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Oct-19-17$49.71 (+0%)
08:57AMCan Australia Surpass Qatar to Become the Top LNG Exporter? Zacks
Oct-18-17$49.71 (-0.02%)
01:51PMConocophillips High Can Go Seekingalpha
01:18PMThis High-Yield Stock Just Became Even Safer Fool
10:59AMAnardako Petroleum Good Opportunity Oil 60 Seekingalpha
Oct-17-17$49.72 (+0%)
03:46PMApache Corp Better Sounds Seekingalpha
01:07PMThis Just In: Chevron Stock Upgraded Fool
Oct-16-17$49.72 (+0.65%)
05:16PMU.S. Crude Surges on EIA Data for Best Close of the Month Zacks
04:12PMRecords for Wall Street as Apple Gains Offset Healthcare Slide theStreet
11:42AMWall Street on Track to Close at Fresh Records as Energy Rises theStreet
10:55AMEnergy Leads Wall Street's Gains as Crude Hovers Around $52 theStreet
10:08AMWhy These 3 Oil Drillers Are Outperforming Their Competition Fool
10:14AM5 Oil Stocks Built to Thrive at $50 Crude Fool
Oct-13-17$49.4 (-0.82%)
07:56AMWhy You Shouldn't Bet Against ConocoPhillips (COP) Stock Zacks
Oct-12-17$49.81 (+0.42%)
05:28PMCan ConocoPhillips (COP) Run Higher on Strong Earnings Estimate Revisions? Zacks
10:10AMDiamondback Best Shale Oil E And P Coiled Ready Strike Higher Seekingalpha
Oct-10-17$49.19 (+0.57%)
01:32PMYou'll Be Surprised at the Size of ConocoPhillips' War Chest Fool
10:37AMWhy These 7 Oil Companies Won Big in September Fool
Oct-09-17$48.91 (+0.1%)
10:46AMHartstreet Stack Scoop Seeing Improved Production Data Enhanced Completions Seekingalpha
Oct-06-17$48.86 (-1.69%)
10:58AMCrude Oils 20 Percent Rise Continue Seekingalpha
Oct-04-17$49.31 (+0.14%)
12:21PMPhillips 66 Hits Time High Berkshire Buys Majority Stake Flying J Seekingalpha
08:52AMNew Yorks Exxonknew Investigation Takes Another Hit Seekingalpha
Oct-03-17$49.24 (-2.13%)
07:43PM3 Reasons Bet Energy Seekingalpha
04:11AMHow to choose the best ETF in a few easy steps MarketWatch
Oct-02-17$50.31 (+0.52%)
10:49AMDividend Growth 50 Last Time Got 8 Percent Raise Seekingalpha
Sep-29-17$50.05 (+0.1%)
01:58PMConocophillips Death Income Stock Seekingalpha
Sep-26-17$49.67 (-0.62%)
10:25AMHartstreet Enhanced Completions Bakken Cap Upside Uso Seekingalpha
01:30AMOverbought Oversold S And P Stocks Seekingalpha
Sep-25-17$49.98 (+1.83%)
12:51PMValero Energy Vs Phillips 66 Refining Best Seekingalpha
Sep-22-17$49.08 (+0.8%)
08:18AMFinancial Model Says Conoco Phillips Seekingalpha
Sep-21-17$48.69 (+0.74%)
05:42PMOil Companies Spending Plans Foretell Lower Production Seekingalpha
Sep-20-17$48.33 (+1.64%)
02:25PMBig Conoco Cenovus Oil Sands Deal Six Months Later Seekingalpha
07:37AMConocophillips Management Finally Gets Bites Bullet Seekingalpha
Sep-19-17$47.55 (+0.98%)
02:00PMCrude Oil Correlation Dollar Farce Seekingalpha
Sep-18-17$47.09 (+1.25%)
04:53PMConocophillips Vs Eog Resources Even Family Members Differ 50 Percent Seekingalpha
03:06PMCrude Oil Demand Rise Pushing Prices Higher Seekingalpha
01:04PMConocophillips Said Barclays Energy Conference Seekingalpha
08:25AMOil Majors Offer Investors Less Downside Risk Seekingalpha
Sep-15-17$46.51 (+1.48%)
06:06AMAnadarko Petroleum Corporation Market Forgets Alaska Ducs Seekingalpha
Sep-13-17$45.56 (+1.4%)
09:39AMEven Higher Oil Prices Will Save Cash Burning U S E And Ps Fed Raises Rates Seekingalpha
08:42AMNorth Atlantic Drilling Shareholders Wiped Seekingalpha
Sep-11-17$44.93 (+1.03%)
12:21PMConocophillips Slimming Seekingalpha
08:25AMBuy Conocophillips Oil Heads 50 Barrel Seekingalpha
Sep-08-17$44.47 (-1.42%)
11:01AMMotivated Seller Weak Market Give Cnq Bargain Seekingalpha
Aug-31-17$43.66 (+0.58%)
09:11AMExxon Mobil: History Shows P/E May Fall Further Seekingalpha
09:02AMThinking About Buying Energy? Think Again! Seekingalpha
Aug-30-17$43.41 (+1.31%)
09:07AMThis Undervalued E&P Is A Cash Flow Machine Seekingalpha
Aug-29-17$42.85 (-0.46%)
11:12AMHarvey And North Korea's Missile Launch Ironically Could Help Markets Seekingalpha
07:02AMWall Street Breakfast: Markets Rattled By Korea Crisis Seekingalpha
Aug-28-17$43.05 (-1.22%)
03:15PMNorth Atlantic Drilling: Some Positive Developments But Stock Is Best Avoided Seekingalpha
03:14PMUsing Crude Oil's Mean Reversion To Spot The Next Uptrend Seekingalpha
12:27PM3 Reasons For Higher Crude Oil Seekingalpha
10:28AMSeadrill: Some Promise In Latest Earnings, But Struggles Still Await Seekingalpha
Aug-25-17$43.58 (+0.65%)
11:24AMWill Congress Deem Tax Reform Worth A Carbon Tax? Seekingalpha
07:39AMAn Effortless Way To Compound Wealth And Retire Comfortably Seekingalpha
Aug-23-17$43.69 (+1.16%)
06:02PMBakken Oil Producers: IP30 Data And Well Metrics Update - Economics Of The Average Well Seekingalpha
Aug-22-17$43.19 (+1.62%)
08:27PMCrude Oil: Signs Of Demand Picking Up And Another Move Higher Seekingalpha
Aug-21-17$42.5 (-1.41%)
11:29PMAn Unexpiring Call Option On $100 Oil Seekingalpha
03:21PMConocoPhillips Remains A Solid Long-Term Pick Seekingalpha
Aug-18-17$43.11 (+0.26%)
12:04PMRunning For The Exits: Peak Oil Demand Seekingalpha
07:27AMThe Energy Sector Bloodbath And Why You Should Care Seekingalpha
Aug-17-17$43 (-1.58%)
10:03AMA Reversal In The Energy Sector As Big Business Abandons The White House Seekingalpha
Aug-16-17$43.69 (-1.82%)
03:47PMCanacol: Implications Of Q2 2017 Results Seekingalpha
Aug-15-17$44.5 (-0.09%)
10:10AMWill Oil Stink Over The Next Decade? Seekingalpha
09:14AMBig Players In Tough Times - Oil Majors Q2 Results Seekingalpha
Aug-14-17$44.54 (-0.56%)
12:20PMHartstreet LLC: Monster Delaware Wells Provide Insight Into Longer Term Implications For Th... Seekingalpha
12:00PMMajors Are Signaling A Slow But Recovering Oil Market Seekingalpha
Aug-09-17$45.65 (+0.04%)
06:10PMHere's How The Lean Long-Term Growth Portfolio Is Investing For The Future In Energy Seekingalpha
Aug-08-17$45.63 (+1.02%)
06:54PMConocoPhillips - This Pure Upstream Oil Major Stands To Grow The Most Seekingalpha
01:53PMCenovus Energy Wallops The Second Quarter Seekingalpha
04:39AMOil And The OPEC Meeting - Something To Believe In Seekingalpha
Aug-07-17$45.17 (-0.86%)
09:06AM6 energy giants primed to power up payouts: Barron's
12:22AMOil Week Ahead - Cutting Loose Of The $50 Anchor Seekingalpha
02:53PMCan ConocoPhillips Remain Profitable? Seekingalpha
11:14AMBig Energy Outfits Power Up Payouts Barron's
01:27PM4 Dividend Value Stocks In An Up Market Seekingalpha
Aug-03-17$44.91 (-1.53%)
06:24PMNo Reason To Bother With ConocoPhillips Seekingalpha
Aug-02-17$45.61 (+1.92%)
02:54AMWhy Oil Prices Fell - Buy The Dip Seekingalpha
Aug-01-17$44.75 (-1.37%)
07:05PMConocoPhillips: Capped Upside For Now Seekingalpha
02:14PMWhat Could Drive Crude Oil Higher Seekingalpha
07:36AMWhy Oil Prices Will Breakout - The Demand Driver Seekingalpha
Jul-31-17$45.37 (+0.24%)
03:39PMOPEC: Snatching Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat Seekingalpha
03:15PMConocoPhillips: FY Cash-Flow Guidance Largely Unchanged Despite Asset Sales Seekingalpha
11:22AMConocoPhillips 2017 Q2 - Results - Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
Jul-28-17$45.26 (+1.34%)
04:21PMConocoPhillips' Q2 Shock And Awe Seekingalpha
07:03AMWall Street Breakfast: Markets Await U.S. GDP Report Seekingalpha
Jul-25-17$43.65 (+2.44%)
03:43PMHartstreet LLC: Eagle Ford Enhanced Completions Help Show Why The Marginal Cost Of Producti... Seekingalpha
03:35PMPhillips 66: Get Ready For An Upside Breakout On A Strong Q2 Report Seekingalpha
07:08AMOPEC Checked All The Right Boxes For Oil Bulls Seekingalpha
Jul-24-17$42.61 (-0.09%)
09:36AMA Review Of The Dividend House Portfolio: Time For A House Inspection Seekingalpha
04:57AMConocoPhillips: Earnings Preview Seekingalpha
Jul-21-17$42.65 (-1.34%)
09:48AMEnsco Reports Many New Contracts Seekingalpha
Jul-20-17$43.23 (-0.98%)
02:13PMWhy I Exited My Long Oil Plays Before ConocoPhillips Reports Earnings Seekingalpha
08:22AMWho Stands To Gain The Most From Oil's Rise In Price? Seekingalpha
Jul-19-17$43.66 (+1.37%)
06:26PMConocoPhillips Is A Solid Buy Seekingalpha
Jul-18-17$43.07 (-0.28%)
10:21AMXLE And XOP: Comparing 2 Popular SPDR Oil Stock ETFs Seekingalpha
Jul-11-17$43.35 (+0.25%)
06:07PMConocoPhillips: An Eye On The Priorities Seekingalpha
Jul-06-17$43.31 (-1.92%)
02:36PMBullish Oil Inventory, I Said Bullish Seekingalpha
01:45PMGreenblatt, Big And Hedged - A Winning Combo Seekingalpha
Jul-05-17$44.16 (-3.29%)
04:34AMCan ConocoPhillips Continue To Outperform? Seekingalpha
Jun-29-17$44.08 (+0.27%)
02:22PMConocoPhillips: Sale Continues With Barnett Assets, But Why The Hurry? Seekingalpha
Jun-28-17$43.96 (-0.02%)
09:45AMOil And Gas Trust Value Ranking, June 2017 Seekingalpha
Jun-27-17$43.97 (-0.59%)
03:46PMIs Oil Price Jump A Feint, Or Has It Hit Bottom? Seekingalpha
03:43PMCompetitive Landscape In The Permian Basin Seekingalpha
12:49PMChesapeake Energy Looks Like A Screaming Buy Seekingalpha
Jun-23-17$44.83 (+0.04%)
02:44PMConocoPhillips: A Definite Buy Seekingalpha
Jun-21-17$44.95 (-1.9%)
09:56AMOil - Don't Miss The Forest For The Trees Seekingalpha
Jun-20-17$45.82 (-1.16%)
04:35PMCenovus Energy:  Misplaced Market Fears About A Bargain Acquisition Seekingalpha
01:32PMWill You Buy When There Is Blood In The Streets? Seekingalpha
May-16-17$47.13 (-0.65%)
08:29AMOpportunities With Regime Change After Venezuelan Meltdown Seekingalpha
May-15-17$47.44 (+1%)
10:17AMConocoPhillips: Now What? Seekingalpha
May-12-17$46.97 (-0.95%)
05:52PMConocoPhillips: Chasing The Hot Asset Seekingalpha
May-11-17$47.42 (-0.4%)
04:00PMExxon: Why It Could Take A Swing At ConocoPhillips Seekingalpha
May-04-17$45.92 (-2.46%)
10:57AMHere Are 2 Reasons Why You Should Buy ConocoPhillips Today Seekingalpha
May-03-17$47.08 (+0.81%)
10:49AMConocoPhillips: That Wasn't So Bad Seekingalpha
10:10AMCanada Throws ConocoPhillips A Lifeline In Q1 2017 Seekingalpha
May-02-17$46.7 (-1.64%)
06:19PMConocoPhillips 2017 Q1 - Results - Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
May-01-17$47.48 (-0.9%)
06:43AMWall Street Breakfast: More Earnings On Tap Seekingalpha
Apr-26-17$48.34 (-0.92%)
04:43PMConocoPhillips: Beware Of Risks Seekingalpha
02:02AMConocoPhillips Earnings Preview Seekingalpha
Apr-25-17$48.79 (+1.84%)
01:31PM5 Years In Seeking Alpha's 'DGI Fun Zone': Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned - And Triumphs, Too Seekingalpha
10:21AMEnsco Bags Big Contract With ConocoPhillips Seekingalpha
Apr-24-17$47.91 (+0.36%)
12:43PMHartstreet LLC: Whiting Might Be A Good Bakken Trade Into The Driving Season Seekingalpha
Apr-19-17$48 (-1.42%)
01:45PMThe Passive DGI Portfolio: Review And Updates Seekingalpha
Apr-18-17$48.69 (-0.53%)
05:31AMConocoPhillips' Sale: A Game Changer? Seekingalpha
Apr-17-17$48.95 (+0.68%)
06:48PMConocoPhillips, Alaskan Oil, And Growing U.S. Oil Reserves Seekingalpha
11:14AMMarket Challenge: ConocoPhillips' Asset Sales Seekingalpha
04:32PMConocoPhillips: On A Path To Becoming A 'True Independent' Seekingalpha
03:08AMConocoPhillips Bows To Lenders And Increases Sales Pace Seekingalpha
Apr-14-17$48.62 (+0%)
12:14PMConocoPhillips: Mr. Market Is Not Impressed Seekingalpha
12:01PMBP: FCF Upside And A 6.7% Yield Are Up For Grabs Seekingalpha
Apr-13-17$48.62 (-1.66%)
04:09PMConocoPhillips: San Juan Divestiture Looks Rushed, Price Is Somewhat Disappointing Seekingalpha
Apr-12-17$49.44 (-1.42%)
01:15PMUSO: Bullish Signs Arising Seekingalpha
Apr-11-17$50.15 (+0%)
03:06PMNorth Atlantic Drilling Secures Long-Term Contracts For 2 Jackup Rigs Seekingalpha
09:04AMSeadrill: $1.4 Billion In Contracts With ConocoPhillips Seekingalpha
07:18PMConocoPhillips: Everything Changes Now Seekingalpha
Apr-07-17$49.54 (-0.54%)
07:13PMExpect Some Pain From ConocoPhillips's Lower Output In Q1 And Q2 Seekingalpha
02:54PMDid Cenovus Make A Good Acquisition? Seekingalpha
11:45AMConocoPhillips' Bull Case Grows Stronger Seekingalpha
10:13AMOil And Gas Trust Value Ranking, April 2017 Seekingalpha

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