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Change log: For latest financial page display change, please click GuruFocus 30-Y Financials Page Item Changes. Jan. 4, 2017: Add 'Dividend Yield %' under 'Shiller PE Ratio' in 'Valuation Ratios' section. Sep. 26, 2016: Add 'Scaled Net Operating Assets' under 'Beneish M-Score' in 'Valuation and Quality' section. Aug. 10, 2016: Change 'LT Debt to Total Asset' to 'Total Debt to Total Asset'. Jul. 29, 2016: Add 'Effective Interest Rate on Debt %' below 'Weighted Average Cost Of Capital (WACC) %'. Jul. 18, 2016: Change 'Long-Term Debt' name to 'Long-Term Debt & Capital Lease Obligation'. Add 'Long-Term Debt' above 'Long-Term Debt & Capital Lease Obligation'. Move 'Capital Lease Obligation' in between 'Long-Term Debt' and 'Long-Term Debt & Capital Lease Obligation'. May. 19, 2016: Change 'Gross Margin %' to 'Net Interest Margin (Bank Only) %' for banks and insuance companies. May. 13, 2016: Add 'Current Ratio' below 'Sloan Ratio'. Add 'Quick Ratio' below 'Current Ratio'. Add 'Gross Profit to Total Asset' below 'LT Debt to Total Asset'. Apr. 15, 2016: Add 'Owner Earnings per Share (ttm)' below 'eps without NRI'. Add 'Price to Owner Earnings (ttm)' below 'PE Ratio (ttm)'. Feb 12, 2016: Change 'Filing Date' name to 'Restated Filing Date'. Add new 'Filing Date' above 'Restated Filing Date'. Remove 'Cumulative Effect Of Accounting Change' from Cashflow Statement (under Net Income). Jan 28, 2016: Add 'Total Debt per share' below 'Tangible Book per share'. Jan 20, 2016: Add 'Price-to-Operating-Cash-Flow ratio' below 'Price-to-Free-Cash-Flow ratio'. Jan 18, 2016: Add 'Net-Net Working Capital (per share)' below 'Net Current Asset Value (per share)'.