David Rolfe

David Rolfe

Wedgewood Partners, Inc.
Last update 2024-02-14 20 Stocks (0 new)
Value $475.00 Mil Turnover 4 %
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David Rolfe Profile

David Rolfe has been managing Wedgewood's portfolio for 18 years. He studied at University of Missouri and received a degree of B.S.B.A. in Finance/Economics in 1984.

David Rolfe Investing Philosophy

Wedgewood's underlying equity investment philosophy is predicated on a strong belief that significant long-term wealth will be created by investing as "owners" in companies. In its "Invest as Business Owners" approach, the firm seeks companies that have the following characteristics: 1. A dominant product or service that is practically irreplaceable or lacks substitutes. 2. A sustainable and consistent level of growing revenues, earnings and dividends. 3. A high level of profitability, measured by return on equity without the use of excessive debt. 4. A strong management team that is shareholder oriented.
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