)
09:30AM4.8% Yield IRA Q1 Update Of 33 Stocks And 2 Vanguard Funds With 3 Buys And 4 Sells Seekingalpha
Apr-07-17$17.59 (-0.28%)
08:00AMAre You Risk-Averse Near Market Highs? This Can Help Seekingalpha
07:38AMMy 83 Stock Portfolio Update Q1 Report With Dividend Increases Of 23.1% Seekingalpha

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