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Feb-23-18$23.98 (+1.05%)
08:20AM$STOR Store Capital 2017 Q4 Results Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
08:00AM$ARCC $GBDC $HQH $IEF $JPC $KYN $MAIN $NLY $NMZ $NRZ $O $OHI $PCI $RFI $SPY $STAG $STK $STOR $UTF $VTR Retirement Bulls Bears Worries 5 Percent Income Strategy Seekingalpha
Feb-16-18$23.82 (+0.8%)
03:40PM$SKT $STOR $O Bear Market Bonds Equals Bear Market Realty Income Seekingalpha
02:59PM$O $STOR $SRC Spirit Realty 9_5 Percent Yield Strong Buy Seekingalpha
Feb-14-18$23.41 (+0.13%)
11:09PM$STOR Store Capital Buy High Quality 5_3 Percent Yielding Reit Drop Seekingalpha
Feb-13-18$23.38 (-0.26%)
09:00PM3 Dividend Stocks for In-the-Know Investors Fool
04:51PM$STOR $NNN National Retail Properties Addressing Risks Seekingalpha
Feb-09-18$23.18 (+2.93%)
01:33PM$CBL $COR $CUBE $CUZ $DDR $ESS $FR $GGP $IRM $IYR $MAC $MPW $OHI $PEI $PSA $REG $REM $SBAC $SPG $SPY $STOR $TCO Wild Week Upends Real Estate Markets Seekingalpha
Feb-08-18$22.52 (-2.13%)
04:48PM$ARE $BRX $DDR $ING $KIM $NNN $S $SRC $STOR $VER $O Unintelligent Reit Investor Seekingalpha
Feb-07-18$23.01 (-0.78%)
01:15AM$DLR $FTR $GPT $NNN $STAG $STOR $VTR $WPC $O Used Recent Weakness Buy Realty Income Sold 2016 27 Percent Lower Seekingalpha
Feb-06-18$23.19 (+0.69%)
06:45AM$ACRE $AINV $ARI $BXMT $GPMT $JCAP $KREF $LADR $O $RAS $STOR $TRTX $STWD Love Starwood Property Trust Seekingalpha
Feb-05-18$23.03 (-2.87%)
03:56PM$CLDT $COIN $GPT $MPW $OHI $SKT $SPG $SPY $STAG $STOR $VNQ $VTR $WPC Drops Buy Seekingalpha
Jan-24-18$24.9 (-0.92%)
03:29PM$CBL $DOC $GRP.U $KIM $NNN $O $OHI $SKT $SPG $STAG $STOR $STWD $UNIT $VER $VTR $WPC Real Estate Money Machine Part 1 Seekingalpha
Jan-23-18$25.13 (+1.37%)
05:11PM$STOR Buy 5_0 Percent Yielding Top Shelf Reit High Quality Dgi Portfolio Seekingalpha
Jan-22-18$24.79 (+2.69%)
10:09AM$MKTX $OI $STOR $CHKP $NEXGD $NEXGY $SFRGF $SFRGY $CCK $BMS $SUM Upslope Capital Q4 2017 Investor Letter Seekingalpha
04:13AM$XLK $ATVI $MSFT $AAPL $XLF $CSCO $NSRGY $T $BABA $QCOM $NNN $STOR $JNJ $SBUX $INTC $HASI $BIP $JD Dividend Growth Investing Work Seekingalpha
12:46AM$O $STOR Store Capitals Drop Left Wondering Idiot Room Seekingalpha
Jan-19-18$24.14 (-0.12%)
11:26PM$NNN $O $STOR $VTR $WPC Recent Weakness Reitdom Creating Attractive Value Seekingalpha
Jan-16-18$24.6 (+0.53%)
06:45AM$STOR $O Will Feel Like Sleeping Beauty Buy Reit Seekingalpha
Jan-12-18$24.47 (-1.37%)
06:30AM$CBL $CVX $CYS $DX $GPMT $JNJ $KO $MO $MTGE $NLY $NNN $O $PEI $PG $PM $SPG $STOR $VZ $XOM Retire 62 Meager Million Seekingalpha
02:15PM$ACC $AMGN $AQN $BREUF $CCI $CM $CRIUF $DLR $EMRAF $EPR $GPC $NRZ $NWHUF $REET $RY $SPHD $STOR $STWD $TU $UNIT Dividend Senseis Portfolio Update 16 Ignore Market Predictions Seekingalpha
Dec-29-17$26.04 (+0.04%)
06:45AM$NAV $NNN $O $STOR $VER $WPC $ADC Scale Conundrum Makes Agree Small Fish Big Sea Seekingalpha
Dec-28-17$26.03 (-0.04%)
07:25AMThe Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: STORE Capital, Monmouth Real Estate Investment, Douglas Emmett, W.P. Carey and Chesapeake Lodging Trust Zacks
Dec-27-17$26.04 (+1.09%)
09:40AM5 Soaring REIT Stocks That Might Lose Steam in 2018 Zacks
08:07AM$BA $CBL $COST $EPD $FRT $GGP $GOOG $JPM $KIM $MAC $MMP $NCMI $O $OHI $SKT $SPG $STOR $TCO $V $WFGPY $WPG Never Short Swan Past Irrelevant Seekingalpha
06:45AM$ACC $KIM $LTC $O $OHI $REG $SKT $SPG $STOR $WPC Top Sleep Well Night Reits 2018 Seekingalpha
Dec-26-17$25.76 (+0.82%)
07:00AM$ARI $BXMT $CIO $CONE $DEA $DOC $FRT $GOV $HTA $LPT $LTC $OHI $SBRA $STOR $VTR $WPC Best Seeking Alpha Articles 2017 Seekingalpha
Dec-21-17$25.37 (-0.47%)
03:30PM$EPR $ESS $EXR $IRM $NNN $O $SPG $STOR $VNQ $WPC Retirees Invest Property Reits Seekingalpha
04:03PM$NNN $O $STOR Strong Growth Solid 5 Percent Yielding Reit Price Seekingalpha
Dec-13-17$26.17 (+1.63%)
08:26AM$AAPL #APPLE $BAM $CBL $CVS $EPD $FRT $GGP $GOOG $GOOGL $HMNY $KIM $MAC $MMP $NCMI $OHI $PEI $SKT $SPG $SRG $STOR Value Reliability Omega Healthcare Value Trap Seekingalpha
Dec-07-17$25.65 (+0.59%)
03:16PM$STOR Top Shelf 4_9 Percent Yielding Reit Strong Buy Seekingalpha
Nov-24-17$26.12 (-0.95%)
06:45AMMuch Turkey Try Swans Seekingalpha
Nov-20-17$25.98 (-1.03%)
05:17PMStore Capital Buying Aggressively Know Risks Seekingalpha
Nov-16-17$25.89 (+0.39%)
12:07PMNet Lease Reits Thrive Goldilocks Economy Seekingalpha
Nov-13-17$26.17 (+0.85%)
07:03AM5 Top Diversified REIT Stocks to Consider Buying Now Fool
02:22AMFuture Global Energy Phantom Menace Episode Seekingalpha
Nov-10-17$25.95 (+0.04%)
06:45AMStore Capital Game Changer Seekingalpha
Nov-09-17$25.94 (-0.65%)
07:33AM3 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy in November Fool
Nov-07-17$26.1 (+1.24%)
12:09PMRealty Income Can Buy Seekingalpha
Nov-02-17$25.23 (+2.15%)
09:19AMStore Capital 2017 Q3 Results Earnings Call Slides Seekingalpha
06:00AM3 Stocks for Warren Buffett Fans Fool
08:07AMWhat Is Warren Buffett’s Top Dividend Stock? Fool
Oct-20-17$25.31 (-1.29%)
12:56PMBdcs Mreits Ereits Time Reevaluate Preference Seekingalpha
Oct-19-17$25.64 (-0.43%)
02:14PMFavorite High Yield Names Todays Market Seekingalpha
Oct-18-17$25.75 (-0.43%)
05:51AMReal Estate Q3 2017 Earnings Preview Seekingalpha
Oct-13-17$25.5 (+0.79%)
01:46PMStore Capital Top Shelf 4_9 Percent Yielding Reit Hiked Dividend 6_9 Percent Last Month Seekingalpha
Oct-12-17$25.3 (+0.76%)
07:37AMFree Throws Matter Seekingalpha
Oct-11-17$25.11 (+0.44%)
09:15AMUpslope Capital Q3 2017 Investor Letter Seekingalpha
Oct-10-17$25 (+0.16%)
07:33AM3 Warren Buffett Stocks Still Worth Buying Fool
Oct-04-17$25.12 (-0.28%)
03:21PMBrunch Craft Beer Investing Busy Quarter Seekingalpha
Sep-22-17$25.48 (-0.12%)
06:52AMTakes Smallest Changes Shatter Reits Equilibrium Seekingalpha
Sep-21-17$25.51 (-0.04%)
03:16PMRetail Reits Time Check Shorts Seekingalpha
Sep-18-17$25.74 (-1.04%)
01:13PMStore Capital Dg Story Emerges Seekingalpha
Sep-14-17$25.93 (+0.89%)
05:01PMFollowing Buffett Buying Reit Seekingalpha
Sep-13-17$25.7 (-0.08%)
06:45AMSafest Dividend One Just Raised Seekingalpha
Sep-11-17$25.89 (+0.66%)
08:24AMStrong Buy Means Deep Discount Seekingalpha
Aug-30-17$25.08 (+0.97%)
08:45PMA Weak REIT Trading At Similar Valuations To Realty Income Seekingalpha
08:23PMGoing Shopping For A REIT - Part 1 Seekingalpha
Aug-22-17$24.79 (-1.2%)
01:26PMSTORE Capital: Is This 4.6% Yielding REIT Still Worth Buying? Seekingalpha
Aug-09-17$23.9 (+0.42%)
04:40PMRealty Income Grows Dividends By Issuing Shares Seekingalpha
Aug-08-17$23.8 (-0.17%)
09:37AMWhy STORE Capital Is The Best REIT In Town Seekingalpha
09:12AMBuffett's Bet On Retail With Store Capital - Brad Thomas' Idea Of The Month Seekingalpha
Aug-07-17$23.84 (-0.54%)
01:56PMSTORE Capital's Stock Price Could Double Seekingalpha
Jul-27-17$23.73 (+0.64%)
08:15AMDividend Aristocrat On Sale, Yield 5.1%, Never Missed A Dividend Hike Since 1994 Seekingalpha
Jul-25-17$23.28 (+0.17%)
07:58PMSell Wheeler Before The Dividend Gets Obliterated Seekingalpha
Jul-17-17$23.52 (+1.95%)
01:11PMStore Capital: No Reason To Take Profits After The Buffett Pop Seekingalpha
Jul-14-17$23.07 (+0.52%)
08:15AM5.5% Yield And Predictable Growth Makes This Defensive REIT A Strong Buy Seekingalpha
07:25AMAnchors Aweigh Seekingalpha
Jul-04-17$23 (+0%)
08:27AM5%+ Dividend Yield Portfolio: Seeking Alpha Readers Produce Alpha For Me (June 2017 Review) Seekingalpha
05:46AMHere's Why Buffett Bought Store Capital Seekingalpha
Jul-03-17$23 (+2.45%)
06:45AMCarey Means Clarity Seekingalpha
Jun-30-17$22.45 (-1.66%)
11:42PMWarren Picked The Wrong Retail REIT Seekingalpha
02:25PMSudden 7.58% Dividend Yield Sale Seekingalpha
Jun-28-17$23.06 (+1.63%)
06:49AMSTORE Capital: Thank You, Warren Buffett Seekingalpha
Jun-27-17$22.69 (-1.82%)
09:55AMShould I Store My Store Capital Shares Or Take Profit? Seekingalpha
07:30AM2 New Sweetheart Deals For Warren Buffett - A Rangeley Capital Discussion Seekingalpha
Jun-26-17$23.11 (+11.27%)
11:21AMBuffett Is An Intelligent REIT Investor Seekingalpha
Jun-20-17$20.63 (-0.43%)
11:57AMWhy I Prefer These 2 REITs Over Realty Income, Part 3 Seekingalpha
May-12-17$20.28 (+1.76%)
04:12PMWhen Is It The Best Time To Buy Realty Income And The Others? Seekingalpha
May-11-17$19.93 (-1.82%)
07:06AMAnother Great Quarter For W.P Carey Seekingalpha
May-09-17$20.36 (-3.46%)
05:05PMREIT Earnings Report Card Seekingalpha
May-08-17$21.09 (+0.86%)
04:31PMREIT Bargains: 2 DGI Names Plus 1 High-Yield Pick To Buy Now Seekingalpha
04:51AMIs Store Capital A Bargain Or A Trap? Seekingalpha
03:55PMSpirit Realty Is A Strong Buy Seekingalpha
May-04-17$21.13 (-8.65%)
09:11PMThank Spirit For The Spooky Earnings Results Seekingalpha
06:42PMRetail Hysteria Seekingalpha
May-03-17$23.13 (-2.45%)
01:58PMI Make A Big Purchase In My IRA Seekingalpha
Apr-26-17$24.5 (-1.25%)
12:57PMSTORE Capital Is A Good Alternate Purchase When Realty Income Is Overvalued Seekingalpha
Apr-18-17$25.3 (+0.88%)
10:19PMRealty Income Vs. STORE Capital - The Better Buy Today? Seekingalpha
Apr-17-17$25.08 (+0.76%)
07:15AMIt's Time To Cash In My Lexington Realty Chips Seekingalpha
Apr-11-17$24.82 (+0.94%)
09:28PMHow Did Realty Income Corporation Demolish The S&P 500 For Decades? Seekingalpha

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