Collaborative AI dive

I've been invested in pure play AI since 2020 and have already gained a lot from it, but now it's becoming obvious to everybody that AI is going to change our world dramatically. I have a strong sense that we're at the sharply accelerating part of the technological S-curve and I suspect AI will make the foreseeable future quite fuzzy, because it changes how everything is done. On the other hand, there will be incredible investment opportunities in AI. In fact, I don't think there's any other safe path left for us, other than to own AI, because we really don't know what jobs AI will replace.

Are there anybody who would like to do a collaborative dive into AI, to try to predict which technologies/applications/companies are going to define the future of AI?

Praveen Chawla GuruFocus PremiumPlus Icon Feb 13, 2023

Sure. I suspect every knowledge based business will be jumping into it. Value investing will be one of the first. Low level legal work, Finance etc.

FrederikSchack GuruFocus Premium Icon Mar 6, 2023

Hi Praveen,

Sorry for the late reply, around that day when you replied I was torpedoed by a scooter while sitting in my car.

I'm not sure that this platform is the best for small projects, I think the best would be either Element or Slack? Element is a bit tricky at times, but it has screen sharing, video calls, rooms and threaded responses, so it's a decent tool for working together. Slack has many more add-ins, but I'm not sure we need them. Futher Element is probably the most secure communications app publicly available.

Do you have other preferences?

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