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AMP Capital Investors is a private investment management company that was founded in 1993 in Sydney, although it can trace its history back to the Australian Mutual Provident Society in 1849. The company would grow and expand into New Zealand in its first five years, becoming the first mutual insurance organization in the world to provide protection for life insurance policies and pensions for its customers in 1857. By the 1900s, AMP would become the largest mutual life insurer in Britain, establishing its first European branch in London in 1908. AMP was a key player in Australia’s development, partaking in its first skyscraper in 1962. As the company grew, it would also spin off subsidiaries to take care of various parts of its business, such as AMP Asset Management in the UK in 1991. In the 1990s, the company would open its first office in China in Beijing and acquire Henderson plc, although the merger would be reversed in 2003. Past the millennia, the company continued to expand, opening a Singapore office in 2003, a Mumbai office in 2005 and a Tokyo office in 2007. AMP Capital Investors provides a variety of services to its clients including management for mutual funds and alternative funds. The company utilizes a combination of internal and external research, utilizing a fundamental and quantitative analysis with both bottom up and top down approaches to create its equity and fixed income portfolios, respectively, bench marking against the S&P and UBSWA indexes. AMP Capital Investors currently has over $124 billion in total assets under management and has been awarded the Asia Asset Management ‘Best of the Best’ and Infrastructure Debt Fund Manager of the Year awards. The company offers a wide variety of investment option include North Investment, which has over 330 investment options, Flexible Life Time Investments, and AMP Growth Bond.
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