Intrinsic Value: DCF (FCF Based)

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This is the intrinsic value calculated from the Discounted Cash Flow model with default parameters. In a discounted cash flow model, the future cash flow is estimated based on a cash flow growth rate and a discount rate. The cash flow of the future is discounted to its current value at the discount rate. All of the discounted future cash flow is added together to get the current intrinsic value of the company. Usually a two-stage model is used when calculating a stock™s intrinsic value using a discounted cash flow model. The first stage is called the growth stage; the second is called the terminal stage. In the growth stage the company grows at a faster rate. Because it cannot grow at that rate forever, a lower rate is used for the terminal stage. GuruFocus DCF calculator is a two-stage model. The default values are defined as: Discount rate: 12% Growth Rate in the growth stage = average earnings growth rate in the past 10 years or 20%, whichever is smaller Growth stage lasts 10 years Terminal growth rate = 4% The terminal stage last 10 years GuruFocus DCF calculator is actually a Discounted Earnings calculator, the earnings per share is used as the default. The reason we are doing this is we found that historically stock prices are more correlated with earnings than free cash flow. All of the default settings can be changed and the results are calculated automatically.