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Secular bull market for petrol... In order to keep grid energy output high enough to support EV consumers, even more oil must be consumed. This fact i

Investment Ideas XOM
0 Sep 13, 2023

Did you see that GTX went bankrupt last year

Investment Ideas GTX
1 Sep 13, 2023

Morgan Stanley now oversees around $6trn in wealth assets. Bain, a consultancy, estimates that the pool of liquid assets (ultimately looking for wealt

Investment Ideas MS
0 Sep 12, 2023

Way to high P/E go buy a treasury for now, or a treasury ETF.

Investment Ideas PANW
0 Sep 11, 2023

Shoprite holdings dividend discount model

Investment Ideas SRGHY
0 Sep 10, 2023

3M PE Ratio is approaching 10 year low

Investment Ideas MMM
2 Sep 9, 2023

Retail is a hard business.

Investment Ideas OSTK
1 Sep 7, 2023

Wacc of last 10 years sbi

Investment Ideas OTCPK:SBKFF
0 Sep 7, 2023

S&P 500 is just down 3% from the recent high but it feels worse. Why? Value stocks are doing worse while the Magnificent seven tech stocks are pow

Investment Ideas ^GSPC
0 Sep 7, 2023

Just beginning to invest my money, much to learn from you. With gurufocus...

Investment Ideas ^GSPC
0 Sep 7, 2023

I wish OSTK could deliver its products in Mexico City, where I live... Enjoy shopping their products and like the website, both OSTK and BBBY.

Investment Ideas OSTK
0 Sep 6, 2023

I think the time has come to accumulate.

Investment Ideas SWKS
0 Sep 6, 2023

Buy Apple Stock Ahead of the iPhone 15, history will repeat itself.

Investment Ideas AAPL
1 Sep 1, 2023

so good

Investment Ideas DLO
1 Sep 1, 2023

Andina B is a solid stock and gives high dividends

Investment Ideas XSGO:ANDINA-B
0 Sep 1, 2023

Antarchile give high dividends

Investment Ideas XSGO:ANTARCHILE
0 Sep 1, 2023

seems overvalued compared to peers

Investment Ideas CHK
1 Aug 29, 2023

How cheap is RVP and why does the screening tool miss it?

Investment Ideas RVP
1 Aug 28, 2023

NIO, if it works out, a partnership with Mercedez has a more significant opportunity to grow faster in Europe than Xpeng.I am not sure what the benefi

Investment Ideas NIO
0 Aug 28, 2023

What are your thoughts on Chinese EV stocks after Leapmotor's failed IPO?

Investment Ideas LINIOXPEVHKSE:09863
0 Aug 28, 2023