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Advisors Asset Management, Inc is an investment management company based out of Monument, Colorado. The company was established in 1979 as Fixed Income Securities Inc. by Jim Dillahunty. The company originally located in San Diego and would shift its headquarters to its current location after merging with Sterling Resources, which was founded in 1998 by Sterling Resources, forming Fixed Income Securities LLC. Advisors Asset Management was created as a division in 2003 and would become its own UIT sponsor when it acquired Matrix Unit Trust in 2004. Fixed Income Securities and Advisors Asset Management would be unified under the Advisors Asset Management in 2008. The company has expanded significantly and now has offices in 10 major locations Texas, New York, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and California with 243 employees of which 160 are investment professionals. Advisors Asset Management conducts its research both internally and externally, utilizing fundamental analysis and both a top down and bottom up investment approach. The company invests in value and growth stocks of companies, benchmarking its performance against various Barclays, S&P 500 and Russell 3000 indexes. Advisors Asset Management invests most heavily in the finance sector, which alone makes up almost a third of its total asset allocations, and the firm also invests in the energy, utilities and telecommunications, health care, information technology, industrials, consumer discretionary, and consumer staples sectors, among others to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing allocation. The company currently holds approximately $17.1 billion in assets with $10.3 billion being UIT assets, $6 billion being non-proprietary assets which Advisors Asset Management provides services for but not management, and $782 million being its proprietary managed assets. The company mainly caters to investment companies, which alone makes up almost three quarters of its entire client base, and also provides services to a variety of other clientele. The Advisors Asset Management Fund Family is typically only available to institutional clients, and the company offers sub-advised mutual funds of Bahl & Gaynor Investment Counsel, Cutwater Asset Management, and Hartford Investment Management Company.
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