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Aug-09-18$6.89 (0.44%)
03:30PM$AGNC $APLE $ARESF $BRG $BTBIF $CIFAF $CJREF $CPTA $ERF $GHIFF $HRUFF $ORC $PSEC $SJT $TAHO 26 Safer Monthly Paid Dividend Equities Cover U S August Payouts Cash Seekingalpha
Aug-07-18$6.83 (-0.87%)
02:07PM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MCC $MO $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX $MAIN Analyzing Main Street Capitals Results Q2 2018 Includes Updated Price Target Seekingalpha
Aug-06-18$6.89 (-0.29%)
10:40AM$C $KEY $PBB $PYS $PSEC $RRD $BOKF $BOFI Find Select Undervalued Fixed Income Securities Seekingalpha
05:26AM$ABDC $ARCC $CGBD $CPTA $FDUS $GBDC $GLAD $HCAP $HTGC $KCAP $MAIN $MCC $NMFC $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $PSEC $SUNS $TCPC Monroe Capital Oversold 10_6 Percent Yield Reports Week Seekingalpha
Aug-01-18$6.98 (-0.29%)
04:54AM$ABDC $ARCC $CGBD $CPTA $FDUS $GBDC $GLAD $HCAP $HTGC $KCAP $MAIN $MCC $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $PSEC $SUNS $TCAP $TCPC Stable 9_5 Percent Yield Shareholder Approval Increase Leverage Seekingalpha
Jul-27-18$6.98 (1.01%)
08:47AMIs the Options Market Predicting a Spike in Prospect Capital (PSEC) Stock? Zacks
Jul-26-18$6.91 (0%)
08:44AMShould You Invest in the VanEck Vectors BDC Income ETF (BIZD)? Zacks
01:23AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $MO $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX $PSEC Prospect Capitals Fiscal Q4 2018 Nii Nav Projection Includes Recent Notable Events Seekingalpha
Jul-25-18$6.91 (0.14%)
11:48AM$ABDC $ARCC $CGBD $CPTA $FDUS $GBDC $GLAD $HCAP $HTGC $KCAP $MAIN $MCC $NMFC $OCSI $OCSL $PFLT $PSEC $SUNS $TCAP 13_2 Percent Yield Risk Upcoming Dividend Cut Seekingalpha
Jul-20-18$6.92 (0.73%)
01:11PM$CBL $CJREF $CPLP $DLNG $ECC $FRO $GMLP $LMRK $NYMT $PSEC $SGAPY $TEO $USAC $WPG Reader Comments Tagged 48 Dividend Stocks And Funds July Seekingalpha
Jul-17-18$6.84 (2.09%)
06:34AMProspect Capital Sees Hammer Chart Pattern: Time to Buy? Zacks
Jul-13-18$6.67 (-0.45%)
02:19PM$PSEC Prospect Capital Corp Action Plan Seekingalpha
Jul-05-18$6.75 (-0.44%)
03:07PM$MCC $OCSL $PSEC $GSBD 8_6 Percent Yield Dividend Growth Potential Reduced Fees Increase Leverage Seekingalpha
09:34AMWhat Makes T. Rowe Price (TROW) a Hot Pick for Investors? Zacks
06:47AMHere's Why SEI Investments Stock is Worth Betting on Now Zacks
Jul-02-18$6.68 (-0.45%)
05:31PM$AGNC $APLE $ARESF $ARR $BRG $BTBIF $CIFAF $CJREF $CPTA $HRUFF $O $ORC $PSEC $TAHO 23 Safer U S Monthly Paid Dividend Stocks 89 July Seekingalpha
Jun-21-18$6.85 (-1.15%)
08:02AMLegg Mason's (LM) CEO Pay Package for FY18 Jumps 8% Y/Y Zacks
06:02AM$AGNC $AHOTF $ALARF $CEFL $CJREF $ECC $GNL $MORL $NCV $NCZ $NHF $ORC $OXLC $PHK $PSEC $QYLD $SCM $SUNS $WSR $AMZA 151 Monthly Paying Dividend Sml Equities 69 Funds June Seekingalpha
Jun-20-18$6.93 (0%)
08:54AM$PSEC $PBY Prospect Capital Corporation 6_25 Percent Baby Bond Begun Trading Nyse Seekingalpha
Jun-18-18$6.91 (0.14%)
09:07AM$PSEC Prospect Capitals Dividend Nav Sustainability Analysis Part 2 Including September October Seekingalpha
Jun-14-18$6.89 (0%)
09:55AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX Tpg Specialty Lendings Nav Sustainability Investment Rating Analysis Post Q1 2018 Earnings Seekingalpha
08:30AMIs Prospect Capital (PSEC) Stock Outpacing Its Finance Peers This Year? Zacks
07:16AMTop Ranked Income Stocks to Buy for June 14th Zacks
Jun-12-18$6.87 (0.15%)
10:45AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $BDCL $BDCS $BIZD $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $KKR $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $TSLX $MAIN Main Street Capitals Nav Dividend Valuation Compared 14 Bdc Peers Post Q1 2018 Earnings Part Seekingalpha
06:14AMTop Ranked Income Stocks to Buy for June 12th Zacks
Jun-07-18$6.87 (0.29%)
09:36AMInvesco (IVZ) Acquires Intelliflo to Expand in the U.K. Zacks
Jun-05-18$6.82 (-0.29%)
11:16PM$MAIN $PSEC Prospect Capitals Dividend Nav Sustainability Analysis Part 1 Includes September October 2018 Seekingalpha
Jun-04-18$6.84 (0.59%)
09:35AM$PSEC Prospect Capital Corp Wait Drop Seekingalpha
10:32PM$HTGC $MAIN $MCC $MRCC $PFLT $PNNT $PSEC $TCAP Bdcs Put Rake Seekingalpha
Jun-01-18$6.8 (0.44%)
12:51PM$AINV $ARCC $BDCL $BDCS $BIZD $FSIC $MAIN $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $TSLX $GAIN Gladstone Investments Dividend Sustainability Analysis Includes July December 2018 Dividend Seekingalpha
11:31AM$AGNC $APLE $ARESF $ARR $BRG $BTBIF $CJREF $CMLEF $CPTA $CWYUF $HRUFF $O $ORC $PSEC $TAHO $WPTIF 22 Safer U S Monthly Paid Dividend Stocks June Seekingalpha
May-29-18$6.86 (0.44%)
08:34AMTop Ranked Income Stocks to Buy for May 29th Zacks
May-24-18$6.86 (0%)
05:53AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $BDCL $BDCS $BIZD $MAIN Main Street Capitals Nav Valuation Dividend Compared 13 Bdc Peers Post Q1 2018 Earnings Part Seekingalpha
May-21-18$6.71 (0.3%)
03:56AM$AGNC $AHOTF $ALARF $CEFL $ECC $EDF $FTF $GNL $GOOD $MORL $NCV $NCZ $ORC $OXLC $PHK $PSEC $QYLD $SCM $TRSWF 155 Monthly Pay Sml Equities Show 1_85 Percent 17_92 Percent Yields 70 Funds Yield 7_16 Seekingalpha
May-18-18$6.69 (1.06%)
12:06AM$PSEC Prospect Capital Hated Getting Attractive Seekingalpha
May-17-18$6.62 (0%)
12:33PM$PSEC Now Time Buy Prospect Capital Seekingalpha
May-15-18$6.62 (-0.3%)
12:45PM$MAIN $PSEC Assessing Prospect Capitals Results Fiscal Q3 2018 Includes Updated Price Target Seekingalpha
May-11-18$6.62 (1.07%)
02:29PM$PSEC Prospect Capital Buy Low Sell High Seekingalpha
May-09-18$6.37 (-1.24%)
05:52AM$FSIC $MCC $PFLT $PSEC $TCPC $PNNT Higher Oil Prices Interest Rates Driving Higher Returns 11 Percent Yielding Bdc Seekingalpha
02:29AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GAIN $GBDC $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $TCPC $MAIN Assessing Main Street Capitals Results Q1 2018 Includes Investment Rating Analysis Seekingalpha
May-07-18$6.38 (0.79%)
09:34AM$FSIC $GBDC $MCC $NMFC $OCSL $PFLT $PNNT $PSEC $SUNS $TCPC $MRCC 11 Percent Yield Supported Management Fee Waiver Recent Insider Purchase Seekingalpha
May-03-18$6.3 (-0.94%)
02:01PM$AGNC $APLE $ARESF $ARR $BTBIF $CJREF $CPTA $FNLIF $HRUFF $O $ORC $PSEC $SJT $TAHO 27 Safer U S Monthly Paid Dividend Stocks 94 May Seekingalpha
Apr-27-18$6.36 (-0.16%)
12:08PM$MAIN $PSEC Prospect Capitals Fiscal Q3 2018 Nii Nav Projection Much Decrease Seekingalpha
07:45AM$AINV $BKCC $MAIN $PSEC $ARCC Bdcs Will Surprise Interest Rates Increase Seekingalpha
Apr-25-18$6.38 (-0.62%)
11:41AM$PSEC Prospect Capital Fools Jump Seekingalpha
Mar-23-18$6.61 (-2.22%)
08:14PMON Semiconductor, XPO Logistics, Cryus One: 'Mad Money' Lightning Round theStreet
Mar-22-18$6.76 (+3.84%)
05:49PM$AKAO $PSEC $LGCY $OPK $CASI $FNCB Daily Insider Ratings Round 3 21 18 Akao Psec Lgcy Opk Casi Fncb Seekingalpha
12:19PM$ACRVF $AGNC $ARESF $ARR $BTBIF $CJREF $ORC $PSEC 44 Safer Dividend Mopay S M L Stocks March Seekingalpha
Mar-21-18$6.51 (0.15%)
03:41AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $KKR $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $MAIN Main Street Capitals Nav Dividend Valuation Compared 11 Bdc Peers Post Q4 2017 Earnings Part Seekingalpha
Mar-14-18$6.51 (-0.31%)
01:29PM$AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $OCSI $OCSL $SLRC $PSEC Prospect Capitals Dividend Nav Sustainability Analysis Part 1 Including May August 2018 Seekingalpha
Mar-13-18$6.53 (-0.76%)
01:48PM$AINV $FSIC $MAIN $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $ARCC Ares Capitals Dividend Sustainability Analysis Includes Q2 Q4 2018 Dividend Projection Seekingalpha
12:54PM$PSEC Prospect Capital Corp 3 Reasons Go Flow Seekingalpha
Mar-09-18$6.58 (-0.3%)
11:10AM$AGNC $APLE $ARESF $ARR $BBD $BRG $BTBIF $CJREF $CPTA $FNLIF $HRZN $ORC $PSEC $SCM $TAHO 22 Safer U S Monthly Paid Dividend Stocks 97 March Seekingalpha
Mar-07-18$6.67 (-0.3%)
11:47AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $MAIN Main Street Capitals Nav Dividend Valuation Compared 9 Bdc Peers Post Q4 2017 Earnings Part 1 Seekingalpha
12:08AM$ANGI $BOMN $HGEN $LC $LGCY $PSEC $TMUS Daily Insider Ratings Round 3 5 18 Lgcy Psec Lc Angi Tmus Bomn Hgen Seekingalpha
Feb-28-18$6.64 (0%)
05:21PM$BW $DDR $LJPC $NIHD $ODT $PSEC $TMUS Daily Insider Ratings Round 2 27 18 Seekingalpha
12:02PM$BDCS $PSEC $OCSL $BKCC $FDUS $FSIC $GSBD $KCAP $MRCC $TPVG $AINV $TSLX $HTGC $TCRD $MAIN $TCPC $NMFC $ARCC $MCC High Yield Bdc Will Cutting Dividend Soon Seekingalpha
Feb-27-18$6.64 (-1.19%)
10:04AM$PSEC Prospect Capital Buy Sell Seekingalpha
Feb-23-18$6.7 (0%)
12:47PM$AOBC $CAB $DKS $PSEC $SPWH $VSTO $RGR Ruger Q4 2017 Earnings Call Canary Coal Mine Seekingalpha
09:38AM$ACRVF $AGNC $APLE $ARESF $ARR $BTBIF $CJREF $FCMGF $NPIFF $NWHUF $ORC $PSEC 43 Safer Dividend Mopay Cap Stocks Cast Big Yields February 20 Seekingalpha
Feb-21-18$6.72 (-0.44%)
01:07PM$MAIN $PSEC Fully Analyzing Prospect Capitals Results Fiscal Q2 2018 Including Updated Price Target Seekingalpha
Feb-14-18$6.92 (1.02%)
07:10PM$GLPI $KKR $MGEN $PSEC $SMPL $STON $TNDM Daily Insider Ratings Round 2 13 18 Kkr Glpi Psec Tndm Smpl Ston Mgen Seekingalpha
Feb-13-18$6.85 (0.44%)
07:45PM$PSEC Prospect Capital Give Bdc Another Chance Seekingalpha
Feb-12-18$6.82 (0.74%)
07:36AM$ACAS $OCSL $PSEC $ARCC Ares Capital 10 Percent Yield Watch Week Seekingalpha
Feb-09-18$6.77 (+4.15%)
02:00PM$PSEC Prospect Capital Surging Now Seekingalpha
12:49PM$AGNC $APLE $ARESF $BRG $BTBIF $CJREF $CPTA $GHIFF $HRZN $ORC $PMULF $PSEC $SCM $TAHO 19 Safer U S Monthly Paid Dividend Stocks 98 February Seekingalpha
11:17AM$PSEC Prospect Capital Time Seekingalpha
06:44AM$PSEC Prospect Capital Turning Around Seekingalpha
Feb-06-18$6.29 (1.29%)
03:39PM$PSEC High Yield Bdc Stock Pays 11_3 Percent 30 Percent Discount Nav Buy Territory Seekingalpha
01:12PMNew Strong Sell Stocks for January 5th (revised) Zacks
10:27AM$PSEC $AINV $ARCC $BKCC $FDUS $FSIC $GBDC $GLAD $GSBD $KCAP $MCC $MRCC $NMFC $PFLT $PNNT $TCPC $TCRD $TICC $TPVG Oaktree Specialty Lending Expected Dividend Cut 20 Percent 36 Percent Week Seekingalpha
05:50AM$AINV $ARCC $BXMT $MAIN $MRCC $PSEC $GSBD Optimum Risk Adjusted Yield Among Bdcs Seekingalpha
Jan-26-18$6.85 (0.15%)
02:21AM$AI $BKCC $CMFN $EFC $FDUS $GARS $MRCC $OFS $PNNT $PSEC $TCPC $TCRD $TICC $TPVG Top Financial Services Gains Posted Cm Finance Garrison Ofs Arlington Thl January Per Broker Seekingalpha
Jan-25-18$6.84 (-0.73%)
01:36PM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $MAIN Main Street Capitals Monthly Dividend Projection March May 2018 Including Special Periodic Seekingalpha
Jan-22-18$6.93 (1.17%)
04:23PM$ACRVF $AGNC $ARESF $BTBIF $CJREF $CPTA $FCMGF $NPIFF $ORC $PMULF $PSEC $SCM $TAHO Top Safer Dividend Monthly Pay Gains Smartcentres Pure Multi Family Corus And Stellus January Seekingalpha
Jan-19-18$6.85 (0.74%)
07:50AM$ARCC $BDCS $BND $NLY $PSEC $REM $STWD $VOO Really Live High Yield Dividends Retirement Seekingalpha
Jan-16-18$6.76 (-1.31%)
11:43AM$PSEC Prospect Capital Potential Entry Points Seekingalpha
Jan-12-18$6.85 (0%)
05:00AM$ARCC $CCT $GBDC $PSEC $FSIC Fs Investment Corp Insider Buying 9_9 Percent Yield 25minus 35 Percent Upside Seekingalpha
Jan-11-18$6.85 (1.93%)
07:53PM$CMRE $FTR $GSL $GST $NM $PSEC $SB $SSW Qualities Investors Must Develop Succeed Market Seekingalpha
Jan-05-18$6.9 (-0.14%)
05:17AMNew Strong Sell Stocks for January 5th Zacks
Dec-28-17$6.95 (-1.42%)
06:05PM$EPD $SPKE $AIRT $CBMG $FI $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 27 17 Spke Fi Psec Cbmg Airt Epd Seekingalpha
Dec-27-17$7.05 (-0.28%)
05:52PM$OHI $CQP $PSEC $HSDT Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 26 17 Ohi Cqp Hsdt Psec Dlpn Seekingalpha
01:00PM$NFJ $PGLC $PSEC $BAS Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 22 17 Bas Psec Pglc Nfj Seekingalpha
04:50AM$PGLC $OFC $NANX $IMH $GIGM $BBW $BH $VG $SSD $SKX $NOW $ILMN $GOOG $CNCE $CACC $BOX $S $MCOA $GOOGL $FI $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 21 17 Fi Psec Ofc Pglc Seekingalpha
Dec-22-17$7.26 (2.25%)
01:18PM$PSEC 10_1 Percent Yielding Bdc 2018 Seekingalpha
01:22AM$ACRVF $AGNC $ALARF $BTBIF $CCAOF $CJREF $CPTA $EPR $MFCSF $ORC $PDTRF $PSEC $SCM $TAHO $TRSWF Safer Dividend S M L Mopay Gains 6 Reits 2 Financials 1 Health 1 Utility 12 19 18 Seekingalpha
Dec-21-17$7.1 (2.01%)
05:24PM$CHN $NCMI $NXRT $PSEC $SHAK Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 20 17 Shak Psec Chn Nxrt Ncmi Seekingalpha
Dec-19-17$6.91 (0.44%)
04:55PM$ABDC $ACSF $AI $CPTA $FSIC $GHL $HRZN $KCAP $MCC $MDLY $MHLD $MVC $PNNT $PSEC $TICC $TPVG Financial Services Safer Dividend Top Gainers Capitala Medley M Alcentra Kcap And Medley C Seekingalpha
02:43PM$BDCL $BDCS $MAIN $OCSL $TCAP $MCC $TCPC $FDUS $PSEC $PFLT $GBDC $SUNS $GSBD $MRCC $TCRD $TSLX $FSIC $NMFC $ARCC High Yield Bdc Sector Ready Rally 2018 Seekingalpha
01:10PM$ABDC $AI $BCRH $CMFN $CPTA $DLKGF $GECC $KCAP $MCC $MDLY $MRCC $OFS $PSEC $TCAP $TCRD $TICC Top Financial Services Gains Capitala Cm Medley M Alcentra And Kcap December Per Broker Price Seekingalpha
10:35AM$AAPL #APPLE $AGNC $ANH $BPT $CBL $CPTA $DLNG $EPR $OKE $ORC $PSEC $SDLP $SXCP $TICC $TWO $WDC Safer Dividend Follower Favorite Top Gainer Dynagas Top Yielder Orchid December Seekingalpha
06:24AM$IMMR $DEPO $URI $TWTR $FMI $CMPR $CBS $BBY $TROW $TREE $IDRA $AKAM $ADES $AB $SHAK $RETA $PSEC $OCSI $DISCA Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 15 17 Shak Disca Psec Reta Ocsi Seekingalpha
Dec-18-17$6.88 (0.88%)
05:32PM$AMZA $BPT $CBL $CNSL $CRLFF $DLNG $ETP $FTR $NS $NSH $ORC $PSEC $SDLP $SNMP $SXCP Follower Remarks Tag Frontier Consolidated Comm Energy Transfer Tops Broker Target Gains Seekingalpha
06:27PM$VTL $LC $FENC $SYRS $NTLA $NCS $LLY $FB $CNK $BBY $SRG $K $CLDR $APPN $DNLI $DISCA $PSEC $PRGX $JOE Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 14 17 Disca Prgx Joe Psec Lc Vtl Fenc Seekingalpha
Dec-14-17$6.8 (0.15%)
06:33PM$AGNC $ARCX $AUO $BLX $CYS $DCP $FINL $KSS $LHO $MITT $NLY $NRCIB $PIR $PSEC $QUAD $SAFT $STX $TICC $TLRD Wall Streets 47 Hated Safer Dividend Stocks 2018 Seekingalpha
02:49PM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $MAIN $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $SLRC $PSEC Prospect Capitals Dividend Nav Sustainability Analysis Part 2 Including February April 2018 Seekingalpha
12:26PM$AGNC $ARCX $BLX $CHSP $CYS $GLAD $M $MAIN $NGL $NLY $NYMT $PBA $PIR $PSEC $SBR $SHO $STX $TICC $WHF 50 Dividend Equities Wall St Hates 2018 Seekingalpha
09:44AM$CHCT $PSEC $AAT $CTL $DEX Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 12 17 Chct Ctl Psec Aat Dex Seekingalpha
04:42AM$CCT $GBDC $GSBD $PSEC $TCPC $TCRD $FSIC Fs Investments Become Largest Bdc Potentially Paying Special Dividend Seekingalpha
Dec-12-17$6.78 (-0.73%)
09:45PM$LC $OMF $MDCO $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 11 17 Mdco Psec Lc Omf Seekingalpha
Dec-11-17$6.83 (1.04%)
05:56PM$FI $ISCO $ITRI $NLY $PDVW $PSEC $CTL Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 8 17 Ctl Itri Pdvw Nly Fi Psec Joe Isco Seekingalpha
03:50PM$BDC $O $RIC $PSEC $TCPC $GSBD $GAIN 6_9 Percent Yielding Bdc Offers Investors Monthly Income Long Term Gains Seekingalpha
08:31AM$ABDC $BKCC $CMFN $CPTA $FSIC $GARS $GBDC $KCAP $MAIN $MCC $OCSI $OCSL $PNNT $PSEC $TCAP $TCRD $TICC $TSLX $BDCL Index Funds Way Invest High Yield Sector Seekingalpha
12:22AM$AGFS $AMH $PSEC $TTS $INFI Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 7 17 Infi Tts Agfs Psec Amh Seekingalpha
Dec-08-17$6.76 (1.2%)
10:23AM$CRK $TEP $NCMI $GDL $DDD $BIOL $WMT $USFD $TYL $SIX $SGH $SFNC $ESRT $IBP $DLPH $AGN $AAT $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 6 17 Aat Crk Tep Psec Seekingalpha
Dec-07-17$6.68 (-0.15%)
09:17AM$KIM $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 5 17 Psec Joe Kim Seekingalpha
05:51AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $MAIN Main Street Capitals Nav Sustainability Investment Rating Analysis Post Q3 2017 Earnings Seekingalpha
Dec-06-17$6.69 (0%)
08:38PM$ETE $OAK $OHI $NRE $PSEC $EPD $GM Dividend Growth Portfolio November 2017 Letter Investors Seekingalpha
02:59PM$ARCC $ARI $BDCS $BIZD $GAIN $HTGC $HYG $JNK $LADR $MAIN $MORT $NEWT $NRZ $O $PSEC $REM $SPY $STWD $TLT $UST Team End November 2017 Monthly Review Seekingalpha
Dec-05-17$6.69 (-0.59%)
05:08PM$BJRI $CLRO $FLDM $PCSB $PSEC $RILY $PDVW Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 4 17 Pdvw Clro Fldm Psec Rily Pcsb Bjri Seekingalpha
04:59PM$PSEC Prospect Capital Perspective Preferred Investor Update Seekingalpha
04:00AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $MAIN $NEWT $OCSL $PSEC Prospect Capitals Dividend Nav Sustainability Analysis Part 1 Including February April 2018 Seekingalpha
12:14AM$DYNT $KW $SHAK $SNAP $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 12 1 17 Shak Snap Psec Dynt Kw Seekingalpha
Dec-04-17$6.73 (-0.88%)
06:38PM$ACSF $AGNC $ARESF $BTBIF $CJREF $CPTA $EPR $HRZN $ORC $PSEC $SCM $WHLR 14 Safer U S Dividend Mopay Stocks Envy Capitala Bright December Gains Seekingalpha
Nov-29-17$6.87 (0.44%)
06:56PM$EPD $HK $PGLC $POPE $TEP $TWNK $XNCR $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 11 28 17 Xncr Psec Twnk Hk Epd Pope Tep Pglc Seekingalpha
11:56AM$PSEC $ARCC $MAIN Low Risk 7 Percent Yielding Blue Chip Growing Like Weed Seekingalpha
12:18AM$AAT $CHN $ETM $PSEC $TEP $JCI Daily Insider Ratings Round 11 27 17 Jci Etm Aat Psec Tep Chn Seekingalpha
Nov-28-17$6.84 (0.15%)
08:03AM$BMRC $JCI $PSEC Daily Insider Ratings Round 11 24 17 Psec Jci Bmrc Seekingalpha
03:47AM$ACSF $AINV $ARCC $FSIC $GBDC $MCC $NEWT $OCSI $OCSL $PSEC $SLRC $MAIN Main Street Capitals Nav Valuation Dividend Compared 8 Bdc Peers Post Q3 2017 Earnings Part 1 Seekingalpha
04:10AM35 100 Financial Services Stocks Safer Dividends November Seekingalpha
12:15AMDaily Insider Ratings Round 11 22 17 Ge Hain Psec Gec Joe Sd Seekingalpha
01:02PMFinancial Services Brokers See Big Gains Capitala Alcentra Medley Cm November Seekingalpha
Nov-24-17$6.8 (-0.73%)
10:56AM30 Safer Dividend Mopay S M L Stocks Show Reits Building Broker November Gains Seekingalpha
Nov-22-17$6.85 (-0.87%)
08:16PMClosing Long Position Prospect Capital Rally Monitoring Triangle Capital Kcap Seekingalpha
Nov-21-17$6.91 (-0.72%)
05:15PMMissed Boat Wait Drop Buying 10_3 Percent Yielding Bdc Seekingalpha
Nov-16-17$6.65 (+4.23%)
05:41PMProspect Capital Lesson Adam Smith Rational Decision Making Seekingalpha
01:46PMFully Analyzing Prospect Capitals Results Fiscal Q1 2018 Including Current Price Target Seekingalpha
01:01PMResearch Shows Chasing Yield Pay Seekingalpha
01:13AMDaily Insider Ratings Round 11 14 17 Snap Psec Sgyp S Xray Msp Lxrx Seekingalpha
Nov-13-17$6.02 (1.01%)
05:09PM11 Percent Yielding Bdc Worth Continued Credit Issues Seekingalpha
07:37AMProspect Capital (PSEC) in Focus: Stock Moves 6.1% Higher Zacks
05:03PM2 Stocks That Pay You Each Month Fool
Nov-09-17$5.62 (-4.42%)
05:08AMPredicted Prospect Capital Right Seekingalpha
Nov-07-17$5.91 (2.43%)
06:00PMProspect Capital Panic Mode Seekingalpha
03:00PMProspect Capitals Fiscal Q1 2018 Nii Nav Projection Seekingalpha
Nov-06-17$5.77 (2.12%)
04:33PM10 Percent Dividend Yield Book Value Energy Upside Potential Seekingalpha
01:11PMPast Prologue Part Ii Seekingalpha
09:12AMRebuttal Prospect Capital Corp Unsafe Price Seekingalpha
04:02AM18 Safer U S Dividend Mopay Dogs Lag Capitala November Gains Spurred Dividend Cut Seekingalpha
Nov-03-17$5.65 (1.62%)
03:00PMProspect Capital Corp Seekingalpha
Nov-02-17$5.56 (-5.28%)
11:49AMProspect Capital Unsafe Price Part 2 Target 45minus 60 Percent Discount Nav Seekingalpha
Oct-31-17$5.99 (-0.5%)
02:38PMProspect Capital Unsafe Price Seekingalpha
Oct-30-17$6.02 (-0.5%)
04:25PMProspect Capital Opening Long Position Seekingalpha
02:09PMRealty Income Price Right Yet Seekingalpha
10:00AMApollo Investment Another 10 Percent Yielding Bdc Headed Right Direction Seekingalpha
04:46AMQ3 2017 Earnings Season Preview Bdcs Seekingalpha
Oct-27-17$6.05 (-0.17%)
04:41PM11_9 Percent Yielding Dividend Dog Sale Seekingalpha
Oct-26-17$6.06 (-0.66%)
09:38AM10 Percent Dividend Yield First Lien Portfolio Seekingalpha
Oct-24-17$6.17 (-0.64%)
06:12PMFinancial Services Safer Dividend Top Gain Dogs Capitala Medley Per Broker Targets October Seekingalpha
11:32AMFinancial Services Net Gains 41 Percent 54 Percent Cast Top 3 Dogs Per Broker October Targets Seekingalpha
Oct-23-17$6.21 (-2.36%)
01:06PM10 Attractive 5 Percent Yields Preferred Stocks Bonds Conservative Options Trades Seekingalpha
11:23AM35 Safer Dividend Mopay S M L Dogs Gasp High Arctic Energy Gushing October Gains Seekingalpha
Oct-20-17$6.36 (0.32%)
01:06PMUpcoming Book Value Declines Prospect Capital Seekingalpha
Oct-19-17$6.34 (0.48%)
01:49PMMain Street Capital Price Nav Matter Seekingalpha
Oct-17-17$6.36 (0.63%)
03:24AMMain Street Capitals Monthly Dividend Projection December 2017 February 2018 Seekingalpha
Oct-16-17$6.32 (0.8%)
11:55AMSafer Dividend Follower Favorites Rogues 5 Highest Yield Lowest Priced Net 33 Percent October Seekingalpha
04:30AMFollower Favorites Tecnoglas Uniti Cited Top Broker October Targets Seekingalpha
Oct-13-17$6.27 (0.8%)
02:23PMBelieve Hype Can Make Money Prospect Capital Seekingalpha
01:55PMFollow Delving Dividends And Income Seekingalpha
Oct-10-17$6.63 (-0.45%)
09:22AMProspect Capital Time Walk Away Seekingalpha
Oct-05-17$6.78 (-0.15%)
05:52PM15 Safer Dividend Mopay Dogs Hunt Capitalas October Gains Seekingalpha
09:39AMMain Street Capital Continues Deliver Strong Returns Seekingalpha
Oct-03-17$6.74 (0.15%)
05:48PMProspect Capital Wait Better Entry Point Usd 6 Seekingalpha
02:00PMProspect Capital Investment Strategy Explained Seekingalpha
Oct-02-17$6.73 (0.9%)
02:08PMProspect Capital Buying Opportunity Seekingalpha
Sep-26-17$6.71 (0.45%)
06:12AMMain Street Capitals Nav Dividend Valuation Compared 10 Bdc Peers Post Q2 2017 Earnings Part Seekingalpha
Sep-22-17$6.69 (-0.45%)
11:44AMEnergy Dog Leads 39 Safer Dividend Sml Mopay Gain Forecast Reits Dominate September Number Seekingalpha
Sep-20-17$6.73 (0.15%)
01:01PMSafer Dividend Follower Favorites Rogues Led Capitala Finance Seekingalpha
Sep-19-17$6.72 (1.05%)
04:57AMExplaining Prospect Capitals Recent Dividend Reduction Includes November 2017 January 2018 Seekingalpha
Sep-18-17$6.65 (-0.75%)
06:05AMDividend Dog Now Sells 28 Percent Discount Nav Stock Yields 10_8 Percent Seekingalpha
Sep-14-17$6.72 (-0.59%)
11:56AMTime Give Bdcs Another Go Seekingalpha
Sep-12-17$6.81 (0.15%)
04:46PMNew Insights Prospect Capital Seekingalpha
04:07PMAres Capital Yield Compression Portfolio Rotation Seekingalpha
06:34AMMain Street Capitals Investment Rating Nav Sustainability Analysis Post Q2 2017 Earnings Seekingalpha
Sep-08-17$6.8 (-0.58%)
02:37PMProspect Capitals Insiders Mixed Trading Record Seekingalpha
09:16AMDividend Growth Portfolio August 2017 Performance And Outlook Seekingalpha
Aug-31-17$6.55 (-2.96%)
12:13PMProspect Capital Corporation Management Fee Justifies A 30% Discount To NAV Seekingalpha
Aug-29-17$6.86 (-2.56%)
11:19AMTime To Gobble Up Prospect Capital's 10%+ Yield? Seekingalpha
10:24AMProspect Capital: Potential Post-Earnings Entry Point Seekingalpha
10:08AMProspect Capital's Bomb Drop: Sifting Through The Rubble Seekingalpha
07:33AMProspect Capital: United Sporting Companies Driving Lower NAV And Dividend Coverage Seekingalpha
04:58AMOne High Yield Stock To Buy And Hold Forever, And One To Avoid At All Costs Seekingalpha
Aug-24-17$7.19 (-1.64%)
10:56AMProspect Capital Corporation: Post Dividend Cut Opportunity Seekingalpha
Aug-23-17$7.31 (0.41%)
09:58PMProspect Capital: Finally Priced For A Dividend Cut? Seekingalpha
Aug-21-17$7.11 (-0.56%)
06:03AMProspect Capital: How Likely Is A Dividend Cut? Seekingalpha
Aug-18-17$7.15 (-4.03%)
02:17PMProspect Capital: Brace For Impact Seekingalpha
Aug-17-17$7.45 (-4.49%)
08:32AMProspect Capital: Dividend Cut 20% To 30% Seekingalpha
11:49AMProspect Capital: Time To Jump Into The Breach? Seekingalpha
Aug-07-17$8.18 (0.62%)
12:20PMShould I Give My BDC Permission To Issue Shares Under NAV? Seekingalpha
Jul-12-17$8.13 (0.25%)
12:14PMThe A-Team: End Of June 2017 Review Seekingalpha
Jul-05-17$8.1 (0%)
09:50PMScary Short Stories: Fifth Street Finance And Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp. Seekingalpha
Jun-30-17$8.12 (0.25%)
02:43PMYahtzee! 5 Attractive High-Yield Preferred Stocks Seekingalpha
Jun-21-17$8.08 (0.75%)
10:26AMProspect Capital Corporation: A Buy Again? Seekingalpha
Jun-20-17$8.02 (-0.37%)
02:26PMThe A-Team: May 2017 Review Seekingalpha
May-16-17$8.23 (1.35%)
01:26AMAssessing Prospect Capital's Results For Fiscal Q3 2017 (Including Future Dividend Consider... Seekingalpha

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