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Mar-19-18$20.86 (-4.53%)
11:21AM$SCS $IBOC $BANR $MFNC $UDR $GBCI $ORCL $PDCO $LSI $HPT $LKFN $FRC $FFNM $SGU $AON $CE $LBAI $WBS $GEO $WTBA $WINA Dividend Challengers Near Challengers 54 Increases Expected May 31 Seekingalpha
Mar-12-18$22.46 (+1.67%)
02:57PM$AB $ARLP $CAPL $CCR $CMFN $CYS $EARN $FDUS $GARS $GEO $GMLP $GOV $HMLP $SNMP $TCRD $TPVG $TWO Wall Streets 89 Star Dividend Stocks March 2019 Seekingalpha
09:15AM$ARCC $BTI $CTL $DIN $ED $EPR $GEO $GOV $IRM $KIM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $T $VGR $VZ $WPC $CLDT Late Life Drug Deductible Crisis Seekingalpha
Mar-06-18$22.23 (+0.68%)
10:57AM$AGNC $AJX $CESTY $CHMI $CIM $CIO $CYS $GEO $GOOD $GOV $NLY $NRZ $SIR $SLD $SNH $TWO $WMC $WSR Top 50 Real Estate Stocks Yields 18_5 Percent Gains 45_25 Percent March 2019 Seekingalpha
11:26PM$CALM $CLDT $DOC $EPD $GEO $HASI $HCN $IRM $OHI $ORI $PEGI $PFF $RY $SBRA $STAG $STWD $TD $UNIT $VDE $VDIGX $VGHCX Build Income Portfolio Today Update 27 Seekingalpha
09:15AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $CTL $DIN $ED $EPR $GEO $GOV $IRM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $VGR $VZ $WPC $T Retirement Security Exceptional Times Call Exceptional Measures Seekingalpha
08:00AM$ARCC $BBT $BTI $C $CLDT $CTL $DIN $ED $EPR $GEO $GOV $IRM $KIM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RF $RMR $SKT $SO $SUI $TWX $VGR Time Market Vs Timing Market Seekingalpha
Feb-22-18$21.34 (+1.43%)
08:00AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $CTL $DIN $ED $EPR $GOV $IRM $KIM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $T $VGR $VZ $WPC $GEO Congressional Budget Game Changer Private Prison Company Seekingalpha
Feb-20-18$20.78 (+3.33%)
04:01AM$ADES $AMZA $CEFL $CXW $DVHL $FTR $GEO $JE $MDLY $MORL $NS $OAKS $ORC $PEGI $SMHD $UNIT Fredrik Followers 50 Favorite Flop Stocks February Seekingalpha
10:13AM$APTS $DDR $EPR $GEO $GME $KIM $KRG $NRZ $PEGI $SBRA $SIR $SOHO $SRC $SRLP $SUN $TEP Dividend Challenger Gains Led Geo Preferred Sabra Kite Per Broker 1 Year February Targets Seekingalpha
08:00AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $CTL $DIN $ED $EPR $GEO $GOV $IRM $MAIN $MO $MS $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $T $VGR $VZ $WPC $KIM $PM Philip Morris Gets Morgan Stanley Corner Seekingalpha
Feb-14-18$20.07 (-0.94%)
11:40AM$GEO Geo Group Inc 2017 Q4 Results Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
04:16AM$CHMI $CIM $CLNS $CYS $DX $EARN $GEO $NRZ $NYMT $PZN $SHO $SIR $SLD $SNH $STWD $TWO $WMC $WSR Reits Top Russell 3000 Gain List Per Broker February Targets Seekingalpha
08:00AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $CTL $DIN $ED $EPR $GEO $GOV $IRM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RAI $RMR $SO $SUI $T $VGR $VZ $WPC Market Lost Collective Mind Fill Gap Portfolio Takes Look Back Looks Ahead Seekingalpha
Feb-06-18$19.8 (-3.84%)
12:18PM$AIV $AVB $CPT $CVX $ENB $ETE $GEO $GLOP $HCN $HP $MPC $SBRA $SPG $VLO $WLKP $XOM 24 Dividend Increases January 29 February 2 2018 Part 1 Energy Real Estate Seekingalpha
Jan-18-18$22.15 (-2.12%)
03:35PM$ABR $DDR $DKL $EPR $GAIN $GEO $GME $HASI $KIM $KRG $LOAN $MIC $NRZ $SBRA $SIR $SOHO $SRC $SUN Dividend Challenger Net Gains Paced Geo Macquarie Sabra And Manhattan Bridge Per January One Seekingalpha
Dec-29-17$23.6 (+0%)
08:00AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $ED $EPR $GEO $GOV $IRM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $T $VGR $VZ $WPC $DIN Yummy Yummy Dineequity Serves Fixins Seekingalpha
Dec-27-17$23.43 (-0.13%)
09:12PM3 Top Dividend Stocks With Yields Over 5% Fool
08:00AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $DIN $ED $EPR $GEO $GOV $IRM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $TWX $VGR $VZ $WPC $T Even Cloudy Crystal Ball Comes Focus Twice Year Seekingalpha
08:00AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $DIN $ED $GEO $GOV $IRM $LVLT $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $TWX $VGR $VZ $WPC $T $CTL Retirement Security Buy Hated Telecom Just Popped 10 Percent Seekingalpha
Dec-11-17$23.9 (-2.37%)
07:07PM$ABR $ANDX $BT $DDR $DKL $GEO $KRG $MHLD $MIC $NRZ $SBRA $SRC $SUN $TEP $WGP Top Dividend Challenger Net Gains Geo Ddr And Endeavor December Seekingalpha
08:00AM$ARCC $BTI $CLDT $CTL $DIN $ED $GEO $GOV $IRM $MAIN $MO $O $OHI $RMR $SO $SUI $TWX $VGR $VZ $WPC $T Retirement Security Confessions Serial Stock Predator Seekingalpha
08:01AMRetirement Security Income Investors Black Friday Reit Seekingalpha
08:00AMRetirement Security Fire Fury Telecommunications Seekingalpha
Nov-16-17$25.78 (+2.79%)
06:15AM3 High-Yield Stocks Still Worth Buying Fool
08:00AMRetirement Security Tweeting Stock Market Highs Help Will Seekingalpha
Nov-10-17$26.58 (-1.3%)
06:00PMDdr Corp And Game Stop Net Top Challenger Dog Gains November 2018 Seekingalpha
Nov-08-17$27.12 (+2.07%)
12:09PMHow trump's tweets and comments have moved markets theStreet
10:52AMDonald Trump's Presidency: Good for Prisons, Bad for Guns theStreet
06:00AMAre Private Prison Companies Using Forced Labor? Bloomberg
Nov-07-17$26.57 (+1.45%)
06:45AMHeard Reits Earnings Highlights Week November 3rd 2017 Seekingalpha
08:00AMRetire Smarter Ts Downward Spiral Worry Seekingalpha
Nov-02-17$25.64 (-0.97%)
03:41AMHigh Yield Dividend Stocks Equity Junk Bonds Seekingalpha
Oct-31-17$25.95 (+2.61%)
10:04AMGeo Group Inc 2017 Q3 Results Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
08:00AMFcc Approves Centurylink Acquisition Level 3 Buy Buy Seekingalpha
08:00AMRetire Smarter Ftg Portfolio Gets Defensive Next Big Crash Part 2 Seekingalpha
08:00AMBatten Hatches Ftg Getting Defensive Next Big Crash Part 1 Seekingalpha
Oct-16-17$25.94 (-0.61%)
04:30AMFollower Favorites Tecnoglas Uniti Cited Top Broker October Targets Seekingalpha
08:01AMRetire Smarter Big Social Security Changes 2018 Ftg Portfolio Supplements Seekingalpha
Oct-11-17$26.07 (-0.42%)
04:38PMSotherly Hotels Top Challenger Dividend Dog Net Gainer September 2018 Seekingalpha
08:05AMRetire Smarter Sun Communities Tallies Hurricane Damage Seekingalpha
Oct-06-17$25.9 (-3.18%)
08:00AMCenturylinks Yield Sinking Fast Level 3 Merger Progress Seekingalpha
08:00AMCall Crazy Knees Jerk Mine Say Buy Omega Healthcare Seekingalpha
Sep-27-17$26.4 (+3.12%)
02:07PMS And P Midcap 400 Dividend Dogs Chase Uniti September Gains And Yield Seekingalpha
Sep-26-17$25.6 (-1.95%)
08:00AMFed Signals New Direction Whetting Appetite High Yield Utility Seekingalpha
Sep-19-17$25.94 (-3.17%)
04:58PMFollower Faves Included Rogue Real Picks September Seekingalpha
08:00AMSmarter Retirement Philip Morris 2 Cents 3 Cent Raise Seekingalpha
Sep-15-17$26.61 (+1.45%)
08:00AMGoldilocks Can Power And T Markets Years Come Seekingalpha
Sep-08-17$27.36 (+0.59%)
08:00AMCompound Dividend Investing Simple Seekingalpha
Sep-01-17$27.46 (-0.65%)
08:00AMLow P/E = Low Volatility: A Retirement Plan That's Easy To Live With Seekingalpha
06:45AMHeard On The REITs Weekly - Week Ending September 1st Seekingalpha
Aug-21-17$25.29 (+0.52%)
06:17PMS&P MidCap 400 Dividend Dogs Are Led By Uniti August Yield And 1yr. Gains Seekingalpha
Aug-14-17$27.09 (+0.86%)
06:55AMHeard On The REITs Weekly Seekingalpha
Aug-04-17$28.06 (-0.43%)
08:01AMKids Are Making More Money In This Market Than You Seekingalpha
Jul-28-17$29.62 (-1.1%)
08:00AMNot Confident Of Your Retirement? You're Not Alone Seekingalpha
Jul-27-17$29.95 (-0.99%)
06:18AMTop 10 Challenger Dividend Dogs Seek Robust Net Gains To July 2018 Seekingalpha
Jul-21-17$29.99 (-0.66%)
08:00AMWhen Divorce Becomes Inevitable: Preserve Capital And Grow Income Seekingalpha
Jul-18-17$30.24 (-1.82%)
08:00AMThis Targeted Dividend Champion Has Begun Its Turnaround Seekingalpha
Jul-17-17$30.8 (+0.56%)
05:41AMS&P MidCap 400 Dividend Dogs Are Led By Real Estate Gains In July Seekingalpha
Jul-14-17$30.63 (+2.34%)
08:00AMSmart Retirement: I Can Stay Solvent Longer Than The Market Stays Irrational Seekingalpha
Jul-07-17$29.5 (+2.01%)
08:00AMTarget's New Brands Makeover: Newly Attractive Or Lipstick On A Pig? Seekingalpha
Jun-23-17$30.47 (+0.73%)
08:00AMSmart Retirement: Target Has Been Targeted Seekingalpha
Jun-21-17$30 (-0.43%)
09:44AMMarket Dynamics Part 2: Supply Surges, And CoreCivic Inc. Seekingalpha
08:00AMSmart Retirement: How To Become Independently Wealthy Seekingalpha
May-16-17$33.15 (+0.61%)
08:00AMTurn Your Losers Into Winners: Spinning Gold From Dross Seekingalpha
May-12-17$32.37 (+0.84%)
08:00AMWhich Of These 6 Investing Mistakes Will You Make? Seekingalpha
May-09-17$31.64 (-2.83%)
08:00AMDon't Let Your Investment In AT&T Get Sidetracked By Media Bias Seekingalpha
May-05-17$31.97 (+2.17%)
08:00AMSell Your Triple Crown Winner To Ride This Faster Dividend Horse Seekingalpha
May-01-17$33 (-0.96%)
10:48AMHow To Get A 92% Raise Shopping For A New Phone (Company) Seekingalpha
Apr-28-17$33.32 (-1.86%)
08:00AMBecause Bears Are Not The Most Welcome Houseguests Seekingalpha
Apr-27-17$33.95 (-0.5%)
08:32PMTop S&P MidCap 400 Dividend Dogs Led By Washington Prime For Yield & Uniti For Upside In April Seekingalpha
Apr-25-17$33.64 (+2.56%)
08:00AMAccumulate $1 Million By Dollar-Cost Averaging AT&T Seekingalpha
Apr-21-17$32.71 (+0.37%)
10:10AMAspiring Retirees: Dollar-Cost Average Your Way To $1 Million Seekingalpha
08:00AMAspiring Retirees: Dollar-Cost Average Your Way To $1 Million Seekingalpha
06:38PMCan You Invest With A Conscience? Seekingalpha
Apr-14-17$31.87 (+0%)
08:00AMMarkets Unpredictable? Here's How To Invest With Confidence Seekingalpha
Apr-11-17$31.84 (+1.63%)
08:00AMBaby Steps To Giant Steps: Retirement, One Dividend At A Time Seekingalpha
Apr-07-17$31.07 (-0.06%)
01:45PMThe GEO Group Closes Acquisition Of Community Education Centers Seekingalpha
08:00AMAre You Risk-Averse Near Market Highs? This Can Help Seekingalpha

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